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Our artwork is used as an example of job request


It’s always a fun to find out who is linking to your site. It’s a bit childish, but anyway I’m happy with any new link where RetroStyleGames.com is mentioned.

Today I have found a job request from Mode 7 Games who are creators of original game called Determinance.

And they have mentioned “RetroStyle Games Artwork” along with such great sites as:


Also, it’s pretty cool to find out random testimonials from other players even if they have found your game 8 months after release. Somewhat distressing is only one thing – that some of those players are playing pirated releases.

Anyway, here is funny Mars Miner testimonial in Russian:

In a couple of words he is writing:

“Last week I got attracted by two small games.
One is called “Mars Miner”. It’s essentially good old Bomberman. And I think it’s the reason I got soooo attracted by this game!
In that game one dude in environmental suit is running from “various kinds of life” – spitting out spiders, ants, some kind of poo and big monsters in size of full-screen. There are some other features, but I have no time to look into them. Something similar to teleports and some other items with strange purposes.”

Such small things are really inspiring!

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