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Outsourcing art is a great way to finish your game on time and budget. The art is becoming more popular for game completion, as it can be cut from different angles with various skill sets required in order complete the project efficiently.

100+ game art outsourcing projects per year

We work with more than 100 art projects per year.

90 concept 2D artists 3D modelers

Experienced concept 2D artists and 3D modelers.

More than 80 million people have downloaded our mobile games

Downloads mark with our own mobile games.

RetroStyle Games team of game art designers, artists and developers offering professional standards in mobile game development outsourcing. We are Full-cycle 2D/3D art production & game art outsourcing company. See our projects and let our work speak for ourselves.

Isometric Game Design Art Services

Isometric Sprites Game Design Art Services

Our game art outsourcing studio specializes in isometric art. We can create isometric game design in 2D, 3D, or pre-rendered 3D, or vector. RetroStyles Games has 20+ successful isometric projects for Manor Cafe, Mingle Farm, Millionaire Mansion, etc.

If you need help with isometric design projects, get in touch with our outsourcing game art design studio. Our game art outsourcing team will design any isometric scene, background, environment design assets or objects in an isometric style.

NFT Art Design Services

NFT Design Studio

At RetroStyle Games, we can help you turn your digital artwork into one-of-a-kind, valuable assets through our NFT Art Design Services. Our team of experts has a comprehensive understanding of NFT tools, technologies, and AI software, and we can work with you to create stunning NFT collections and videos that truly showcase the value of your art.

We offer a range of NFT animation services, including 2D and 3D animation, and we can even develop your NFT game UI. Start creating your NFT collection with us today and let our work speak for itself.

3D Art Modeling Outsourcing Game Art Services

outsource 3d modeling for Dwarf girl

Game art 3D modeling is one of the major domains of our outsourcing studio. We create mobile game 3D models, environments, and objects in any style and at any level of complexity. The hard work that goes into making 3D game art is rewarded by the high popularity of the video game. We would be happy to contribute to your success in the field of 3D character modeling.

From Concept Art to Illustrations

2D Full Cycle Game Art Outsource Services for Adventure Escape Series

RetroStyle Games created hundreds of characters for a Haiku Games Projects in the Adventure Escape series.

Our game design studio has created all 2D art for games such as backgrounds, puzzles, promo creatives.

2D backgrounds, character art, puzzle art, gameplay design, promo assets, icons developed for a Haiku Games Projects.

Characters Design Game Art Outsourcing Studio

2D 3D Characters Game Art Design Services

For example, our experience of character concept art is reflected in the development of 500 characters for collectible cards game Hero Academy 2 and StormWars. This enjoyable CCG comprises a great amount of stylized, cartoon characters illustrations.

Our concept artists created unique creatures based on specific character design requirements. We can seriously grow our outsourcing game art services, increasing the project from 10 illustrations to 350 at light speed.

Game design UI and UX for mobile devices


UI is a key part of game development. Our UI has a lot of effects that create a remarkable experience for the users.


3D CG Trailers for mobile games

RetroStyle Games 3D game art studio creates various 3D elements and objects for 3D CG trailers.


Game 2D Animation Spine Girl Western Wild West mobile

RetroStyle Games game design studio provides awesome 2D Spine animations, making your sprites move.


Game 2D Icons Background Illustration mobile

Our 2D and 3D artists will create a unique set of icons art for games as well as design ideal app icons.


Fastest Game Engine Assembly among Game Art Outsourcing Companies

Game Engine Assembly Developers Unity Unreal

We have years of experience working with Unity under our belt. Our development team can follow your vision perfectly and create the game world you desire.

RetroStyle Games also use one of the industry’s most popular multiplatform game engines Unreal Engine. Which is used by our video game publishers too.

How our Outsource Game Art Studio Works


Send a request to RetroStyle Games with your project and our super-friendly managers will keep you attached.


RetroStyle Games experts prepare for you a full presentation with all calculations and breakdowns of each step in Design Creating.


Our highly creative and talented artists fully immersed in your project with one goal — to make it successful!


As a Game Outsourcing Studio that values its reputation, RetroStyle Games provides Support Services even for finished projects!

2D 3D Full Game Art Production

Game Art Style Development Testimonials

Check what other game developers have to say about working with RetroStyle Games Studio:

I’ve been working in the games industry for more than 20 years, and I have yet to run across an art production team that produces better results! Our latest title ‘Storm Wars’ is a collectible card game, and Retrostyle has produced hundreds of beautiful cards for us as well as campaign map artwork in a time- and cost- efficient manner. Pavel’s team quickly grasped our needs and was able to provide excellent results with minimal iteration, they have also been very quick to make adjustments when necessary, and have been very easy to work with overall. Highly recommended RetroStyle Games the best game art outsourcing!

Janus Anderson, CEO,, Inc.

The superb work Pavel and his team did nail it! They did a fantastic job creating a lot of content for
“Millionaire Mansion” under a strict deadline, under budget, and delivered everything we hoped for in an organized fashion. Working with RetroStyle was fulfilling on knowing they could hit our unique art style while also having excellent communication throughout the project.

Marco Gutierrez, Art Director, Mitosis Games

It has been a great experience working with RetroStyle. They always give daily updates on their work, and overall communication has been very strong. They are also very responsive to our feedback. Furthermore, we’re really pleased with the quality of their work and they always respect the deadlines. Highly recommend them if you are looking for an outsource art service.

Seda Kesgin, Game Producer, Gamegos

RetroStyle Games offers Full-cycle 2D and 3D Art Production services. We can lead projects of game companies from initial drafts and studies to full release. From self-publishing we know how important Game Store listing is. We can help you to create eye-candy App Icon and Promo screens. RetroStyle Games is a leader among game art outsourcing companies!

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