About Us

RetroStyle Games team always strives to combine trending tech with warm feel of classic games.
Be it Concept Art, Digital Graphics or CG Animations.

We deliver the highest quality artwork to help boost your Game or App sales in a way that marketing alone will never be able to.

We also develop our own Games with Unity for Android, iOS and have complete knowledge of that game engine.

Facts & Figures

Private Enterprise founded by Pavel Konstantinov.

90 concept 2D artists 3D modelers

Experienced concept
2D artists and 3D modelers.

80 mln Crossed 80 million downloads mobile games

Crossed 80 million downloads mark with our own mobile games.

Game Art Outsourcing Services 2D 3D

Game Artwork for Clients

Our team develops Game Artwork for clients of any size and from all over the world. We create Concept Art for small to medium sized Indie Developers. And support top Game Companies with frequent content updates.

RetroStyle Games loves to establish solid working relationships.

Concept about Full 6 project in year

RetroStyle Games helped Haiku Games to create 6 fully-packed with 2D art Mobile games in less than a year.
For over 4 years our studio supports awesomely engaging learn-to-code CodeCombat Browser game.
We created tons of Isometric art content for Kobojo’s Facebook City Builders – released biweekly.
In short period of time more than 300 collectible cards illustrations were drawn for Stormwars.

Effectively scale your art team. Deliver more content and features with our help. Save costs and time!

Our Portfolio

Concept about Full game art production

In this section, you can look at our portfolio. It presents successful cases in the 2d/3d game art creation. Each portfolio item describes how we can lead your game from initial drafts and studies to full release. From self-publishing, we know how important Game Store listing is. We can help you to create eye-candy App Icon and Promo screens. It’s a pleasure to get 3D Character rigged, skinned and animated. Hard-Surface modeling and texturing is also our passion. We love 3D Modeling and CG Animation. Be it realistic game assets or stylized.

Check our portfolio and know why clients choose us.

Our Services

Concept about 2D artwork 3D modeling

RetroStyle Games offers full range of services including 2D concept art, 3D modeling and animation, complex asset creation, Unity integration and level building for mobile, casual, social and console games.

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