RSG Portfolio Examples – June Update

RetroStyle Games team is growing

Last few years were so exciting and eventful that we almost forgot about our blog. Let’s fix that feeling.

During past time we have tripled size of our office. Now with warm and cozy loft design.
All workplaces are equipped with modern hardware and ergonomic furniture.

RetroStyle Games Lost Office photos
We love our artists and hope to create finest work conditions here.

Portfolio status

Game Design Portfolio of our team are growing so fast and include so complex 2D and 3D projects that currently we are unable to carefully organize them and upload in timely manner. Often we spent days just to prepare well designed post for something like Behance or Artstation.

We try to publish our game artwork on specialized portfolio sites and social networks in the gaming industry first.

BehanceBehance Art Outsourcing 2D and 3D portfolioEven before acquisition by Adobe Behance has become a valuable platform for game design, 2D illustration, animation, motion and 3D graphics professionals. Curated art compilations make it awesome place for big game projects, like our team does.

ArtStationArtStation Art Outsourcing 2D and 3D portfolioArtStation has modern portfolio engine with all the goodies any artist can imagine.
We often publish our art outsource examples simultaneously to both Behance and ArtStation, but from own experience – Behance is more client-oriented.

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Some of the awesome art production cases are not possible to demonstrate because of NDA.
You can contact us with specific request and we will back with selected portfolio examples:

2D Character Illustrations for Collectible Cards Game
2D Character Illustrations for Collectible Cards Game

Storm Wars

Celtic Tribes – Isometric Animations and Promo RendersCeltic Tribes – Isometric Animations and Promo Renders

Celtic Tribes

CG Shorts and Animations

RetroStyle Games is fan of 3D animation and CG shorts.
Often limited by time and resources – we always try to beat our previous creation.
Mobile games usually have simple trailers showcasing mostly gameplay. But for our own games we love to compose something cool!

We also create pre-rendered trailers for clients, including fully animated Facebook and YouTube Ads Creatives.
Good portion of our work consist from 2D animations in Spine (from Esoteric Software).

Our Games

During the couple of past years, we have released 2 bigger games – Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle and Zombie Run 2.
And also 3 smaller, kids-oriented – Creature Seekers, Kids Theaters series, and PopCorn Blast 2
(thanks to our Android development team for their productive work!)

Zombie Run 2Zombie Run 2 game screenshot  Android       iOs

We are also close to announcing our new exciting game! Soon…
Pirate Survival mobile game - shotgun 3D model

3D Models for Games

As of today – we have published more than 200 real-time focused 3D models on Turbosquid
A lot of them were done for indie-developers, who contacted us in need of art outsourcing services.
Which means game friendly poly-count, PBR and non-PBR textures, base rigs and animations. Also FBX check in Unity or Unreal game engines.

Most popular collections include: Pirate characters, Medieval archers and knights, mighty Heroes and magic Wizards.

Turbosquid 3D Game Characters from RetroStyle Games company

Art Outsourcing

Being mobile game developer with over 30 million downloads under our belt – we definitely right team for your project.
We are experts in Gameart, UI Design and Animation.

So if you can benefit from 2D or 3D Game Art Outsourcing services we provide, be sure to contact us!