3D Game Engines for Android

Because virtually anyone can create and design a mobile game, mobile game creation has recently grown in popularity. You don’t need to be a programmer, have prior coding knowledge, or have a significant budget to participate. You can create your first game in a matter of hours if you have a decent idea, motivation, and a passion for gaming.

One of the first steps for a developer is to select the appropriate development environment or game engine. There are several elements in mobile game engines that make the creation process more accessible, particularly on Android platforms. In this article, we will collect an overview of 3D game engines and try to understand why they are so important for Android development.

3D Game Engines for Android

Types of 3D Game Engines

A game engine is a technology designed to aid in the production and development of video games. They are typically classified into four categories: 2D, 3D, Mobile, and Game Mods. One of the most important elements of a gaming engine is its ability to render 2D or 3D graphics in real-time, bringing the developer’s vision to life on the big screen.

The engine is also in charge of physics, artificial intelligence, collisions, and particle effects. Some engines, on the other hand, concentrate on certain game characteristics that aren’t adequately handled by standard game engines.

The following paid and ongoing engines for games have strong Android support:

  • Defold
  • Godot
  • Unity
  • Unreal

If you are a developer with an average indie game budget or a team that wants to focus on getting the most out of 3D game art assets, these engines are the way to go.

Benefits of 3D Game Engines for Android

And now, let’s take a closer look at all the advantages of the best 3D game maker for Android in order to form an opinion based on the facts.

Defold Godot Unity Unreal


✅ Advantages ❌ Disadvantages
An open-source engine that uses the Lua programming language.
3D support is too lackluster.
Supports rendering 3D game models and meshes.
The default render script is quite limited.


The ready games can be exported to pretty much every platform.
There are tons of tutorials on how to use Unity.
Need to know C#.


Not require coding knowledge.
Not recommended for beginners.
The most professional and the most advanced.
The engine can be slow and prone to crashing.


Completely free and open-source.
Not enough helpful documentation is available.
Suitable for both 2D and 3D game development.

Tips for Choosing Game Engines for Android

Each game developer’s goals and feature requirements are unique. Here are three major criteria to consider:

  • Price and tool set the availability, programming language, learning curve, and cross-platform.
  • Community, marketplace, and tutorials are popular.
  • Scope of work: 2D or 3D, timeframe and cost of labor, necessary tools.

Choosing the most suitable game engine for your project is not as difficult as it appears, but it is the most crucial decision from a technical standpoint. And it’s perfectly fine not to use one of the two most popular solutions, Unreal Engine or Unity.

3d game maker for android Unity


Because game creators may leverage the engine’s various functions, 3D game engines assist game firms to save money, time, and manpower. With over 100 engines available on the market for commercial and educational reasons, each with its own performance levels, licensing kinds, and pricing, choosing the right game engine for a certain purpose becomes a tough challenge.

Deep search and analysis of all aspects are important skills not only in the selection of engines but also for any developer. If you want to create a truly unique and high-quality product, be prepared for the fact that the first engine may not be the solution to your problem.

Consider Your Requirements

In brief, game engines work by laying the groundwork for a user to more easily develop something (such as a video game or a digital twin) than if they had to start from scratch. The foundation given varies by engine, however, most gaming engines contain a 2D or 3D rendering engine. The most popular game engines have some or all of the following features:

  • Visuals rendering engine that can render 2D or 3D game graphics.
  • Physics engine with collision detection
  • Audio engine for loading and playing audio and music files
  • Support for scripting to implement gameplay logic
  • A world object model that defines the game world’s contents and properties.
  • Animation handling to load and play animation frames
  • Code for networking that enables multi-player, downloadable content, and leaderboards.
  • Multi-threading allows game logic to run concurrently.
  • Memory management is necessary since no computer has infinite memory.
  • Pathfinding artificial intelligence and computer opponents

Use this list as a checklist to choose the best engine for your needs.


Fortunately, most 3D game engines for Android are free. Or their demo versions are almost no different from full, paid applications. This is a big plus for novice developers when the project does not yet generate income but does not require significant contributions.

However, for teams and game development companies, if your game product is released and gains popularity, you will need to purchase a paid version of the engine in order to continue to use it legally and earn money. Therefore, when choosing an Android 3D engine, pay attention not only to technical specifications and indicators but also carefully read the terms of use and clauses about paid content.

3d game engines for android budget


In the fight for the right to be called the most popular 3D game engine for Android 3D framework, several candidates are fighting at once. And then there are those whose names we don’t hear that often, but whose feature set is also cool enough to compete with those at the top.

Here we have compiled our list of the top 5 engines that are the most popular in the world of game development:


More than 45% of the world’s game developers use Unity as their primary engine. This game engine is accessible for free on both Mac and Windows and also has an Android 3D framework.

Based on our experience:

  • Unity is the best engine for isometric games.
  • Unity is an industry-standard engine used by many professional game developers and is suitable for creating both 2D and 3D isometric games.
  • Unity has a large library of assets and tools, making it easy to build complex and engaging isometric game assets experiences.
  • Unity provides flexible scripting options, allowing developers to create gameplay logic quickly and easily.

Unreal Engine

This engine was built by Epic Games to assist developers in creating games, training simulations, 3D films, persona animations, and visualizations. This cloud-based game development tool enables developers to convert their ideas into 3D visual material.

  • Godot

A free 2D and 3D game engine that works with both text-based and visual programming languages.

  • Armory

An open-source 3D gaming engine with a focus on performance, portability, and a tiny cost.

  • CryEngine

A 3D game engine with advanced visual effects like area lights, and rasterization.

Popular 3D Game Engines for Android Unity Unreal


Most popular engines have a large customer support base. This is especially important if you are a new developer. That is why we recommend choosing one of the popular engines, since popularity also affects the number of tutorials, articles, and forums with answers to questions that you will encounter in the process.

There is a possibility that the developers will stop providing support for early versions of a particular engine, but this problem is solved with an update. Don’t worry that you will be left without full technical and user support.


The demo version of any product is a great opportunity to understand whether or not you should use it. Demo versions of games are created in order to captivate players and announce a new product. And the development versions of the engines are necessary in order to immerse yourself in a new environment for the first time, study its basic functions, and then proceed to the main study and use.

Most of the popular game engines that we talked about above provide either demo versions of their products or a full product with free access to all databases.

One More Popular 3D Game Engine for Android

If you’re an Android game developer, you understand how critical it is to select the correct game engine. There are numerous engines available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To all the engines mentioned above in this article, we would like to add one more, which is also considered quite popular among Android 3D engines.

ShiVa3D is a 3D game engine that supports complex shading algorithms, physics, HUD display, and a media player. This engine’s capabilities are not inferior to those of its more well-known “colleagues,” which is why a big number of developers that create games for Android use it. Also, do not forget that the popularity of something is quite relative and subjective. It is important to choose the engine or product that matches your skills, capabilities, and plans for the future.

Popular Game Engine for Android ShiVa 3D


It is time to summarize everything that has been said in this article. We have reviewed more than five popular 3D game engines for Android. Let’s not lie if we say that Unity will take the leading position in all ratings for many years to come precisely due to its accessibility and a huge base of informational support for novice developers.

And, if you’ve already chosen a game engine, check out our guide to building a game on Android.

We hope that our material will help you make a choice of the best 3D game engine for Android and immerse yourself more in the field of engines for creating quality games. And if you need additional advice or are looking for a game art outsource team that can help turn your dream game into reality, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with this.