The Best Engine for Isometric Games

The isometric style is prevalent in the game industry. Some game artists and designers post isometric scenes and art on social media, which is always well-received due to the style’s comfort and distinct vibe. In addition, many game developers rely on the isometric perspective, which is more prevalent in isometric indie games and strategic products and is gaining ground in AAA productions.

We can discover engineers’ advantages and certain common qualities for that type of game by analyzing successful isometric games. Well, let’s talk about the isometric style and the benefits of having a dedicated best game engine for isometric games.

Best Engine for Isometric Games

Overview of Isometric Games

Vector drawing is a popular topic in isometric game design. An isometric view can be obtained by graphing with 30-degree corner angles on a vector plane. Each visual element is broken into smaller, standard-sized components called tiles in the tile-based method. These tiles will be assembled to construct the game world based on the related data.

Isometrics can help in circumstances where the user is distracted from the game’s basic mechanics due to the necessity to constantly manipulate a bulky 3D viewpoint. That seems to be, the user can concentrate on the game rather than on managing the game camera during gameplay. Furthermore, the benefits of isometric sketching should be emphasized. Some of these include the ease of use, service quality, and quickness with which an isometric sprite can be created.

After creating our own isometric game Ocean Keeper, our team knows exactly what an isometric game is. Also, based on our gaming market research, study, an increasing number of developers prefer to create isometric games.

Even though isometric video games have several benefits. For starters, it is relatively simple to construct for the reasons stated above. Second, many 2D isometric games mature at a significantly slower rate. They have low system requirements and, given to their nature, are more likely to be played 20 years after their release.

Popular Engines for Isometric Games

A game engine is a piece of software used by game creators to run and generate games. Without the requirement for programming, input, scripting, collision detection, physics, graphics, artificial intelligence, and other capabilities can be added to a video game engine. Even the best game engine for isometric RPG: 1S has some advantages and disadvantages. And some engines have active communities that are developing assets that can assist you along the road.

Engines for Isometric Games Unity Godot Cocos

So, let’s discuss the most popular engines for creating isometric games. Our list of the best engines for isometric games is based solely on the RSG team’s experience with these engines and knowledge gained from training.

  • Unity

The Unity engine is a well-known game creation engine. The engines support cross-platform gaming. It now progressively expands support for a wide range of devices, including desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms. Unity has quickly become the first choice for developers looking to create games for iOS and Android. The Unity engine’s features make it simple for beginners. Because of its minimal features, developers may prefer this engine for Indie game creation. It provides developers with complete solutions for creating 2D and 3D game models.

  • Goddot

Goddot is another cross-platform game creation tool. It is free and has been featured as one of the best engines for 2D games in the open source category. Goddot is also one of the best 3D game engines for Android games.

Players can build both 3D and 2D games for use on PCs, the web, and mobile devices. Aside from games, developers can use it to construct non-gaming apps. Goddot also supports other programming languages for game development. It also features built-in languages such as C++ and C#. Aside from that, the engine supports binding with other languages. However, because it is the default gaming language, it officially supports the C++ and C languages.

  • Cocos2d-x

This programmer has offered consumers a cross-platform game solution that is open-source, stable, and simple to configure. The engine supports three programming languages: C++, Lua, and JavaScript. Bend compatibility includes smartphones such as iOS, Android, and others, as well as desktop operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and others, as well as web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, IE, and other HTML5 browsers. Cross-platform development will never be a barrier for creators.

Advantages of Using a Specialized Engine

If you are still looking for 3D game engines for Android or just wondering how to create games on Android, let’s take a look at the advantages of using a specialized engine for creating isometric games not only for PC but also for mobile phones. After all, it is this format of game that has become more and more popular lately.

โœ… Pros โŒ Cons
Large selection of engines
Programming skills
Open source
Paid versions for the development team or a limit when promoting the game
Wide instrumental possibilities
Difficulty in learning
Knowledge base and resources to learn
Updated versions do not support previous ones
Constant updates
Importance in the game world
Advantages of using Engine for isometric games

As we can see, there are still more advantages to using specialized engines for creating games. If you have something to add to our table, we’d love to hear about it. However, we have identified the key factors that influence the selection of a specific engine for work for both novice developers and those with prior experience in this field.

Tips for Choosing the Best Engine

Choosing the best game engine for isometric games is not an easy task. However, all developers need to go through this stage in order to finally start working on their projects. Our team has put together a few key points that you should pay attention to when choosing an engine. We hope this will be useful for you:

  • Easy to use

Yes, yes. Unfortunately, even the first point can no longer be attributed to some engines. We agree that the game development process is complicated, but you shouldn’t experience many problems while doing it. This is especially true for novice independent developers who are just diving in. So be sure to pay attention to the availability of the engine, as well as the presence of tutorials, forums, and articles about this program, so that your learning is easier.

  • Features

Each game engine has its own characteristics. You can read other materials in our block on this topic to learn more and choose the best isometric game engine for yourself.

  • Cost

Most engines are free or have beta versions that come with the same features but still have some limitations. So, for example, Unity is a free engine, but if you represent a development team or a company, you will have to pay to work with this program.

Tips for Choosing best isometric game engine Unity


These are some factors to think about when looking for gaming engines and the best tool for your needs. Game engines can be much more than just tools for certain jobs and projects. They have the power to shape how you evolve as a team or as an individual in your quest for game development. Every developer must consider the benefits of each choice in light of their own requirements. A framework that works well for us may not be suitable for you. An engine that worked well for your prior game may not be the greatest choice for your next project.

We hope that our material has helped you learn a little more and also decide what points you need to pay special attention to in order to choose the best engine for isometric games.