Bronze – Turn-based strategy game Artwork examples

Recently we were contacted by Alex Kutsenok of Dreamspike Studios with information that “Bronze” was released! Moreover – it was reviewed in one of the biggest USA games magazines – PC Gamer #210 (check out page 74) and currently it’s gaining a lot of positive reviews from strategy lovers from all over the world.

Natural Tiles

While “Bronze” can look somehow outdated and simplified nowadays – it really delivers on the strategy side of things and has this nice retro-felling of old good games.
We have created a large amount of seamless game tiles for Bronze to have enough assets to build a game map. There are more than 10-20 variants in each category: sea tiles, rivers, deserts, deposits, buildings, bridges, and misc environment objects.


The hardest thing was to keep everything seamlessly tileable and to build enough variations to natural tiles and their combination. Also, we have created more than 10 different buildings and other structures for players to choose from. In final “Bronze” game seems to have enough personality to stand out!

In “Bronze”, from Dreamspike Studios, gamers have a chance to rewrite history. As supreme ruler of one of twelve historically based civilizations, the player is charged with expanding their civilization’s territory by creating Farms, Towns, Embassies, Ziggurats, and even Armies. Construction is as easy as a click, and in no time at all your empire can stretch from map edge to map edge.

You can read more about the “Bronze” game and try the Demo on the site of their published:

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