Top Computer Game Design Companies

From conceptualization to level design, from balancing to monetization strategy…
Game development companies think about these aspects of game design daily while working on new games. And when people are thinking about all these stages, they imagine computer game designers or game developers from Epic Games or CD Project. But what about smaller game studios? Companies like ours and many others aren’t inferior to big businesses.

Our level of creativity and professionalism is high, and we’re progressively leading to success, step by step. Of course, the path of all small studios is thorny and difficult. But talking about game design, one day, game developers and game designers from small companies will impress the gaming world with it. But now let’s focus just on game companies and the importance of game design :)

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What is Computer Game Design?

Game design isn’t just about game concepts or mechanics. This field covers a lot of significant stages from creating and developing the rules to the overall experience of a video game. When game designers go through all stages of computer game design, they work on conceptualizing, designing, and, most importantly, implementing the elements that make a game not just enjoyable but meaningful.

Everything starts with the initial idea for the game. At this stage, studios define the game’s genre, setting, plot, and characters. After that, the work is in full swing. Game designers start working on core gameplay mechanics, developing characters and plotlines, and creating environments and challenges. They even focus on UI/UX design, making sure it’s intuitive and understandable for the gamer. And there are still a lot of small details that are extremely important. So, do you still think computer and video game design are easy things?

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Benefits of Outsourcing Computer Programming and Game Design

Because this process is intricate and complicated, a lot of game companies and developers prefer to outsource computer programming and video game graphic design to other companies. Now, we’ll explain why this is the best decision for them.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing significantly reduces expenses, allowing businesses to access skilled professionals without the high price tag associated with in-house development. And this process is not time- and money-consuming. All that people should do is just find one company, text them, and hire the team. Done! The team is ready to provide you with the services your game needs.

Also, if you want something special, for instance, Unity development services, hiring a team will be less expensive and more professional compared to hiring 1-2 independent freelancers.

Access to Global Talent

Imagine the situation: you need excellent Unreal game development services. So, you decide to hire just one freelancer who maybe won’t meet your needs in the future anymore. As a result, you will need to find a new specialist. However, outsourcing to the team provides access to a diverse pool of talent with different skill sets and expertise. With this approach, businesses can choose professionals with the specific skills required for a project and work with other specialists in the future, continuing to cooperate with the same team.

Focus on Core Competencies

Usually, game businesses have a lot of stuff to do, for instance, marketing and strategic goals. So, by outsourcing other functions like computer game design, these companies can concentrate on important competencies. Also, by outsourcing tasks, companies can minimize the burden of managing additional teams, allowing leadership to focus on overall business strategy.

Game Development Companies that You Should Know in 2024

Top 10 Computer Game Design and Development Companies

As we’ve mentioned before, the main topic of this article isn’t about the biggest video game companies but about small game companies with outstanding views of game design, unique ideas, and innovations. But we can’t fail to mention some famous game studios that made a great contribution to game design and how we know it nowadays.

  • Nintendo

Known for iconic franchises like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon, Nintendo is a major player in both game design and hardware development.

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment

The gaming division of Sony is responsible for the PlayStation console series and has produced titles like God of War, Uncharted, and The Last of Us.

  • Microsoft Game Studios (Xbox Game Studios)

Microsoft’s gaming division is behind popular franchises such as Halo, Gears of War, and Forza

  • Electronic Arts (EA)

EA is a major publisher and developer, known for sports franchises like FIFA and Madden, as well as popular titles like The Sims, Battlefield, and Apex Legends.

  • Ubisoft

A French video game company renowned for franchises including Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs. 

  • Activision Blizzard

The result of a merger, Activision Blizzard is known for titles like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch.

  • Epic Games

Creators of the Unreal Engine and the immensely popular Fortnite, Epic Games have a significant impact on the gaming industry. 

  • Square Enix

This Japanese company is known for the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts, and Tomb Raider

  • CD Projekt

A Polish game developer celebrated for The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077

  • Valve Corporation

Creators of the Steam platform, Valve is also known for iconic games like Half-Life, Portal, and Dota 2.

And now let’s discover game development companies you can work with now.

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RetroStyle Games: Detailed Overview

As our studio is called retro-style, we developed a unique approach to game design and development. Its main goal is to capture the nostalgic look, feel, and gameplay mechanics reminiscent of classic games from the past but in the realm of modern games and trends. 

Due to that, we can interweave our ideas and nostalgic inspiration with progressive projects and innovative concepts. Our cyberpunk skater girl in the futuristic environment and isometric urban city sprites for town building game are perfect examples. 

Also, we feature simple and accessible mechanics. Usually, we focus on intuitive controls and straightforward gameplay to capture the essence of gaming that is understandable for the player from first sight. Our games Ocean Keeper and Last Pirate perfectly demonstrate the beauty of this game design approach. While working on them, we also used special level design techniques ;)

Game development is very significant for us, too. When working with our clients or developing games for us, we carefully select a game engine (for instance, Unity or Unreal Engine), and go through all stages of computer game design and development from UI/UX game design to testing and iteration.

By combining a clear vision, unique design principles, and effective development strategies, our game studio establishes itself as a hub for creating authentic and captivating modern games that resonate with players and businesses seeking nostalgic experiences.

Juego Studios

Juego Studios’ vision is focused on innovative and engaging game experiences. With their mission to push boundaries in game design and technology, they’ve already completed 500+ projects and worked for Coca-Cola, Puma, and Amazon. In game design and development, their main expertise extends to RPG, MMORPG, casual, hyper-casual, and card. One of their most outstanding projects is School of Dragons, a mobile RPG game, and NBA 2K21, a very popular sports game. One of their main advantages is the end-to-end video game graphic design and development that allows handling the entire production process of games from the idea to its release.


For 3D-Ace, it’s a normal thing to work with a diverse range of game genres and platforms. It’s one of their unique strengths, as they are well-known for 2D/3D models of any complexity, smooth animations, and VFX (such as 3D models of mythical creatures or assaults). While working with this game company, you can expect to bring life to all your ideas and maybe even exceed your expectations. Their clients especially highlight a high level of proficiency and broad skillset. Although they don’t make games by themselves, their art, models, and animation are on the next level of professionalism.


Do you want to work with a highly expertise studio that creates stunning visuals and lifelike environments for console, PC, and mobile? Then 300Mind is always at your service! Their team of computer game designers creates unbelievable user interfaces that run smoothly across all platforms and provide an unforgettable gaming experience to gamers all around the world. Among their awesome projects are Forbidden Islands and Roll Fall Land which perfectly demonstrate their expertise. Also, they have an interesting feature: you can hire some specialists from 300Mind to your studio or hire all the team.

Logic Simplified

Logic Simplified isn’t just a usual video game company; it has some unique things. One of them is the Advanced Analytics Tool which can give all the essential insights you need and metrics to measure customer experience. Focusing on the technical aspects of game design and game development, the studio can provide excellent game content, concept art, UX/UI, VR/AR games, and even blockchain-powered metaverse development. Sounds extra cool, right? You may also know Logic Simplified by their 3D social casino Gamentio and 3D multiplayer training program Corporate Life.


Do you need immersive gameplay experiences with a focus on both visual and interactive mechanics? Argentics is here for you! From 2D art to UI/UX design, the game developers of this studio are highly skilled specialists in game design. They’ve already worked with several giants in the gaming world: EA, Epic Games, Riot Games, Ubisoft, and Playrix. As you can see, their end-to-end game development and game art creation services are very professional. And their games such as Gravition Zero, a space MMO, and M.A.D. Cliff, a VR game, are additional proves of that. 


With their focus not only on game design but application tech expertise too, N-iX stands out among other game companies. Finance, healthcare, manufacturing – all these niches gave N-iX’s computer game designers huge experience and skills so right now they are professionals in the gaming world So, if you want a company, that stays at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, especially in 3D graphics, animation, and VR if applicable, this game development studio is the best choice. Also, they prioritize cross-platform development to ensure broad accessibility.

Starloop Studios

Starloop Studios is well-known for its collaborative workflow between video game designers and developers, end-to-end gaming solutions, and full-cycle game development. Their network is vast compared to other game companies: more than 1,000 specialists. While working with them, Starloop Studios will provide you with all necessary services from early game design solutions to game porting. Talking about their advantages, a lot of clients highlight communication skills. They also follow this approach while working on their games such as Destroy All Humans 2 and Adventure Pop.


Maybe, one of the most dedicated game development companies, ArtHouseLabs develops a unique visual identity that reflects consistency and high-quality standards across all game titles. Their team isn’t so big (just 30 specialists) but all of them are highly skilled and passionate about things they do. Their main specialization is in illustrations, animations, concept art, UI/UX design, slots design, and 3D art. Among their last outstanding projects, we can highlight Pig Tails and Clower the Rainbow. With their approach, you’ll get something you’ve never expected to see.

3D designer standing near an upward graph chart named Video Game Design TRENDING 2024

Successful Video Game Design with RetroStyle Games

Our team is professional in a lot of things including game design. Especially we’re proud of our level of game UI and UX services. While working on UI design for mobile or PC projects, we always dive much deeper than just establishing the game design, plot, and characters. We try to boost players’ feelings and emotions. You can see it in every project from intuitively understandable game icons for Wang Bubble Match 3 to slot game UI/UX design Burlesque Nights Cabaret.

We can’t just forget about our games too! The title Last Pirate perfectly showcases our strong side in gameplay mechanics development. We’re also proud of the excellent game design and art in this title we’ve spent a lot of time and effort on. Another unforgettable project is a platformer game Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle. We created outstanding visual assets and graphic elements that boosted the gameplay experience.

So, by combining artistic excellence, technological innovation, and a client-centric approach, our game development company establishes itself as a prominent and sought-after studio known for delivering stunning and unforgettable gaming experiences. And if you want to know how to find a professional computer game design company, we want to help you with our step-by-step guide, based on platformer games.

Selecting the Right Computer Game Design Company for Your Platformer Game

Selecting the Right Computer Game Design Company for Your Platformer Game How Do You Select the Best Game Development Company

First Step: Define Your Platformer Game Requirements and Objectives

To choose the perfect company for your platformer game development, you should clearly outline your project’s specific goals. This includes determining the game type (in this case, a platformer), the target audience, preferred platforms (PC, console, mobile, etc.), and the key features that will make your game stand out. This approach will help you to communicate effectively with potential video game companies.

Also, prepare a detailed list of technical and creative specifications tailored to platformer games. This should encompass desired game mechanics unique to platformers, such as jump physics, level progression, and power-ups, as well as the intended level of interactivity, and visual style (pixel art, 3D models, etc.). Without these details, instead of an engaging platformer, you will end up with a game in a completely different genre.

Second Step: Research and Shortlist Potential Companies Specializing in Platformers

Begin by researching the track record of potential game design companies, focusing on their experience with platformer games. Examine reviews, testimonials, and case studies of their previous platformer projects. It’s essential to find a company that shares your vision for an engaging platformer game. Review their portfolios for examples of platformer games they have developed, and make sure they have a team experienced in video game design programs, tools, and technologies, like physics engines and platformer level design ideas.

Third Step: Conduct In-Depth Interviews Focusing on Platformer Expertise

Upon shortlisting several companies, set up interviews with them. In these discussions, delve into everything from platformer videogame concept art to technical specifics. Use this opportunity to assess if the company can combine traditional platformer elements with modern innovative gameplay. Make sure their team, from video game designers to developers, understands the nuances of platformer games and communicates transparently.

Fourth Step: Evaluate Development Process with Emphasis on Platformer Dynamics

Understanding how a game company plans and executes platformer projects is very significant. A defined process is key to managing a platformer game project effectively and achieving successful outcomes. Inquire about their approach to prototyping and testing platformer-specific features, like level design and character movement. Also, AI in game design may not make or break your traditional platform game, but it can make or break the game that you are creating. Remember: a company that values prototyping and thorough testing is likely to deliver an engaging platformer game.

Fifth Step: Consider Budget and Contractual Terms for Platformer Game Development

Many businesses struggle with the proposed budget doesn’t match their financial limits. Discuss the pricing structure and payment milestones, especially as they pertain to the unique art and design of platformer game development. Be wary of companies that deviate significantly from industry standards in pricing. Also, pay close attention to intellectual property rights, project timelines, deliverables specific to platformer games, and dispute resolution mechanisms.


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How do you design a computer game?

Designing a computer game is a difficult process. Begin with a clear vision, identifying target platforms, genres, and gameplay mechanics. Then develop a storyline or thematic elements, incorporating user-centric design principles for intuitive interaction. Create pixel-perfect or 3D assets, ensuring a cohesive art style. 

Code efficiently, using a suitable game engine. Don’t forget to focus on level design, balancing challenges, and hidden elements. Optimize performance, ensuring a seamless experience across devices. As a result, by prioritizing creativity, innovation, and a user-friendly approach, you’ll get a successful and enjoyable game of your dreams!

Is computer game design the same as video game design?

Yes, computer game design and video game design are often used interchangeably, because it is the same process of creating interactive digital entertainment experiences. Whether on a computer, console, or other platforms, the fundamental principles of designing gameplay, mechanics, graphics, and sound remain consistent.