Different Genres of Video Games Feature 3D Models

A computer game genre is a classification of video games based on the type of interaction the user has. The visual or narrative features of a video game are irrelevant in determining its genre. Nonetheless, the collection of obstacles that are independent of the game’s settings or substance is significant. A car racing game, for example, is a car racing game as a result of when or where it happens.

Although game genres were once relatively clear, and we could readily categorize a game by genre, there is now a broader diversity of genres and subgenres. Because of this increase in diversity, a single game can now belong to multiple genres at the same time, and certain genres may overlap.

Different Genres of 3D Games Feature 3D Models

Games are classified into genres based on their similarities and objectives. Action, Adventures, Role-Playing, Sport, and Strategic are the most popular genres in 3D games. It is critical for a game development business to determine the type of game and also the types of 3D modeling it will create. In this manner, you will simply design the game’s theme, and ideas will flow naturally.

3D Models in Shooter Games

The shooter is an old genre that spawned various early offshoots before dividing into two main sub-genres: first-person shooter (FPS) and third-person shooter (TPS) (TPS). Older players may recall the first arcade and gallery-style shooters, which featured on-the-rails gameplay and simplistic landscapes. Shmups and bullet-hell games, on the other hand, concentrate largely on sensitive gameplay with lots of shooting.

If you create a first-person shooter in 3D, it will make your task easier and remove the need to create the main game character because the player will only see the hands holding the weapon. However, you will have to pay attention to other 3D models, such as enemies, objects, weapons, and locations, in order for your shooter to be fun.

isometric sprites swat walk
isometric sprites swat shooting
isometric sprites swat recharge
isometric sprites swat idle

Weapons may be classified as props if it weren’t for the fact that they receive far more attention in-game than most other objects and inventory. Unless you’re creating a brand-new weapon, players will expect the 3D design to adhere to physics and battle norms. They expect their weapons to appear excellent, thus you’ll probably have to 3D model guns for games with a lot of polygons.

In order for beginners or independent game developers to simplify their workflow, you have the option, for example, to use a zombie 3D model for free or other 3D models that fit the plot of your game.

Alternatively, you can enlist the help of custom 3D modeling services that can create bespoke models that fit perfectly into the unique world of your game. With these two options at your disposal, you can focus on bringing your game to life without worrying about the intricacies of 3D modeling.

3D Models in Open-World Games

A 3D open world game are levels or games that are created as a nonlinear, open environment with numerous paths to an aim. Several games include both traditional and open-world levels. An open world allows for more exploration than a set of smaller levels or a more linear level.

In this genre of games, special attention is paid to high-quality 3D level design. After all, here the player is not limited, he can travel to all corners of the map, studying every little thing.

Even though some open-world games are better than others, they all provide something unique and distinctive that gamers of all ages may enjoy. A few games go beyond the standard open-world model, providing players with an even more immersive and expansive gaming experience. Whatever your tastes are, there is bound to be an open-world game that you will like.

A detailed and 3D stylized environment is one of the main features of open world game design. Based on our experience, we know exactly how to make your gaming environment unique and of high quality so that players want to immerse themselves and explore this open world again and again.

video games 3d models in 3D open world games

3D Models in Action-Adventure Games

The action-adventure genre is a mix. It is a type of video game that blends elements of action and adventure games. Some physical skills are borrowed from action games, but action adventures also incorporate a captivating storyline, several characters, an inventory system, dialogue, and other characteristics found in adventure games. As a result, action-adventure games put both fighting and problem-solving skills to the test in a variety of situations.

The gameplay is more hectic than those of traditional adventure games. In most action-adventure games, the user controls a single avatar as the protagonist. First-person action-adventure, third-person action-adventure, platform-adventure games, stealth games, and survival games are the most common types of games and the important part here is occupied by 3D game ui design.

Models in 3D survival games are varied. Major game studios and indie developers are trying to create quality characters, both main and secondary, as this all affects the player’s perception of the overall visual style.

3d modeling examples in action adventure games

3D Models in Role-Playing Games

A role-playing game (RPG) is a game in which each player takes on the role of a character, usually in a fantasy or science fiction setting, with whom they can interact inside the game’s fictitious world.

Most 3D RPG games are based in a fictional setting and combine conventional fantasy or sci-fi aspects into the game mechanics. Choosing a race, such as dwarf or elf, can, for example, influence the character’s in-game options or alter his traits or content skills. For example, some 3D modeling examples for RPG games can be created in a cartoon or fantasy genre. Here, the game artist will require maximum imagination and creativity.

How 3D Models Are Used in Survival Games

Survival games are a type of action video game that takes place in hostile, intense, open-world locations. Players typically begin with minimal equipment and must survive for as long as possible by making tools, weapons, shelters, and gathering supplies.

For games of this genre, special attention is paid to creating 3D models of objects that the player will extract, craft, or find. If you are interested in the answer to the question “How to make a survival game in Unity” then continue reading this text or use our survival game art creation services.

Video Game 3D Models in 3D Survival Games

3D Models in Platformer Games

The 3D platformer genre is not too old, but it also has its fans. Models of the main characters, their cursed obstacles, and, of course, the must-have 3D objects that make your game even more fun.

Most of today’s 3D platforms have a relaxed and creative vibe in contrast to the frisky 2D platforms, so they can gather for different broadcasts, even for 3D games 8-11 years old gamers. Read this text to the end before compiling your top 3d platformers. We will try to do it too!

Video Game 3D Models in 3D Platformer Games

3D Models in Fighting Games

If you want to create impressive 3D models for your fighting games, there are a few basic things to keep in mind. Incorporate realistic 3D character models to create a more immersive fighting experience. Utilizing 3D character animation to create more engaging combat sequences.

Exploring the use of physical features and facial expressions to bring characters to life. It is important to give realistic movements to 3D characters for games. All these facts apply to both computer and mobile 3D fighting games.

3D Models in Sports Games

3D sports games are one of the most popular game genres. Remember how many hours you spent playing football at your computer and not on an open-air field? For such games, it is important to create not only the most realistic 3D models of characters but also create a unique resemblance to world football stars, for example.

mobile video game 3d fighting games

3D Models in Racing Games

3D racing games are a form of video game in which the player controls a car from either the first or third person perspective. While there are many different sorts of racing games available, they all have the same goal in mind: to cross the finish line first. The player’s ultimate goal is always the same whether it’s a regular Formula 1 race, an off-road rally, or even a kart style free for all. They must use their reflexes, smart planning, and fast thinking to outpace their opponents by the smallest of margins. Many racing games allow players to customize vehicles and tracks to improve replay value.

Unlike all previous game genres and styles, the 3D model of the character almost does not matter here. All the attention and efforts of artists are aimed at recreating cars, motorcycles, or any other means of transportation, which in fact are the main characters in such games.

Video Game 3D Models in 3d racing games

3D Models in Puzzle and Simulation Games

Pump up your mind with puzzles and riddles. This genre of games has always been popular and continues to gain momentum, so game artists from all over the world are trying to fill their portfolios with projects in this genre.

Here you also have the opportunity to show your imagination, not by creating triple-A characters or objects, but by captivating players with bright and whimsical 3D elements. To do this, artists and developers use all sorts of 3D modeling applications to make the game stand out from the rest.

3d modeling application in puzzle Video Game

3D Tower Defense Games With 3D Models

In 3D tower defense games, the use of of 3D models adds a dynamic dimension to both gameplay and visuals. Tower buildings, characters, and environment assets are rendered in 3D, adding depth and realism to the gaming experience. These 3D models not only enhance the aesthetic, but also improve the strategic gameplay, allowing players to view the battlefield from different angles, plan defenses in a more engaging manner, and witness the action unfold in a visually compelling way.

The use of 3D models in tower defense games enhances the overall design, makes the game environment more engaging, and provides players with a richer and more interactive experience.

King Character and Tower Defense Game Elements, stylized assets for Tower Defense Levels


In a world where there is such a variety of game genres, neither 3D artists nor players who are always looking for incredible and exciting games will be bored. Creating 3D models that are better than the rest is not easy, but this is the path to strive for.

Based on our experience, we can say that 3D modeling in the gaming industry is a never-ending source of new knowledge and opportunities. And if your project needs high-quality and diverse 3D models, you can always turn to our team of outsourced professionals.