Free Design Offer for Indie Game Developers

Hello to all our fellow indie developers!

How are investments going? Hm… okay. You are probably thinking about how to cut down your budget and eliminate the risks. We are ready to cut down a fat chunk of your art budget, but there are some conditions…

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Do You Already Feel Sparks Fly or It’s Just Me?

We know that developing your own game as an indie developer is a long and damn expensive process. And to impress players and game studios around the world you need to be one of a kind, appealing, exciting and memorable.

You need – top-tier art outsource company, who will work without breaking your bank.

We want – a showcase in portfolio.

If it’s not a match made in heaven then what is it?

Now imagine if your pitch the money bags with unique game art provided by 14 year old independent GameArt company. Will the result be different? You continue reading means you are ready to take part in our indie developers art solution program.

How to Get the Opportunity?

Do you have a completed game with its community? – feel free to scroll down and find our e-mail, and send us an Art Brief that describes your game idea and elements, that you’d like to implement with our help. Don’t forget to type the word “indie dev” in the Full Name field.

If not – you should have at least a playable demo and a clear vision of your game’s final look, formed into a “pitch deck-like” format. We will carefully consider every application and choose the winners, who will receive art support from us.

Please, provide as many details as possible: screenshots, community links, your previous projects, and other experience that might impact our decision. Our team is willing to offer opportunities from discounts – to completely free production.

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But Wait, What are The Pitfalls?

There are none. We believe in the circle of support. We help talents grow and seeing the opportunities for long-time partnerships with companies that can be indie today but will be Epic Games-level companies within a few years. Success is where companionship is. If you need a hand of help – here it is!