Games Similar to Bioshock

If you’re a fan of the atmospheric world of BioShock, this article is definitely for you. If you are still waiting to learn about this first-person shooter video game, this is the best opportunity to discover its characters, environment, and plot.

Bioshock stylzed games
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Everyone who has played this game before forever remembered its deep dive into intriguing narratives, unique settings, and captivating gameplay.
Let’s not waste any minute and start discovering a world of best games similar to the BioShock series

Atmospheric Game Environment

Everyone knows BioShock for its elements of a role-playing game, different approaches to engaging enemies as stealth, and concepts from the survival horror genre. But not so many people praise this game for its exceptional game art and highly atmospheric environment design.

Why indie game developers and top gaming companies should pay more attention to game environment design? Let us explain.

Bioshock Game Art

The unique feature of BioShock’s visual identity is its Art Deco-inspired aesthetic. The underwater city of Rapture is adorned with grand architecture, period-appropriate design elements, and many unique details. For this genre of games, such a style is the best decision. It adds a layer of sophistication to the decaying and chaotic environment. 

We can’t miss the opportunity to mention the magnificence of the decision to set the game in an underwater city. Due to submerged halls and tunnels, the constant threat of water pressure, and the dilapidated state of Rapture, game design becomes as atmospheric as ever before.

Also, using water as both a visual element and a gameplay mechanic, was an excellent idea to make the game more interesting.

Even though the game was developed in 2007, BioShock masterfully uses lighting to set the mood and create a sense of foreboding. 2K Boston and 2K Australia (game development companies) wanted to showcase how important it is to use the play of light and shadows in conveying the eerie nature of Rapture. Many players noted that the use of flickering lights, dynamic shadows, and strategically placed sources of illumination heightens the suspense a lot. 

2K Game company office

Many studios like ours have taken a BioShock-inspired approach to 3D game environment design.
They have incorporated its principles into outsourcing services with game art workflows, such as dynamic lighting and shadows or attention to environmental storytelling.

Games that are visually similar to BioShock with such outstanding 3D environment design and art style include System Shock 2 (1999), Prey (2017), and the Dishonored series (2012-2016).

Memorable Characters and Antagonists

  • 1

    Jack (player character)

    Jack game character from Bioshock

    Jack is a silent protagonist controlled by the player who finds himself in the mysterious underwater city of Rapture.

    A similar character in another game - The Nameless One (Planescape: Torment)

    The Nameless One character, similar to Bioshock game antagonist

    Like Jack, The Nameless One is a player-controlled character with a mysterious past, and the narrative unfolds as players explore the rich world of Planescape.

  • 2

    Andrew Ryan

    Andrew Ryan game character from Bioshock

    The founder of Rapture, Andrew Ryan, serves as one of the central figures in Bioshock's narrative. His ideals and actions play an important role in shaping the story.

    A similar character in another game - Comstock (BioShock Infinite)

    Comstock character from Bioshock

    In the third installment of the Bioshock series, Comstock shares similarities with Andrew Ryan in terms of being a charismatic yet morally ambiguous figure.

  • 3

    Atlas (Frank Fontaine)

    Atlas, Frank Fontaine, character from Bioshock game series

    Initially presented as an ally, Atlas is revealed to be the alter ego of Frank Fontaine, a key antagonist with his agenda.

    A similar character in another game - Lady Comstock (BioShock Infinite)

    Lady Comstock, BioShock Infinite

    While not the central antagonist female character, Lady Comstock plays a significant role in BioShock Infinite. Her mysterious and powerful presence adds complexity to the narrative.

RPG Elements in Action Games

As we’ve already mentioned before, BioShock is a first-person shooter with elements of a role-playing game. This exemplary title blends action gameplay and RPG game art seamlessly, creating something unique and unforgettable. Let’s explore how the incorporation of RPG elements boosts the gaming experience in the action-packed game.

Similar games to BioShock often introduce RPG elements through moral choices.
In such games, players’ decisions often affect the outcome of the story. As RPG adds depth to the gameplay, a lot of players feel more motivated to explore different story branches and discover the gaming world more and more.

Atmospheric storytelling in an alternative history setting, Bioshock stylized game environment

What about upgradeable abilities and weapons? Players can acquire and upgrade various abilities, enhancing player character’s combat prowess. Also, the customization of weapons allows for diverse playstyles, catering to both action-oriented and strategic approaches.

Also, the game’s level design and progression share modern RPG character art features. As players explore different gaming worlds, they gradually unveil new abilities and weapons. Later, this character progression will help to fight with challenging enemies and environments.

Inspired by BioShock, a lot of titles showcase how different can be RPG game design in action games. Among such really similar to BioShock games are Prey (2017), and Doom 3.

Fight for Survival in a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Like Metro Exodus

Horror and Survival Elements

Of course, Bioshock is primarily known for action and role-playing game elements.
But it also has some elements of horror and survival which was a breakthrough in the gaming world 17 years ago. Obviously, this blend adds an edge to the gaming experience. Similar to BioShock games successfully combine these aspects with other genres, creating a thrilling and suspenseful experience.

We’ve already told you that Bioshock creates something outstanding through its art and design. Bioshock’s designers worked a lot on the underwater city of Rapture. As a result, with its decay, flickering lights, and eerie sounds, players were enjoying a strong sense of isolation and foreboding. Due to this approach, many modern studios are inspired by old horror 2D environment design with Art Deco architecture. They often create game levels with unsettling ambiance.

First-person narrative-driven gameplay in a dystopian setting, reminiscent of Bioshock and Dishonored, The Best Games To Play If You Like BioShock

Survival elements come into play through resource management. While playing such games, gamers must scavenge for ammunition and health kits. The scarcity of resources adds tension to the gameplay, forcing players to make a lot of strategic decisions about when to engage enemies and when to conserve supplies.

Often, games really similar to BioShock incorporate psychological horror elements. The narrative explores themes of power, morality, and the consequences of unchecked ambition.

Singularity, System Shock 2, and Alien Isolation are very good examples of games visually similar to BioShock with survival horror elements.

Horrifying alien encounter aboard a space station, horror games similar to the Bioshock, Alien isolation gameplay screenshot

Innovative Use of Powers and Abilities

Bioshock’s plasmids were a game-changer for a first-shooter game genre. As everyone knows, games that offer unique powers not only enhance combat but also allow for creative problem-solving, a trait shared with Bioshock. Let’s look at different abilities in detail.

  • 1

    Genetic Modification

    The concept of genetic modification fits seamlessly into similar game narratives and is an innovative way to provide players with supernatural powers. This design choice sets best games similar to BioShock apart, allowing for diverse combat strategies.

  • 2

    Environmental Interaction

    The ability to interact with the environment using a personal combat system creates a dynamic gaming world a player wants to interact with. This innovation ties the supernatural abilities directly to the exploration aspect of the game. Such an approach should always include professional game icon design which will help the player interact with the environment correctly. 

  • 3

    Strategic Combat Integration

    Plasmids from BioShock are not just flashy abilities; they are integral to the game's combat system and survival game art and design. Players can combine traditional weapons in game with Plasmid powers to create strategic and dynamic approaches to fights.

Mystical Powers in a Dark World Like Dishonored and BioShock

Game World Interactivity

If you want to make a good world, make it interactive. The way a game allows players to interact with its world can deeply affect the gaming experience and completely change it. Games that utilize environmental storytelling and offer a high level of interactivity can create a more engaging and dynamic world. 

For instance, Rapture is filled with interactive elements, such as operable machinery, functional doors, and various objects that respond to the player’s actions. This level of attention to detail boosts a sense of realism a lot. Also, BioShock’s world feels more meaningful, and Rapture feels like a living, breathing city. 

Also, similar games to BioShock often incorporate interesting techniques. One of them is environmental puzzles that require players to observe and interact with their surroundings to progress. By blending puzzles with the environment, Bioshock ensures that interactivity serves a dual purpose – advancing the story and encouraging exploration. This approach can easily enhance the overall players’ engagement with the game world.

Floating city with angelic statue, reminiscent of BioShock Infinite's game environment

In addition to talking about environmental puzzles, we should mention interactive storytelling elements from small objects to locations.

One of them is Pharaoh’s Fortune Casino which is accessible to the player character during his stay at Fort Frolic. By interacting with slot machines in this location, gamers can get 43 dollars and a first aid kit. Such loot can be discovered without problems due to quality slot game art and other details of design that depend on a game. 

Fan Communities

Just as Bioshock has a loyal fan base, other games have cultivated their communities. Exploring these games reveals first why the media influence of video games is so huge, and second why they’ve garnered such dedicated followings, similar to the passionate community of Bioshock enthusiasts.

Stylized Game Environment Full of Suspense Like in Prey

The Best Games Similar to Bioshock

We’ve been talking a lot about games similar to BioShock from various game animation studios. Here, we delve into a curated list of games that share BioShock’s core elements. This comprehensive analysis helps understand why these games resonate with fans and what makes them comparable to the BioShock experience.

Developed by the same studio that created Bioshock, System Shock 2 is often considered a spiritual predecessor to the Bioshock series. It features a compelling narrative, a cyberpunk setting, and a mix of FPS and RPG elements.

Prey combines a thought-provoking narrative with an outstanding space station setting. The game offers a mix of exploration, intense combat, and a variety of powers, reminiscent of Bioshock’s Plasmids.

Developed by Arkane Studios, Dishonored shares Bioshock’s focus on player choice and engaging world-building. The steampunk-inspired setting, inspiring storyline, and unique supernatural abilities create a memorable gaming experience.

This cyberpunk-themed game blends FPS and RPG elements, offering players a rich narrative with choices that impact the story. The futuristic setting, augmented abilities, and conspiracy-laden plot are reminiscent of Bioshock.

Created by Frictional Games, the developers behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Soma is a sci-fi horror game with a strong emphasis on narrative. It explores existential and philosophical themes in a deep-sea setting, creating an eerie atmosphere.