Game User Interface Design Examples: What You Can Learn

Game User Interface (UI) design is a crucial aspect of creating a successful game. The UI is what players interact with most frequently, and it can have a significant impact on the player experience. Here are some video game UI examples from popular games, our projects, and what you can learn from them. But first of all let’s take a look at some theories about UI in games.

Game User Interface Design Examples

What is UI Game Design?

UI game design refers to the process of designing the user interface of a video game. The user interface, or UI in games, is the part of the game that the player directly interacts with. It includes everything from menus and buttons to icons, heads-up displays (HUDs), maps, and other interactive components. All of these critical elements are created by specialized game UI designers. If you’re looking to improve your game’s interface, consider partnering with a professional game UI/UX design company. Their expertise can help you create an engaging and intuitive user experience.

UI meaning in games is an important aspect of game development because it can significantly affect the player’s experience. A well-designed UI can make a game more intuitive and enjoyable to play, while a poorly designed UI can make the game frustrating and difficult to navigate.

What is UI in games

Top 8 Principles for Video Game UI Designers

There are several principles that are important to keep in mind when designing the user interface for a video game UI design. Here are some of the key principles of UI game design:

  • Clarity: The UI should be clear and easy to understand. This means using clear and concise language, simple graphics, and intuitive game UI icons to make it easy for players to navigate and understand.
  • Consistency: The UI should be consistent throughout the game space, with a standard layout, color scheme, and typography. This helps to create a cohesive and professional-looking experience for the player.
  • Feedback: The UI should provide feedback to the player, indicating what actions have been taken and what the consequences are. This feedback can be provided through visual or audio cues, such as sound effects or animations.
  • Responsiveness: The UI should be responsive to the player’s actions, with minimal lag or delay. This helps to create a seamless experience that feels intuitive and easy to use.
  • Accessibility: The UI should be accessible to all players, including those with disabilities. This means designing the UI with accessibility features such as high contrast options, large text, and alternative input methods.
  • Simplicity: The UI should be simple and streamlined, with no unnecessary elements or clutter. This helps to make the game easy to learn and play, while also reducing visual and cognitive overload.
Top 8 Principles for video game UI design

9 Game UI Design Examples to Inspire Your Next Game Project + Bonus

So, here are 9 game user interface design examples to inspire your next game project, along with some bonus tips from our experiences art team:

1) League of Legends with In-Game Items

League of Legends (LoL) is a great example of a fast-paced game that uses in-game items as a core part of its UI design. Here are some key takeaways from LoL’s in-game items UI:

  • Organization – LoL’s in-game items UI is well-organized, with different categories for offensive, defensive, and utility items. Each category is color-coded, making it easy for players to quickly find the item they need.
  • Tooltips – Each item has a tooltip that displays its name, stats, and a brief description. These tooltips are crucial for players to make informed decisions about which items to purchase.
  • Customization – Finally, LoL allows players to customize their in-game items UI by rearranging the order of items or hiding certain categories. This customization feature can help players optimize their UI for their specific needs and preferences.
Game user interface design examples League-of-Legends-Screenshot

2) Marvel Snap’s Card Games

Marvel Snap cards is a collectible mobile card game that is fast, exciting, and approachable for players of all skill levels. It aims to be an evergreen game that emphasizes strategy and a little bit of luck over having the most booster packs.

  • The numerous attractive and cosmetically upgradable cards that can get incredible parallax, frame breaking, height-mapping, and animation FX as the player continues through the game are one of the things that set Marvel Snap apart from other card games.
  • The visual concept of Marvel game UI is dark “piano glass,” while buttons and other UI elements are formed of light displayed as holography.
  • Minimize clutter: Avoid cluttering the mobile game UI with unnecessary elements that could confuse the player or detract from the core gameplay experience.

Player-favorite characters from famous comics, cool graphics, high-quality user interface are all components of a good game UI.

Marvel game UI

3) An Delightful Animation in Design From Alto’s Odyssey Game World

Alto’s Odyssey is a beautiful game that features some delightful animation in its game interface design. Here are some key takeaways from its animation design:

  • Particle Effects – The game uses particle effects in various ways, such as when the player collects a coin or jumps off a ramp. These effects add a sense of excitement and reward to the game.
  • Environmental Effects – Alto’s Odyssey also features dynamic environmental effects, such as changing weather conditions and lighting. These effects create a sense of atmosphere and help immerse the player in the game world.
  • Character Animation – Finally, the game’s main character, Alto, has a fluid and natural animation that makes him feel alive and responsive. This animation adds to the game’s overall sense of polish and attention to detail.

The game creates a beautiful and immersive experience for players through the use of transitions, particle effects, and environmental effects. These effects are created using character animation services.

And if you’d like to learn more about the contrast between animation vs cgi, click here and we’ll cover all the details.

Best game uis Altos-Adventure

4) Samorost 3 with hand-drawn Environment

Samorost 3 is a stunning game that features a hand-drawn environment, which is a standout aspect of its UI design. Here are some key takeaways from its hand-drawn environment design:

  • Unique Art Style – Samorost 3 has a unique art style that is instantly recognizable. The game’s hand-drawn environment is highly detailed and full of intricate patterns and textures which starts from the professional background concept art. This art style adds a sense of wonder and magic to the game world.
  • Interactive Elements – The game’s environment is full of interactive elements that respond to the player’s actions. For example, clicking on a flower might cause it to bloom or reveal a hidden item. These interactive elements make the game world feel alive and reactive.
  • Visual Cues – Finally, the game uses visual cues to guide the player through the environment. For example, areas that can be clicked on might be highlighted or given a subtle animation. These visual cues help players navigate the game world and understand how to interact with it.
Gaming ui Samorost 3

5) Last Pirate: Island Survival Game Interface Design

Last Pirate: Island Survival is a survival 3D game that our team is really proud of. Here are some key takeaways from its best game UI design:

  • Organic Design – The game’s UI design features an organic, hand-drawn aesthetic that complements the game’s setting on a deserted island. The design includes elements such as driftwood, handwritten notes, and other natural elements that make the UI feel like it’s part of the game world.
  • Minimalist Layout – The game interface design of Last Pirate features a minimalist layout that puts the focus on the world and player interaction. The design is simple and easy to navigate, displaying only the essential elements within the available screen space.
  • Atmospheric Effects – Finally, the game’s UI design includes atmospheric effects such as weather, lighting, and particle effects. These effects help to create a more immersive and engaging game world, adding to the game’s overall sense of realism and immersion.

An organic design that complements the game’s setting, using a minimalist layout that prioritizes player interaction, including an extensive inventory management system, and adding atmospheric effects that contribute to the game’s overall immersion, the game’s UI design helps to create an engaging and memorable gaming UI.

best game UI design Last Pirate Island Survival

6) Zen Match with Colorful Interior Design

Zen Match is a puzzle game that features a colorful interior design, which is a key aspect of its UI design. Here are some key takeaways from its interior design:

  • Color Scheme – The game uses a bright and bold color scheme that is consistent throughout the UI. This color scheme creates a sense of energy and excitement and helps to make the game visually appealing.
  • Typography – The game also uses playful and unique typography for its UI text. This typography adds to the game’s whimsical and lighthearted feel.
  • Animations – Finally, the game uses subtle animations to add a sense of polish and personality to the UI. For example, buttons might enlarge or bounce slightly when clicked, adding to the game’s overall sense of fun and playfulness.

By using a hyper-casual game color palette, playful typography, intuitive iconography, well-organized layout, and subtle animations, this example of interior design game creates a UI that is both functional and enjoyable to use.

Gaming ui interior design games Zen Match

7) Pudding Monsters with Wacky Characters

Pudding Monsters is another puzzle game that features wacky and whimsical characters, which are a standout aspect of its UI design. Here are some key takeaways from its character design:

  • Personality – Each character in the game has a unique and distinct personality. For example, some funny video game characters might be shy or timid, while others might be bold or mischievous. These personalities help to bring the characters to life and make them feel like real individuals.
  • Visual Design – Each character has a distinctive shape, color, and texture, which adds to their individuality and helps them stand out on the screen.
  • Animations – The characters in Pudding Monsters have a range of delightful animations, from idle animations to celebratory animations when the player completes a good level design.
funny video game characters pudding monsters UI

8) Black Desert Mobile with 3D Game UI Designs

Black Desert Mobile is an MMORPG game that features a 3D game UI, which is a standout aspect of its UI design. Here are some key takeaways from its 3D game UI design:

  • Depth and Dimension – By using a 3D game UI, Black Desert Mobile creates a sense of depth and dimension in the game world. This adds to the game’s immersion and makes it feel like a fully-realized environment.
  • Interactive Elements – The 3D game UI allows for more interactive elements, such as objects that can be moved or rotated. This interactivity makes the game world feel more alive and engaging.
  • Animations – Finally, the 3D game UI allows for more dynamic and engaging animations.
3D game UI design Black Desert Mobile

9) Lapin with 2D Game UI

Lapin is also another popular puzzle game project that features a simple and intuitive 2D game UI design with great hand-drawn game art. Here are some key takeaways from its UI design:

  • Minimalist Design – The game’s UI design is minimalist, with a clean and simple layout that puts the focus on the game itself. This makes the game easy to navigate and reduces distractions that could take away from the player’s experience.
  • Clear Instructions – It includes clear instructions and tutorials that make it easy for players to understand how to play the game. The instructions are concise and easy to follow, helping players quickly get into the game and start playing.
  • Color Scheme – The game features a consistent and pleasing color scheme that matches the game’s overall aesthetic. The colors are bright and cheerful, creating a playful and enjoyable gaming experience with hand-drawn game assets.
Lapin good game ui

10) [Bonus] Last Pirate: Island Survival Game with Christmas Events

Games with Christmas events win the hearts of the players and show how much the developers and the whole team are in love with their project. That is why for the game Last Pirate: Island Survival we launched a large-scale work to prepare for the main winter holiday – Christmas. Not only the game elements have been updated, but also the user interface for a new exciting experience.

What can make your game special this holiday season? Video game Christmas events stand out thanks to:

  • Incorporating holiday graphics, such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, and other festive decorations can give the game a festive feel.
  • Adding holiday music and sound effects can help immerse players in the Christmas theme.
  • Offering special holiday-themed rewards, such as unique weapons, outfits, and resources can incentivize players to participate in the holiday events.

And, of course, it’s important to maintain the core UI/UX design of the game, even when introducing holiday-themed content. This ensures that the game remains familiar to players and doesn’t become overly cluttered or confusing.

Video game Christmas events Last Pirate

UI/UX Outsourcing Crucial Step in Your Design Process

Based on our experience and all these game UI examples, we can say that outsourcing UI/UX design can be a crucial step in the design process, as it can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table. Here are some reasons why outsourcing UI/UX design can be beneficial:

  • Access to a broader talent pool: Outsourcing allows you to access a wider pool of talent, giving you access to designers with different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Cost-effective: Outsourcing can be a cost-effective way to get high-quality UI/UX design services, especially if you don’t have the resources to hire a full-time game designer.
  • Faster turnaround time: Outsourcing can provide a quicker turnaround time for UI/UX design projects, as outsourcing companies often have a larger team of designers that can work on your project simultaneously.
  • Focus on core competencies: Outsourcing UI/UX design allows you to focus on your core competencies, such as development, marketing, or product management while leaving the design work to experts which is the opposite of bad game UI.

When outsourcing UI/UX design, it’s important to work with a reputable company that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality work.

It’s also important to establish clear communication channels, set expectations for deliverables and timelines, and provide feedback throughout the design process to ensure that the end product meets your needs and expectations best game UIs.