Games Like Deep Rock Galactic

Diving into new mysterious worlds is always a fascinating thing. Especially when the talk is about exploring the depths of space, delving into the cavernous bowels of alien planets, or discovering unpredictable ocean deepness. This made Deep Rock Galactic such a popular game in its genre, even unique. 

However, this survival game isn’t only about visuals (but it’s fascinating). Deep Rock Galactic has captivated gamers with its unique blend of cooperative mining, intense combat, and procedurally generated environments. But even the biggest fan of one game would like to play new interesting projects and have a fresh gaming experience, craving the same camaraderie, exploration, and adrenaline-pumping action.

The best games similar to Deep Rock Galactic

As big fans of survival games, in this article, we delve into games like Deep Rock Galactic and offer you, our reader, a diverse range of alternatives to satisfy your cravings for cooperative exploration and daring escapades in the unknown.

Atmospheric Destructible Environments

What is a hallmark feature of games like Deep Rock Galactic? Atmospheric destructible environments! This feature elevates the gaming experience to new heights of player immersion, so every good survival game should have it. The reason is in these games players aren’t just merely passive observers of static landscapes. They are active participants in dynamic worlds where every action has a tangible impact on the environment. But what other features should a good game like Deep Rock Galactic Survivor have?

  • 1

    Tactical Decision

    Players must consider the consequences of their actions when destroying the environment. Blasting a hole through a wall may create a shortcut or reveal valuable resources, but it could also attract enemies or compromise structural integrity.

  • 2

    Collaborative Exploration

    In cooperative games like Deep Rock Galactic, destructible environments encourage teamwork and collaboration. Players must coordinate their efforts to efficiently mine resources, navigate hazardous terrain, and fend off hostile creatures.

  • 3

    Environmental Hazards and Challenges

    Destructible environments almost always have environmental hazards and challenges that players must navigate. Collapsing structures, falling debris, and shifting terrain add an element of danger and unpredictability to the gameplay.

Tactical decision, collaborative exploration. and environmental challenges in rogue-like games

What games also have destructible environments similar to Deep Rock Galactic, offering players the ability to interact with and alter their surroundings?

  • Ocean Keeper;
  • Red Faction series;
  • Battlefield series;
  • Just Cause series;
  • Fortnite.
Games with destructible environments siimilar to Deep Rock Galactic

Environmental Exploration and Interaction

If you’re creating a survival game like Deep Rock Galactic, you should include environmental exploration and interaction. The reason is you can only imagine playing these games by delving into every nook and cranny to discover hidden gems, unearth secrets, and unravel the rich tapestry of the game world.

At the heart of environmental exploration is the sense of wonder and discovery that it evokes. For example, imagine, how amazing it feels to search through an extremely beautiful ocean world and enjoy every single moment. Players will be so encouraged to explore their surroundings with a keen eye for detail, as every corner of the ocean game world may hold clues to its history, lore, or hidden rewards. 

Moreover, environmental interaction adds a new level of depth to the exploration experience. Whether it’s manipulating objects to solve puzzles, using tools to reshape the terrain, or harnessing the elements to overcome obstacles, players have the power to leave their mark on the world around them.

Environmental exploration and interaction in roguelike games

Survival Elements in Rogue-Like Games

Just a quick explanation: the roguelike genre is about procedurally generated levels, turn-based gameplay, grid-based movement, and permanent death of the player character. And main elements of roguelikes usually are survival elements, requiring players to contend with the harsh realities of their virtual worlds.

In roguelikes, survival isn’t just about overcoming enemies or completing objectives; it’s about making tough decisions and adapting to ever-changing circumstances to stay alive. Moreover, resource management is a core survival element in roguelike games. Players must carefully ration their supplies (food, water, ammunition, and crafting materials), to ensure they have enough to sustain themselves throughout their journey.

But of course, it’s not everything! Let us tell you details about survival elements in rogue-like games.

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    Permadeath is a common feature in rogue-like games, meaning that when a player's character dies, they lose all progress and must start over from the beginning. This adds a high-stakes element to gameplay, as players must carefully consider their actions and weigh the risks of each decision.

  • 2

    Crafting and upgrades

    Many survival rogue-likes feature crafting systems that allow players to create tools, weapons, and other essential items using gathered materials. Additionally, players may have the opportunity to upgrade their equipment or skills over time.

  • 3

    Dynamic Challenges

    Rogue-like games often have dynamic events that keep gameplay fresh and unpredictable. Usually, these challenges include sudden weather changes, unexpected enemy encounters, or resource shortages, forcing players to think quickly and adapt to changing circumstances.

Permadeath, crafting and upgrades, and dynamic challenges in rogue-like games

What roguelike games have unpredictable survival elements, keeping players on their toes, and providing challenging gameplay experiences?

  • Ocean Keeper;
  • The Binding of Isaak;
  • Risk of Rain 2;
  • Dead Cells;
  • FTL: Faster Than Light.
Games with survival elements similar to Deep Rock Galactic

Use of Customization and Upgrades

Who doesn’t like customization games? Our team adores them so in our survival projects we always catch inspiration from games like Deep Rock Galactic Survivor and create something even better that will be unforgettable for everyone. It’s because we understand one significant point: customization and upgrades enrich the player experience by offering a sense of progression, personalization, and strategic depth. So, what are the main customization aspects in Deep Rock Galactic like games?

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    Character Customization

    You can find the ability to customize your characters' appearance, abilities, and playstyles in a lot of games, and survival roguelikes aren’t an exception. This is about choosing different outfits, as well as selecting skills, abilities, and attributes that align with the player's preferred playstyle.

  • 2

    Weapon and Equipment Upgrades

    Games like Deep Rock Galactic often allow players to upgrade and customize their weapons, armor, and equipment to improve performance and tailor them to specific playstyles. Basically, you can enhance damage, increase accuracy, add special abilities, or modify the appearance of your weapon.

  • 3

    Skill trees and progression systems

    In role-playing games, action-adventure, and survival games skill trees and progression systems are very popular, allowing players to unlock new abilities or talents as they level up or complete objectives. 

Character customization, weapon upgrades, and skill-trees systems in rogue-like games

Here we share with you our favorite survival roguelikes with customization options! Enjoy ;) 

  • Ocean Keeper;
  • Don’t Starve;
  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead;
  • UnReal World;
  • Neo Scavenger.
Games with customization similar to Deep Rock Galactic

Memorable Characters and Enemies

Any game can’t be 100% successful without the main character and its enemy (which could be another person or inner problems, it doesn’t matter). By understanding that, survival games like Deep Rock Galactic often feature a diverse cast of memorable characters and enemies.

Stalwart companions, formidable adversaries… They leave a lasting impression on players as they navigate the treacherous environments and challenges of the game world. But what’s more important is the camaraderie forged between players and their fellow companions. On your way, you can meet a grizzled veteran who always has a witty remark at the ready, an enthusiastic engineer who can craft anything from scrap metal, or a fearless scout who bravely ventures into the unknown ocean deepness. That’s the reason why we like these games so much.

Memorable characters and enemies from roguelikes

Now, let us share with you our favorite characters of different roguelikes similar to Deep Rock Galactic!

  • 1

    Space Pirate Team

    The Space Pirate Team of Ocean Keeper is the heart and soul of this roguelike game. Each character brings a unique personality and playstyle to the team, helping to achieve a main goal — finding the ancient artifact. Their interactions will definitely make them memorable protagonists after the release of the game.

  • 2


    Isaac from The Binding of Isaac is the titular character of this dark and twisted roguelike game. Players control Isaac, a young boy who must navigate through his basement filled with scary enemies and hazards. Isaac's journey is deeply personal and emotionally charged, making him a memorable protagonist in the world of survival roguelikes.

  • 3

    Memorable Enemies

    Darkest Dungeon is a challenging roguelike RPG where players must lead a team of flawed heroes through treacherous dungeons filled with eldritch horrors and deadly traps. The game's memorable enemies include Lovecraftian monstrosities, undead abominations, and twisted cultists. Each enemy is uniquely designed and poses a different set of challenges for players to overcome.

Combat and Action Mechanics

In rogue-like survival games similar to Deep Rock Galactic, players must navigate various environments and face off against relentless enemies to survive. All of that contributes to the leading importance of combat and action mechanics. These mechanics are designed to provide players with responsive and engaging gameplay experiences that reward skill, strategy, and quick thinking.

  • 1

    Weapon Variety

    Deep Rock Galactic like games offer a diverse array of weapons suited for different playstyles and combat scenarios. With powerful firearms like assault rifles, shotguns, drills, and explosives, players can tackle the threats they encounter in the depths.

  • 2

    Team Coordination

    Combat and action mechanics require teamwork and coordination among players. Everyone brings unique abilities and equipment to the team, encouraging players to work together to overcome challenges. 

  • 3

    Enemy Variety

    Survival games often have a diverse cast of enemies, each with its own behavior, strengths, and weaknesses. So, players must adapt their tactics and utilize their weapons and abilities effectively to survive encounters with these hostile creatures.

  • 4

    Dynamic Gameplay

    Combat in games like Deep Rock Galactic is dynamic and fast-paced, with encounters often evolving based on player actions and environmental factors. Players must remain vigilant and adapt to changing circumstances, making split-second decisions to overcome challenges and emerge victorious.

  • 5

    Progression and Upgrades

    As players progress through roguelike games, they can unlock new weapons, equipment upgrades, and character enhancements. These upgrades allow players to customize their load-outs and improve their combat effectiveness.

Weapon variety, team coordination, enemy variety, dynamic gameplay, and progression in rogue-like games

The Best Games Similar to Deep Rock Galactic

Upcoming Games

Something amazing from the world of roguelike survival games is waiting for everyone in July 2024, and the talk is about the outstanding action-packed project Codename: Ocean Keeper! Ocean Keeper is a roguelike survival game, where you play as a Space Pirate Team that discovers secrets of the underwater planet to get the ancient artifact. You can fight huge waves of enemies, mine useful resources for your upgrades, and dig out mysteries that land behind the planet’s history. 

Shortly about the gameplay: the player must find a balance in time management between resource gathering and protecting their robot to survive as long as possible. In this game, your strategic decisions and survival skills are the key to success! The endless blue of the ocean is waiting for you! Become an underwater miner and find the secret treasure! 

The best upcoming roguelike game Codename Ocean Keeper

Do you want to experience an intergalactic adventure with up to three friends in the roguelike third-person shooter? Then the game Risk of Rain 2 is perfect for you! Similar to Deep Rock Galactic, Risk of Rain 2 features procedurally generated levels, intense combat, and a variety of unique characters with different abilities to choose from. Work together to survive increasingly challenging hordes of enemies, unlock powerful loot, and discover the secrets of the alien world you find yourself stranded on.

While not a traditional shooter like Deep Rock Galactic, the 2D action-adventure game Terraria offers a similar emphasis on exploration, mining, and cooperative gameplay. Team up with friends in a sandbox adventure to dig deep into sprawling underground caverns, battle formidable bosses, and build epic structures using the game’s extensive crafting system. With its charming pixel art style and boundless creativity, Terraria promises hours of fun and discovery for fans of indie games with cooperative gaming options.

The best indie roguelike games Risk of Rain 2 and Terraria

Set in a vast, procedurally generated universe, No Man’s Sky offers players the opportunity to explore, mine, and survive in planetary environments. Players land on planets rich with valuable resources and use their mining tools to extract minerals, ores, and other materials. We can say there’s always something new to discover and mine in No Man’s Skym so you won’t be bored. Plus, with multiplayer functionality, you can team up with friends to tackle mining expeditions and build bases together, much like in Deep Rock Galactic.

And what about interstellar mining adventure in Astroneer, a sandbox exploration game set in a colorful, low-poly universe? In this game, players take on the role of astronauts tasked with colonizing and exploiting the resources of various planets and moons. Using a variety of tools and vehicles, including drill heads and excavation machines, boost your mining skills and find a wide range of resources such as metals, gases, and exotic materials. 

The best mining roguelike games No Mans Sky and Astroneer

Dive into the depths of an alien ocean in Subnautica, an underwater exploration game. Stranded on an aquatic alien planet, players must scavenge for resources, build underwater bases, and uncover the mysteries of the deep. With its stunning visuals, engaging storyline, and emphasis on exploration and survival, Subnautica offers a great underwater adventure that will keep you hooked for hours.

A 2D sandbox game that combines exploration, crafting, and survival elements, Starbound asks you to go on a grand adventure across the galaxy. Players take on the role of a spacefaring traveler who has crash-landed on an unknown planet. From there, they must explore procedurally generated worlds, gather resources, complete quests, and uncover the secrets of the universe.

The best exploration roguelike games Subnautica and Starbound

What can be better than destroying everything with your friends in the zombie apocalypse in Left 4 Dead 2, a cooperative first-person shooter? Players must work together to navigate through hordes of undead, complete objectives, and reach safety in a variety of urban environments. With its dynamic AI director that adjusts the difficulty based on player performance, intense firefights, and a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities, Left 4 Dead 2 will give you the cooperative experience you’re seeking that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a cooperative action game that pits players against hordes of Skaven and Chaos forces. Team up with friends as one of five unique heroes, each with their own distinct playstyle and abilities, and embark on perilous missions to thwart the forces of darkness. 

The best cooperative multiplayer roguelike games Left 4 Dead 3 and Warhammer Vermintide 2
Genre of Games
Team-Based Games
Deep Rock Galactic, Risk of Rain 2, The Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon
Class-Based Games
FTL: Faster Than Light, Risk of Rain 2, The Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon
Sci-Fi Shooter Games
Risk of Rain 2, Into the Breach, Slay the Spire, Dead Cells, Hades, Rogue Legacy

Fan Communities

Of course Deep Rock Galactic has a loyal fan base, but other survival roguelikes have cultivated their communities too. Here is a list of all survival game communities we’ve found especially for you.