How To Make And Update A Game In Unity: The Secrets Of Artists And Developers

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Developing a game in Unity is a difficult and time-consuming process that requires hard work from the whole team, but the result will definitely take a place in the hearts of the players.

Today we will answer this question: What do people like about Unity? We invite you behind the scenes of the studio RetroStyle Games to not only tell you, but also to show you how your favorite games are made.

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Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Making a 3D Survival Game in Unity

3D survival games provide a challenging and distinct niche in the gaming world, requiring players to fend off hunger and thirst as well as opponents. Players need to be smarter and faster than their opponents because the main task of such a game is, of course, survival.

Just because of that, 3D survival mobile games are a popular first endeavor for aspiring game developers. Creating a survival game, on the other hand, necessitates mastery of a wide range of skills, concepts, and game mechanics, such as base-building, dynamic weather change, 3D character designs, crafting, and so on.

Last Pirate Island Survival Pirate Pistol Gun Update Game

How to Make Better Weapons in a Survival Game Using Unity

We tried to change the shape of our weapon and diversify it by dividing the whole mesh into levitating parts. Also, from scratch, we created our frightening scarecrow. Interestingly, initially our artists did not plan to make it have a rotating head, but as an experiment, our programmer tried to implement this mechanic, as a result of which it went into release.

“The most problematic weapon was a pistol. For technical reasons, we had to redo it completely from the very beginning with all the settings for materials, effects and form in general”

Eldar, Game Designer, RetroStyle Games

Difficulties arose with weapon skins, as the source files of these assets were lost. Because of this, our game 3d modeling department had to re-create already existing assets, while fitting them to the Halloween theme.

Last Pirate Island Survival Ghostly Hatchet 2D Icon 3D Handle Weapon Upgrade

Weapon-making Secrets From the Process

Our team focused on creating promotional materials and weapon skins. The work always starts with a general outline of an idea and a collection of references. After that, our team decided to add mysticism to our Halloween and make skins a part of our project. The visual effects outsourcing team was also involved, and their work can be seen live in the game. Based on the general mood and collected references, we put together a rough sketch for a promo and handed it over to other departments for implementation.

The implementation of the weapon redesign project did not take much time. Most of the time, RetroStyle Games specialists are allocated to discuss options with the client and make all the edits, as well as polish for a good User Experience. It took our team a month of hard work from the idea to the full release on all platforms.

Halloween Ghostly Update Dead Mans Sabre Concept 3D Modeling Handle Bone

How Does the Weapon Upgrade Work

Work on updating weapons or any other game elements is carried out in several important stages. What? Now we will show you how.

  • The game design department on the project management team is planning the list of weapons that will be updated.
  • Then work begins with the collection of references on the chosen topic and the creation of the first sketches of future weapons.
  • Next, our specialists draw up a pitch for discussion with the team and, subsequently, a technical task for the art department.
  • When all concepts are created, they are transferred to the implementation departments in 2D and 3D.
  • In the process of working on models, edits are made, and additional discussion takes place within the team in order to get the intended assets and icons.
  • The developments are then transferred to the DEV department for engine implementation and tuning. This is one of the final and most important stages, but our specialists have extensive experience in it.
  • In the end, QA and a team of game designers test the product and make final changes.
  • The final touch: the finished update is being released for the players who have been waiting for this event.
Survival Game Update 3D Ghostly Pickaxe Icon Beach Island

Designing Interesting Mechanics for Survival Game

In order for the player not to lose interest in the game, it is necessary to think about creating interesting game mechanics. They should not be overly complex, but neither should they be overly simple. The difficulty level should increase as the player progresses through the game path. So he will need more time in the game to complete this or that quest. This approach is also good if you want to give players the ability to buy different stuff that will help them get stronger, faster, and smarter in the future.

For example, for the game Last Pirate: Island Survival, our team has developed many special offers for players on the eve of Halloween. A mystical dark moon, scarecrows in the heart of the island, and, of course, upgraded weapons, to which our specialists paid special attention.

Halloween Weapon Upgrade Ghostly Hook Scarecrow Pumpkin

Final Worlds

We hope that this text has answered your question about how to design a game in Unity. This is a difficult but fascinating path that our company’s specialists, artists, and programmers have successfully navigated for the first time. If you also dream of first-person survival games, feel free to contact us, and we will combine all our experience, creativity, and professional skills to create a quality gaming product.