Making of: Pirate Mysteries Hidden Object Game Art

Hi all, first of all we would like to show CG cinematic we did for “Pirates Mysteries” Hidden Object game:

Now let’s proceed to a bit more detailed “Making of“. We would like to use minimal amount of words and let illustrations speak for themselves.

At the middle of last year Kristanix Games contacted us and proposed to do test job for a couple of tasks one of which was connected with interface creation for pirates-themed HOG (hidden object game).

We were provided with task description, temporal art and some mock ups.

Mock ups

Pirate Mysteries HOG interface mock up

Usually we begin work with big number of rough concepts which can quickly help to define art direction, demonstrate our ides to client and get further approval.

Art outsourcing examples - GUI concepts

So “Kristanix” had chosen a series of HOG Panel, Dialogs window and Options ideas. We polished them further.

Art outsourcing examples - Hidden Object Game panel

Here you can see more examples of drawn game interface elements done for “Pirate Mysteries” and a couple of miscellaneous projects.


Art production - 2D interface, gui, examples

After 2D GUI production we proceed to Mini-games creation. Again, we were provided with detailed instructions for most of the games and even working prototypes.

Mini Games

Art outsourcing - 2d mini games, concepts, illustrations

Incas Gems mini game

Art outsourcing - Incas gem illustration mini game

Land of Dead mini game

Art production - Land of dead illustration, mini game, gems

Pirates Map mini game

Art outsourcing - mini games artwork, pirates map illustration

Sand Clock mini game

Art production - mini game artwork, sand clock, illustration

Sun Tower mini game

Art outsourcing - hidden object mini game, sun tower, 2d illustration

Witch house mini game

Art production - hog mini games, scenes, witch house, 2d picture

CG Cinematic

On final stages we were asked to produce pre-rendered intro CG Cinematic, game logo, title screen and a couple of misc. elements.

Art production service - CG Animation story board

Originally “Kristanix” team wanted to use story-board like intro animation, consisted of cut out 2D elements with simple game-engine animation. We did some concepts and started to discuss possible ways of improving that direction.

Among new ideas were — bringing more life using After Effects animation or creation whole intro in pre-rendered 3D.
After checking “Aurum CG Short” we did awhile ago “Kristanix” decided to give us more freedom doing intro in 3D.

Art production service - 2D 3D modeling, animation

Additionally, we were provided with some 3D sources done by other studio and used in production of hidden object scenes. We used some of them (for example crushed ship base) to build our own 3D models, but most of the stuff was heavily re-done.
Along with CG Animation production we were asked to improve Hidden Object intro level.

Art outsourcing - hidden object games 3d modeling

When all 3D models were ready we proceed to creation of CG animatic which helped us to feel the tempo, atmosphere and duration of the intro short.

Art production - CG animatic, 3D animation, story board, rendering

As last touches we produced title screen, game’s logo, icon, cursor and also loop-able clip of Storm Sea.

Art outsourcing - title screen illustration, logo, icon creation

Art outsourcing - title screen, logo, icon, animation

It was a pleasure to work on that game with “Kristanix Games”. Looking forward to cooperate on new projects with them!

Pirate Mysteries” hidden object game is available on Kristanix homepage: also at Appstore, BigFish Games and couple of other game portals.

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Check out more examples of our Art Production works in our portfolio.