NFT Art Samples: Unique Digital Assets

Simply, NFTs are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain. But still, this concept is new to many people, and the NFT art meaning remains obscure. However, it didn’t hamper the NFT sales surge. The number of NFTs sold in 2022 reached 101 million — around 67% over the previous year.

So what does it mean to be an NFT artist and why do people buy NFTs? Let’s explore the diversity of the NFT art design world and check out examples of NFTs with the most remarkable concepts behind them.

In addition, our new step-by-step guide explains the process and steps involved in creating your own unique NFT art for those interested in learning how to make their own NFT art.

NFT art Semples Unique Digital Assets

Limited Edition NFTs With a Unique Theme

What is a limited NFT collection?

NFTs are typically presented in a form of collection. An NFT collection is a large assortment of digital tokens with a randomly generated set of features. Its assets conform to the same artistic style and idea behind it, with slight variations across each individual token. One of the best examples of an NFT collection is Bored Ape Yacht Club, with 10 000 unique NFTs derived from 172 individual features.

However, there are collections with a smaller scale that gives the creator more power over details and increases the value of NFTs. And, of course, this has an impact on the cost of creation of an NFT collection. Limited edition NFTs contain a few digital assets that are sold for a limited amount of time.

Looking at the examples of NFT sales, it’s clear that these digital assets exceeded expectations and sold for more than they were expected to sell for, even to experienced users.

Limited Edition NFTs

Limited NFT collections examples

Here are some distinguished examples of NFT based on anything from music and TV shows to famous brands.

1. Snoop Dogg claimed NFTs to be a digital revolution and launched several limited NFT character series. The American rapper is sharing his new music in the form of non-fungible tokens consisting of audio and video elements. Snoop Dogg also provides his voice talents to many NFT-themed lyrics.

2. Lamborghini is accelerating into the world of the blockchain, releasing a series of “World tour” themed limited edition NFTs. They are less amateurish in its design than many of the more popular tokens, and are obvious status symbols, just like the brand itself. Each drop is available for 24 hours only.

3. North Apes is a limited NFT drop inspired by South Park. It was created by the group of fans who wanted to dedicate their next project to the show. A storytelling NFT collection features gamification elements, prizes ruffling and royalty payments – all aimed to incentivize activity along the community.

4. Matrix X Funko Pop NFT collaboration is offering fans the animated avatars of the movie’s legends like Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and many others. The collection drops in blind packs with either five Digital Pops in Standard pack, or 15 ones in Premium pack. Lucky minters who manage to pull out a Legendary or Grail NFT will be rewarded with a physical copy of their token.

5. NFL All Day is an officially licensed NFT collectible marketplace featuring a unique concept. The marketplace lets football fans collect video highlights in the form of NFTs and connect with like-minded fans from around the world. Thus, fans can own their favorite moments of the game, like great passes and touchdowns. NFT owners are also able to use their Moments to win prizes by competing in official challenges.

Limited Collections Examples of NFT

3D NFTS: Tokens With 3D Models or Animations

If you’re new to the topic, you probably want to know how to build NFT and what kind of art can be turned into a cryptographic token. The truth is, NFTs can take many different forms. The most simple of them are JPEG files, but NFT can exist as pretty much any computer-generated object. This includes GIFs, videos, music tracks and, of course, 3D models. There are several different types of 3D NFTs:

  • Digital art. An NFT artist can use 3D to make more striking artwork.
  • Access keys. Whereas a digital access key can be a piece of code or a link, 3D is a much more exciting and aesthetic way to present the asset.
  • Digital clothing. Many famous clothing brands like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have created 3D NFT collections to be sold for the metaverse.
  • Game assets. With a shift to a play-to-earn model, NFTs are becoming common items in the gaming landscape.

NFTs are quickly altering the way people think of digital assets and purchases. And three-dimensional NFTs are included in the list of most popular NFT types today. No wonder, 3D NFTs started spreading in the gaming world, expanding video game possibilities. In the three-dimensional space, 3D game models such as characters, weapons, props, skins and scenery can now be easily minted as NFTs. 3D NFTs integrated with game assets promise to be a significant breakthrough in the growth of the market.

Examples of an NFT

NFTs Using Augmented Reality

The development of AR is changing our perception of reality. Combined with NFTs and blockchain technology, it blurs the line between the physical and digital world. But what is an augmented reality NFT in the first place? AR means you can access digital content anywhere, anytime, and you can project it into the real world through any smart device. Now you can own an NFT enriched with 3D augmentations, sounds, and other virtual components that communicate with your surroundings.

NFTs are one of the best ways to fund the virtual reality future. With augmented reality NFTs, creators can provide more depth and context to digital artwork. Creators can enrich user experience and give them a chance to use their avatar, both in the metaverse and in the real world. Decentraland and the Sandbox are leading metaverse projects, with thousands of virtual reality NFTs available for use, and just as many artists that are contributing to their ecosystem.

Virtual Reality NFTs

NFTs Featuring Interactive Experiences

Interactive NFT art is a relatively new concept that is still expanding. Usually, a game demands you to interact, while most other forms of art are passive. Creators only display an image or video without any interactivity. New virtual reality technology can level the playing field for artists. Interactive NFTs enable you to engage with them in some way. Standard NFTs can be only purchased and held. With interactive NFTs, you will have a variety of applications, strengthening the connectivity between you and your digital asset.

There are several possible ways how interactive NFTs can be utilized. First, interactivity entails the usage of NFTs in video games. Metaverse games like Ethermon allow you to own, improve and combat Pokemon-like monsters. Other platforms allow you to buy a single layer of the NFT and change it at your leisure.

CryptoKitties is another good example of an NFT interactive project. Here, you can breed two NFT cats together to make a new kitten. These kinds of games not only allow you to interact with NFTs, but make you feel a part of their world.

On top of that, interactive 3D NFT can be incorporated into the metaverse video games and will help to create a virtual space for players to connect, play and participate in a blockchain economy.

NFTs Featuring Interactive Experiences

NFTs That Tell a Story

Storytelling NFTs are yet another kind of digital collectibles that gives creators a chance to showcase their creativity. NFT stories provide a more immersive experience that allows you to add your personal touch to the world around you. Usually, these projects try to create a sense of community and enable a two-way communication channel between artists and readers. There are already several existing projects out there that incorporate this idea.

1. Bored and Dangerous is a storytelling NFT collection created thanks to the members of ‘The Writer’s’ Room’. The members can vote on the creative direction of the content produced by Jenkins the Valet, as well as license their eligible avatars. The main idea of the collection is to write stories about people who get bored and decide to do something dangerous.

2. Azurbala is a related collection based in a fantasy world. The collection has a set of factions, each with a unique experience on the site. For instance, the House Calypso section will include a variety of events, challenges, and activities, while the Sprawl section will offer a PvP arena, a PvE dungeon, and a crafting system.

3. Renga is a conceptual storytelling NFT collection with the possibility of minting 10,000 distinctive characters. The collection is heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime art styles. And the project’s name itself – Renga – is dedicated to the Japanese genre of collaborative poetry. The NFT character is based on one of eleven possible archetypes and is randomly generated using 900 exceptional traits. Each character has its own identity and forms a part of the storytelling ecosystem that is built around the premise of art and community.

NFTs are Unique Digital Assets

NFTs With a Unique Art Style

Sometimes, it can be quite challenging to find original ideas from the NFT world. The thing is, early projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks defined what an NFT should look like. This led to the emergence of many derivative projects that copy the art style and the main concept of existing successful NFTs. But if you weed out the NFT lookalikes, you can find the projects many crypto-enthusiasts are eager to invest in. Again, NFT uniqueness is the one that gives it value. We have picked up some cool-looking unique NFT projects for you to get inspired.

1. FaceTransPlants is the most creative NFT collection of 2023. This ridiculously cool project features a collection of 10,000 caricatures that combine artistic value with a fun storyline. It includes the NFT caricatures of celebrities like Farokh and Snoop Dogg. The collection authors aim to bring together a community that appreciates art and creativity.

2. Awesome Possums is a community-focused NFT project with an amusing art style and with the same positive features. The team’s goal is to make a series of donations to charities focused on mental health or addiction recovery. The collection comprises 12,000 unique Awesome Possum NFTs. Further down the line, ten randomly selected NFT holders will receive luxury prizes like vacation, season tickets, or festival tickets.

3. Ugly Faces is an NFT collection consisting of experimental, stylish generative NFT art. The core art style of Ugly Faces was designed by world-renowned artist Andreas Preis. The project hosted on Ethereum generates a unique free PFP image daily for NFT owners.

NFTs With a Unique Art Style

NFTs Featuring Games

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of NFTs in video games is in-game items. NFTs are incorporated in games as a receipt attached to the skin or weapon. The receipt grants and tracks ownership, creating an opportunity to trade and invest in items. It can remove the already existing black market in games and bring legitimate blockchain-based trading to them.

Since NFTs can track the ownership, it can give more value to a particular asset and distinguish it from other assets of the same type. Imagine, you can have the exact same item that was owned by a popular streamer. This kind of potential could never exist without NFTs.

The other way of using NFT technology is play-to-earn games. The main gain of NFT-centric games is to gather collectibles. The in-game currency can be earned through gameplay and then used either in game or in a crypto market. Here are some examples of cool NFT games.

Interactive NFT Art Featuring Games

1. A play-to-earn NFT game, Wilder World has one of the best 3D NFTs in photorealistic art style. You can roam freely in the game world, acquire virtual land, and express yourself as one of the Wilders.

2. Tamadoge is an NFT project based on the 90s craze Tamagotchi. NFT owners can feed, care for and grow their pixel-art pets into adults before battling against other players. The NFT collection forms the center of the Tamaverse, which comprises play-to-earn gaming and pumping meme coins. Best pet owners will rank on the leaderboard by earning ‘Dogepoints’. Eventually, with the release of the augmented reality app, the pets are going to turn 3D, allowing holders to take their pets out into the real world.

3. Battle Infinity is a metaverse play-to-earn NFT game packed with exciting features and fascinating neon cyberpunk art style. The game is full of utility, featuring six unique platforms, each specializing in a particular element of the crypto world. There is a fantasy sports league, a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, an immersive metaverse with upgradable avatars and multiple ways to earn.

4. Souls of Nature is an immersive metaverse project aimed to raise funds and awareness for the environment. Here, you can ‘reborn into an animal’ and go on a journey, slowly unlocking a ‘fraction of your soul’ as you progress. The game experiences are designed using Unreal Engine.

Interactive NFTs Featuring Games

The Future of NFTs and Gaming

The gaming world is constantly evolving and becoming more accessible – you can play wherever you want, whenever you want and on any supported device. The latest phase in video game evolution is related to NFTs and the crypto market. For the first time, you can cash out your in-game rewards.

NFT games are considered to be the future of the gaming industry. One of the reasons is that a combination of NFTs and gaming offers benefits that can’t be found in traditional games. Here are some of these benefits:

  • Proofed ownership. In traditional gaming, when a player purchases an asset, it’s available in-game only and can’t be traded between players. With NFT assets, players can trade them across multiple supported platforms.
  • Blockchain encryption. Each NFT is unique and can not be replaced by the other one. The blockchain technology protects an NFT from steal or replication.
  • Trading. Play-to-earn NFT video games offer players an opportunity to earn money while gaming. The worth of a particular NFT can fluctuate depending on various factors and rarity. That being said, in-game NFTs can be used as a form of investment.
  • Attracting Venture Capital. Crypto investors are always looking for promising projects to invest in. Thus, game developers have more chances to attract venture capital for themselves.

Play-to-earn games are promised to make a significant impact on crypto markets by enabling investments in new categories and letting crypto holders earn yields. It’s creating a new way of building wealth while simultaneously simplifying entry into the crypto world.

Examples of an NFT


In this article, we tried to embrace the diversity of the NFT world and show you what NFT can be. With the rising NFT popularity, creators must spend much more time brainstorming and try 10 times harder to launch an outstanding project. However, after spending hours and hours researching the fascinating NFT examples, it became clear to us that the potential of NFTs is near-limitless.