User Experience Design Outsourcing Tips for Gaming Companies

This is a terrific problem to have, mostly because your organization is on the right track by attempting to improve the customer experience of your product. It shows that you recognize the impact UX design for games has on your company’s fortunes, whether on the consumer or employee side.

So, let’s get down to business: how do you handle user experience design outsourcing and ensure you’ve chosen the proper team? Following a first online search that may have yielded hundreds of results, we have compiled a list of practical suggestions to assist you in evaluating the expertise of organizations offering UX design services.

User Experience Design Outsourcing Tips

How to Find a UX Design Team with Specialized Skills

You’ve been looking for top UX designers for a while. You’ve posted job openings anywhere imaginable, sifted through hundreds of portfolios, and conducted interviews daily — only to come up empty-handed.

Now let us get it: finding UX designers who meet your exact needsdegree of skill, and, most crucially, price can be difficult. Knowing where to look is one of the best ways to crack the code and locate quality UX design game expertise. Below are a few of the platforms we’ll be trying to cover:

Game UX Design Team

Outsource Mobile UX Design Process Effectively

To create an efficient software product, UI/UX designers must collaborate with programmers, supplementing each other throughout the development cycle.

The process of working with UX design in video games may differ from creating similar projects for other applications. Based on our experience, we can say that an important part of working with UX for games is the well-coordinated work of a team of artists, developers, interface specialists, and many others. To raise the level of efficiency, you need to:

  • Set exact deadlines;
  • Be in constant communication with the outsourcing team;
  • And resolve all issues through dialogue, listening to the opinions of specialists.
Outsource Mobile UX Game Design

Benefits of UX Design Outsourcing

With an outsourced UX team, you benefit from thousands of hours spent in the trenches of UX design, recognizing and building those world-class experiences.

In the video game UX design industry, outsourcing is a very nimble way to develop. It functions differently depending on the organization and project. You may now literally outsource any aspect of your game’s lifecycle. But first, let’s look at some of the most important game development outsourcing benefits.

UX Design Games Outsourcing
  • 1

    Expertise in a specific technology

    When your development or artistic team lacks a specific skill, you can benefit from outsourcing game development or, more specifically, game UX design.

    If you don’t have the necessary expertise on your staff, you can empower your existing in-house team with extra professionals or invite a full external team.

  • 2


    One of the primary benefits of outsourcing game development is that it is substantially less expensive than recruiting full-time in-house developers. There are no training or recruitment charges.

    Outsourcing a team of experienced individuals relieves you of the strain of recruiting chores such as scanning the market for specialists with the necessary skills, hunting them down, and onboarding them.

  • 3

    Minimal stress

    A team of in-house developers, most likely working on a variety of firm initiatives. This can result in inefficient work procedures, confusion, and duplication of effort.

  • 4

    New perspective

    Developers that work on projects for an extended period of time may encounter obstacles such as circular thinking and creativity blocks. Involving an outside team allows you to see your project from a different perspective and apply new ideas.

  • 5

    Improved performance

    It’s simple: ten people can construct a house faster than two. The same is true for video game development. More pros complete the same task in less time. Again, you save time by not having to hire each individual professional.

Benefits of UX Design for Games

Challenges of Mobile Game UX Outsourcing

Making games entertaining for the player is what UX design games are all about. All features and controls work as planned, navigation is easy and intuitive, and game mechanics react to and interact with the player’s goal. Without proper UX and a good UX designer to lead game development, player engagement will suffer. All developers working in mobile UX game design must evaluate how each design decision affects gamers.

The most crucial consideration for UX design is the user’s enjoyment. The user, or the person on the other end of your program. Playability and enjoyment are paramount in video game creation. The key to accomplishing this is good UX design. UX designers must concentrate on playability and accessibility.

Finally, a player-centered game design is vitally essential. The mobile game experience and player experience must be considered during UX design. If an element or function doesn’t contribute to either of those experiences, it should be altered or deleted. Users can feel engaged even when perusing menus thanks to a focus on interactive and reactive technologies.

Challenges of UX Design in Video Games

Isometric Games: Optimizing User Experience Through Outsourced UX Design

Isometric games are characterized by a perspective where 2D graphics are rendered in a 3D space, resulting in a pseudo-3D effect. This visual game style allows for level designs and complex environments with isometric game assets.

Isometric game design has gained popularity in recent years, captivating players with its unique visual style and engaging gameplay mechanics. However, creating a seamless UX optimization in isometric games requires expertise in UX design, which may be beyond the scope of a development team focused on core gameplay mechanics. That’s where outsourcing UX design for isometric games comes into play.

How to Communicate with Your UX Outsourcing Partner Effectively

Communication issues are unavoidable when dealing with a game UX outsourcing provider. Even employees who work in the same office can have communication issues. However, while working with a corporation from another country, the possibility of communication issues increases.

Mutual respect and partnership are the finest approaches to remote collaboration. When you engage with a game art development company, you gain access to years of experienceindustry knowledge, and both business and technical expertise. Your UX design firm has most likely worked on dozens of projects from various domains, and their unique experience can help your product shine.

Communication with Game UX Designer

Risks of Outsourcing User Experience Design

When looking for a design partner, look for someone who has a strategy in place to prevent the possibility of scope creep. The ability to scope a project before plunging in and generating images or writing code is one of the finest markers of an organized professional or game firm.

The reality of outsourcing design is managing teams in several places. However, if your selected design team lacks experience dealing with remote businesses, getting everyone on the same page can be difficult. It is critical to ensure that the expectations of your internal team and your outsourced design team are in sync.

Risks of Outsourcing UX Design in Games

Platform-Specific UX Design Approach for Mobile Games

If you have already found the right outsourcing team to create the UX for your game project, there are a few important things to keep in mind. We recommend this solution for those who are seeking outsourcing for the first time and have not experienced it before. Here are a few basic parameters that quality games UX include:

In the context of scaling and the overall appearance of mobile games on different devices, 3D modeling for games plays a crucial role. 3D modeling is highly important when considering scaling and the appearance of mobile games on phones and tablets. It ensures visual consistency, optimizes performance, enhances user interaction, enables adaptability to different form factors, and contributes to the game’s branding and artistic expression. By paying attention to 3D modeling during the design process, developers can create compelling and immersive experiences for players on various mobile devices.

Contrary to popular belief, being a UX developer doesn’t limit creativity. Logic is the key to all games and in-game events.

While it’s easy to dismiss UI and UX as separate entities, they’re more closely related than they seem. Mobile UI/UX design needs to be robust, both in terms of design details and the smooth operation that results from doing the right backend. NFT game UI exemplifies this synergy by blending gaming aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. The increasing popularity of NFTs in the gaming industry has paved the way for unique and unparalleled gaming experiences.

Platform-Specific UX Design Approach for Mobile Games

Platform Specific UX for Games

To get a better understanding of how platform-specific game design can be used effectively, check out this blog post on game user interface design examples.


As you can see, UX design in games plays an important role in creating a good gaming product that will win the hearts of the players. It is very important to entrust this business to professionals. That is why many customers turn their ideas and developments to outsourcing companies that have extensive experience and all the necessary knowledge and technology to create an impressive UX design for games.

We hope that this article was useful for you and that you were able to find the answer to the question, “What is game UX?” and “What are the benefits and risks of working with an outsourcing company?”.
We wish you good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

UX Design Game FAQ Line

User experience (UX meaning) design is the process that game designers use to build products that give users with useful and meaningful experiences. UX design encompasses the complete process of acquiring and integrating a product, including identity, design, usefulness, and operation.

It all depends on the experience of the outsourcing team you decide to work with. On average, a game UX designer can work on a project from a few weeks to 3 months.

Take a close look at the portfolio of the outsourcing team. It is there that you will find answers to most of your questions about the quality of work and the professionalism of the UX or game HUD design team.