10 of the Best Vampire Survivors Clones

Vampire Survivors is a popular game that mixes simple gameplay with exciting action. It’s one of the hardest roguelike games today. Players face endless waves of monsters and must survive by using their powers wisely. This gameplay has led to many similar games, known as VS-likes or horde games. These games keep the basic idea of fighting off lots of enemies but add new features and changes to make things interesting.

Top of the best Vampire Survival clone games

Action roguelikes games like Vampire Survivors are popular because they are instantly rewarding. Players enjoy the simple controls and the quick sense of progress as they unlock new abilities and powers. The challenge increases the longer you play, keeping the gameplay exciting and engaging. Each session can feel different due to the random elements and various strategies, adding a lot of replay value. 

These roguelike games are flexible enough to be enjoyed in short bursts or during longer gaming sessions, so they are appealing to both casual and pro gamers alike. So we prepared a list of ten games like Vampire Survivors that many users like. 

Features of Games Like Vampire Survivors

Games like Vampire Survivors attract players with special features that balance simplicity and depth. The best games like Vampire Survivors should have:

  • 1


    These games are known for their intuitive, low-intensity gameplay that doesn’t demand much strategic thinking. Players appreciate the effortless interaction as they destroy hordes of enemies with lots of explosions. Despite the simplicity, there's a deep sense of progression. As players advance through levels, they unlock plenty of content.

  • 2

    Player Choice

    Despite the straightforward mechanics, best roguelikes on Steam have a rich layer of player choice. Decisions on which abilities to upgrade or what strategy to use can influence the game outcome.

  • 3


    The atmospheric elements of these games also play an important role in their appeal. The graphics, often pixelated or stylized, complement the action, while the soundtracks and effects heighten the intensity of gameplay. 

Games like Vampire Survivors special features, Vampire Survival clones elements

The Best Vampire Survivor Clones of All Time

10. Codename: Ocean Keeper

The best Vampire Survivors clone Ocean Keeper

Codename: Ocean Keeper new roguelike, where you explore the ocean’s depths on a robotic spider, discovering hidden civilizations and fighting off sea monsters.

Each session is unique thanks to procedurally generated maps. Players upgrade their mechanical spiders and weapons with treasures found, making for a highly customizable action that tests survival skills. Enjoying deep character customization games even if it’s rouge? OK is definitely one of them. Also, the game is available both on PC and Android and lots of other platforms. 

9. Legend of Slime: Idle RPG

The best Vampire Survivors clone Legend of Smile

If you prefer games like Vampire Survivors on mobile, check out Legend of Slime. As the leader of the slime clan, you must develop your team and battle against human invaders. This action RPG incorporates idle mechanics, with continuous combat even while offline. Players recruit and upgrade various fantasy creatures to strengthen their team, creating dynamic battle strategies against dark forces. Games like Vampire Survivors on PS5 exist and this is one of them. 

8. Lonely Survivor

The best Vampire Survivors clone Lonely Survivor

Set in a battlefield that challenges players to destroy enemy waves for experience and gold, which are used to enhance combat abilities. It features an extensive upgrade system, where you can improve your skills and equipment to prepare for the challenging hordes of enemies. Enjoying mobile games like Vampire Survivors? You will like this one. 

7. Zombie Survivors

The best Vampire Survivors clone Zombie Survivors

This is one of the games like Vampire Survivors on Xbox which blends traditional wave-based hero survival with deck-building mechanics, allowing players to collect and infinitely stack items and power-ups. The strategy comes from selecting the right combination of tools to maximize your survival against endless zombie waves. 

6. Magic Survival

The best Vampire Survivors clone Magic Survival

Why 2D game sprites still in fashion? Some say it’s nostalgia, others that it looks unique. In this laid-back yet thrilling survival game, players control a lone mage battling against mutated spirits. You use a variety of spells gained through experience points, which allow for different strategic approaches to defeating increasingly tough monsters.

5. Void Scrappers

The best Vampire Survivors clone Void Scrappers

Looking for sci-fi Vampire Survivors? Aimed at fans of space shoot-em-ups and survival games, players destroy alien ships and collect scraps to upgrade their ship and weapons. The game is fast-paced with an emphasis on strategic selection of upgrades and weaponry to handle the variety of alien mobs and bosses.

4. Spellbook Demonslayers

The best Vampire Survivors clone Spellbook Demonslayers

This mobile game combines elements of classic roguelikes and bullet hell mobile games. Players use an automatically executing spell system to battle demons, collecting new spells and relics along the way to enhance their power and adapt to the evolving challenges.

3. 20 Minutes 'Til Dawn

The best Vampire Survivors clone 20 minutes til dawn

One of the games like Vampire Survivors on Switch that is focused on short, intense gameplay sessions, this game tests your ability to survive for just 20 minutes against a barrage of monsters. It features unique character builds each playthrough, requiring players to quickly adapt their strategies to survive.

2. Brotato

The best Vampire Survivors clone Brotato

Play as Brotato, a potato. This is probably the best Vampire Survivors like character. This quirky, action-packed game focuses on managing ammo and switching between weapons to survive alien waves. The game’s fast pace and humorous premise make it both challenging and entertaining. If you like games with lots of weapons and unique bosses, Brotato is a good choice. 

1. Halls of Torment PRELUDE

The best Vampire Survivors clone Halls of Torment

Speaking of beautiful isometric games, this one stands out with its old-school RPG aesthetics and deep gameplay mechanics. Players explore dark dungeons, combat unholy horrors, and use the environment to their advantage. With its unique bosses, numerous traits to customize builds and interactive elements, it promises a rich and varied experience each run.

Why Are There So Many Clones of Vampire Survivors?

The proliferation of Vampire Survivors like games following the success of the named game can be traced back to several key factors that include player behavior, nostalgic appeal, and market dynamics. Here’s an exploration into why these best Vampire Survivor clones are not only prevalent but also popular:

  • 1

    Combination of Simple Mecahnics and Replayability

    Vampire Survivors struck a chord with a wide audience by combining simple, engaging mechanics with a high degree of replayability. Its success has prompted developers to create similar games that offer the familiar easy to learn, hard to master gameplay but with unique twists and additional features. Players often seek out these clones because they promise the same addictive gameplay loop but with fresh contexts or enhanced mechanics.

  • 2

    Strong Sense of Nostalgia

    There’s a strong element of nostalgia in Vampire Survivors and its clones, often reminiscent of the pixel art style and top-down gameplay of classic games from the 80s and 90s. This style evokes a sense of nostalgia, making them particularly appealing to older gamers while also offering a sort of retro chic that attracts younger audiences. The familiar aesthetics and gameplay provide a comforting, known quantity in a market often saturated with overly complex games.

  • 3

    Cost-Effective Formula of Game Development

    The simplicity of the Vampire Survivors formula makes it relatively easy and cost-effective for developers to produce similar games. This low barrier to entry encourages small studios or even individual developers to create and market their own versions of Vampire Survivors clones, contributing to the abundance of clones available.

  • 4

    Trend to fulfill community's Desires

    The original game’s popularity has demonstrated a clear market demand for this type of game. Players have shown that they enjoy and are willing to spend time and money on games that offer continuous action, progression, and the satisfaction of leveling up and becoming more powerful. It’s made entirely on an indie game budget, which is fascinating too. As a result, developers are motivated to capitalize on this trend by creating games that fulfill these desires, often adding new elements to keep the formula interesting and engaging.

  • 5

    Elements of Experiment

    Each clone, while similar, often experiments with different elements, whether it be through new storylines, settings, character abilities, or even gameplay mechanics. This process of iteration allows the genre as a whole to evolve, as successful innovations set new standards, pushing other developers to incorporate and build upon these ideas.

Why Vampire Survivors game is so successful, games like Vampire Survivors gameplay mechanics

Key Features to Look for in Vampire Survivors Game Clones

  • The core mechanics are the backbone of any Vampire Survivor-inspired game. Look for games that maintain the simplicity and accessibility of the original while introducing unique twists that keep gameplay fresh. 
  • One of the joys of playing Vampire Survivors is the excitement of unlocking new abilities and powers as you play. A good clone should offer a similarly rewarding progression system where new abilities significantly impact gameplay. These abilities should not only feel powerful but also offer varied play styles and strategies, encouraging players to experiment with different combinations. 

With custom game development which our team offers you can make a great Vampire clone but with your own unique attributes and universe around the game.

  • Effective clones should offer options to customize characters, abilities, and even game mechanics, such as difficulty levels. The more players can make a game their own, the more engaged they are likely to be.
  • While many Vampire Survivors clones opt for retro or pixel art styles, the quality of execution can vary greatly. Good graphics should be visually appealing and enhance the game’s overall atmosphere. Whether a game chooses a minimalist style or intricate designs, the visuals should not distract or detract from it.
  • The design of levels in Vampire Survivors clones should have a sense of accomplishment and challenge. Levels need to progressively introduce new elements and enemies at a pace that keeps the game challenging yet not overwhelming, ideally culminating in rewarding boss fights or achievements that test the player’s skill and strategic planning. If you need some fresh boss ideas for games, look at what we have to offer. 

When choosing a Vampire Survival games clone to play, these key features can guide you to a game that not only captures the essence of the original but also offers its own unique and enjoyable experience. Look for games that balance innovation with the core elements that define the genre, ensuring a satisfying blend of familiarity and new challenges.

Key features to look for in Vampire Survivors game clones, games like Vampire Survivors core mechanics

Tips for Choosing the Right Vampire Survivors Game Clone

When selecting a Vampire Survivors game alternatives that suits your gaming preferences, consider these practical tips to ensure you choose a game that delivers both enjoyment and challenge:

  • 1

    Players' Reviews

    Reviews from other players can provide insight into the game's quality and playability. Community feedback, especially from forums or gaming platforms, can also highlight any recurring issues or particularly enjoyable features.

  • 2

    Determine the Complexity

    Determine your preferred complexity in gameplay. Some clones might offer a deeper strategic experience, while others keep it more casual. Choose according to your taste for either a more relaxed or a more intense gaming session.

  • 3

    Unique Features

    Each clone will have its own set of unique features that set it apart from others, such as different types of enemies, special powers, or unique game mechanics. Identifying these can help you choose a game that offers new experiences.

  • 4

    Customization OPtions

    Games that offer more ways to customize your playstyle, such as different abilities, character builds, and difficulty settings, can provide a more personalized and replayable experience.

  • 5

    Visual Aspect

    Since the visual aspect can significantly affect your enjoyment, opt for a game whose art style appeals to you, look at the pictures on Steam; whether it's retro pixel art, more refined 2D graphics, or even 3D models.

  • 6

    Free version of the game

    If possible, try out a demo or a free version of the game. This firsthand experience is often the best way to gauge whether the game's pace, style, and complexity fit what you're looking for.

Tips for choosing the right vampire survivors game clone

Behind the Scenes: Developer Insights

Ocean Keeper: what’s coming

Ocean Keeper’s development is progressing excitingly, marked by a series of planned milestones culminating in its official release. Starting with intense active development to lay down the game’s core mechanics, the team is gearing up for a closed beta in April, where selected players will test and provide feedback. This will be followed by a public demo in May featuring high-quality artwork to give a broader audience a taste of what’s to come.

In June, Ocean Keeper will be presented at Steamfest, offering great exposure and opportunities for further feedback. The journey peaks with the official Steam release in July, signaling the game’s readiness to engage the public fully. This roadmap is designed not just to refine Ocean Keeper but also to build anticipation and community around it as the launch date approaches.

Join Discord to know more about game updates.

Upcoming action-packed roguelike game Ocean Keeper

Brotato: Abyssal Terrors DLC & free local co-op update

Brotato developers have announced an exciting DLC called Abyssal Terrors alongside a free local co-op feature set to enhance the gaming experience. This summer update aims to expand the game’s content significantly, providing players with new challenges and ways to enjoy the game with friends.

Brotato: Abyssal Terrors DLC and free local co-op update

Halls of Torment: early access updates

The development team of Halls of Torment has taken the game into early access to refine gameplay through player feedback. The early access phase is extended to potentially 12-18 months, aiming for a full release in 2024. The focus is on adding more depth to character builds, stages, and quests, enhancing the game’s RPG elements and overall playability.

Halls of Torment development updates, Halls of Torment early access phase

20 Minutes Till Dawn: upcoming features

20 Minutes Till Dawn is gearing up for substantial update improvements following feedback from its community. The developers are focused on introducing new content that significantly shifts gameplay dynamics, promising more details in the coming patches which have been described as substantial and vital for the game’s evolution.

20 minutes till dawn update improvements, 20 minutes till dawn new upcoming content

FAQ: Vampire Survivors Game Clones

Frequently asked questions and answers about games like Vampire Survivors

A good clone maintains the simplicity and addictive nature of the original while introducing unique mechanics, engaging graphics, and fresh content that enhance the overall experience.

Yes, it is legal to make a game inspired by “Vampire Survivors” as long as it does not copy the original’s specific code, graphics, or other copyrighted material and brings original elements to the gameplay.

Yes, many clones are available on various platforms – Android, iOS, PC, consoles. For example, Ocean Keeper can be played on PC and is expected to have broader platform support following its initial release.

Some popular clones include Brotato, 20 Minutes Till Dawn, and Magic Survival. Ocean Keeper is another notable entry that is gaining attention for its unique underwater theme and robust gameplay features.

If you’re interested in helping develop Vampire Survivors clones, engaging directly through social platforms like Instagram and Discord is a great way to get involved. You can follow updates, provide feedback, and even participate in development discussions on these platforms. Check out our Instagram for the latest news and join our Discord community to connect with us and other fans, contributing to the evolution of the game. Your input can help shape future updates and features!