What are NFT Characters

What is the NFT character? NFT characters are unique digital avatars represented as Non-Fungible Tokens on the blockchain. They often have distinct traits and are used in virtual worlds, games, and as digital collectibles. Each NFT character is one-of-a-kind, verifiable via the blockchain, and can be bought, sold, or traded.

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The Rise of NFT Characters in 2024

In 2024, the NFT is evolving from a niche market of high-priced, rare digital assets to a mainstream. Brands are including NFTs in their services, with both physical and digital products linked to NFTs, targeting a broad consumer base. Major brick-and-mortar and online retailers are featuring products tied to NFT brands.

Blockchain-based games are becoming more prevalent, with established companies going into the NFT space. These developments are paving the way for NFT-based brand building to be a cornerstone of Web3 adoption. The next generation of NFT products is differentiating itself by prioritizing direct value over speculation.

Accessibility is at the heart of this shift. NFTs are being designed for easy consumption, with familiar pricing models and platform designs that simplify the technology for everyday users. The integration of NFTs into event tickets, memberships, and fan engagement is demystifying digital ownership for consumers who are new to the concept.

The move toward “small” NFTs — those produced in larger quantities and sold at consumer-friendly prices — expands the potential market. The true power of good NFTs lies in decentralized value creation, transforming customers into communities and stakeholders in a brand’s success.

Consumer engagement is skyrocketing as NFT holders create third-party websites, organize meetups, and connect daily on digital platforms, all fueled by their digital asset ownership. This engagement benefits both small businesses and global corporations.

In 2024 we expect a significant influx of consumers into the NFT ecosystem, broadening its reach and impact. The trend towards more accessible, valuable, and community-driven NFTs is set to shape the future of consumer-brand interactions.

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Characteristics of NFT Characters

NFT characters are distinct for their unique attributes and ownership qualities. These characters, like part of a collection like The Heroes NFT Collection found on OpenSea, are distinguished by a set of traits which can include clothes, hair, head accessories, pants, race, shields, shoes, and weapons. Additionally, attributes like creativity, dexterity, and intelligence can be assigned, adding layers of complexity and value to each NFT. The numbers alongside these traits indicate the rarity and variety of options available within the collection for each attribute.

Ownership of NFT means holding a unique, blockchain-based token that represents the character. This token grants the owner certain rights, such as the ability to sell, trade, or sometimes modify the character, and use it within digital ecosystems. Ownership is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring verifiability and preventing duplication or forgery.

NFT characters are characterized by their non-fungibility, meaning each one is unique and cannot be exchanged on a one-to-one basis with another NFT. The rarity of traits often drives the value of an NFT character; for instance, a character with only 4 available shoes might be more valuable than one with 108 hair options, due to the rarity of the shoe trait. NFT icon ownership also characterizes a shift in digital content consumption, from a license-based model to one where users have a stake in their digital assets.

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Creating NFT Characters

Creating NFT characters is a multifaceted process that blends artistry with technology. Here’s a more detailed look at the steps and software involved.

Process of Creating NFT Characters

  • 1

    Concept Art

    This is the inception of the character where NFT ideas are sketched out. Artists visualize the character's appearance, personality, and themes.

  • 2

    Art Production

    After concept art, artists create the character using digital art software. This step involves refining the sketches and starting to add color, texture, and detail.

  • 3

    2D or 3D animations

    Depending on the NFT project, this could involve 2D frame-by-frame animation or 3D modeling and rigging for motion.

  • 4

    Basic traits rendering

    Individual traits such as clothes, hair, and accessories are rendered. This step could involve several iterations to perfect the look and feel of the character traits.

  • 5

    NFT art collection generating

    This phase includes creating multiple unique characters by combining various traits. NFT character metadata is prepared, and the necessary smart contracts for the marketplace are set up.

  • 6

    Final output

    The complete NFT collection is rendered and finalized for deployment on the blockchain, ready to be minted and sold.

Creating an NFT collection all by yourself will take much more time, especially if you aren’t an artist or designer.

NFT design services are perfect for anyone looking to enter the digital collectible space with unique and authentic art.

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Software and Tools for NFT Character Creation

  • 1

    3D modeling software

    Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender, and ZBrush are powerful tools for creating detailed 3D models of characters.

  • 2

    Texture and pattern design

    Marvelous Designer is often used for creating clothing textures and patterns, while Substance Designer and Substance Painter are used for texturing various character elements.

  • 3

    Image editing

    To create memorable and engaging experiences for players, the 2D game character design is critical. Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool for creating textures and editing images for 2D character elements.

  • 4

    Rendering software

    Tools like Corona, V-Ray, Unity, and Unreal Engine are used to render characters into images or animations with realistic lighting and shading.

  • 5

    AI software

    Increasingly, AI tools such as Midjourney, stability.ai, Leonardo.AI, and DreamStudio are being used to enhance creativity and efficiency. These AI programs can assist in generating new designs and automating parts of the creative process. High-quality character design services, where artists can edit the AI generated images and turn them into a real NFT art are important for bringing the personalities in your narratives.

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How to Create Animated NFT Characters

The foundation of any memorable video game character begins with detailed game character concept art. To create an animated NFT character you will combine traditional animation and modern blockchain technology. 

First, artists come up with the character’s look and story by drawing lots of pictures and ideas — this is the character’s concept art. Next, they use software to make a detailed version of this character. They shape it, give it colors, and make sure it looks good from all angles. If the character is going to move, this is when they add movement, like waving or jumping.

Then, artists add different styles or looks to the character. For example, they might create different outfits, like a spacesuit a pirate costume, or different haircuts. This is so that each NFT can have its special look, making it unique. Professional character design services provide a range of needs from cartoons to hyper-realistic gaming models.

After that, there’s some technical work to turn this character into an animated NFT art. This involves writing computer code that says, “This character is the only one like it in the world”, and connects it to the blockchain, which is a secure online system that keeps track of who owns the animated NFT.

Finally, the character is all set and ready to be added to the blockchain. Now people can buy, sell, or collect the character, knowing it’s special and there’s nothing else quite like it out there. Understanding how much does a 3D character model cost is key to budgeting for game development and animation projects. 

To make all this happen, artists use a lot of different computer programs. Some are for making the shapes and look of the character, some for adding textures like skin or fur, and others for creating the movement. They even use special AI programs that help them come up with new ideas or make the process faster. AI-generated character design is revolutionizing the way we create and conceptualize characters for games and stories. So, making animated NFTs is like a mix of illustration and marketing.

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NFT Characters in Gaming

NFT characters in gaming have opened up a new dimension where gaming assets are not just part of a virtual world, but hold value in the real world too. These characters can often be used as avatars within the game or as items with specific abilities or aesthetics that enhance the gaming experience.

The debate of concept art vs character design explores the different facets and stages of visual development in media. Integrating NFTs into games allows players to truly own their in-game assets. Unlike traditional gaming items, these NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on various platforms, potentially even outside of the game they were created for. This adds a layer of economic activity that mirrors real-life collecting and trading.

Importance of NFT characters in game development industry

Exploring NFT art examples can provide inspiration and direction for aspiring digital artists.


The Rebel Bots Xoil Wars game is an example of how NFT cartoon characters are incorporated into gaming. Rebel Bots has a collection on OpenSea, a popular marketplace for NFTs, where each bot character is an NFT. The diversity in the collection and the fact that it’s backed by well-known names in the industry, like Ubisoft, makes these bots not just static collectibles but potentially giving them roles within a gaming ecosystem.

On their website, Rebel Bots has more insight into how these characters can be used in gameplay. The website would feature ways to play the game, show the different characters, and detail how each character can be used within the game’s universe. Players might be able to choose a bot, level it up, or use it to battle other players, with each bot’s unique traits influencing gameplay in different ways. In the case of Rebel Bots, their integration into the game Xoil Wars means that they are not just tradable pictures, but serve as playable characters or in-game assets with unique abilities or roles. 

NFT cartoonn characters RebelBots, RebelBots NFT Gaming Collection

Nifty League

Nifty League character series DEGENs appears to be a collection of NFTs linked to the broader Nifty League universe. The collection has achieved a significant volume of transactions in ETH,  which means that people are actively participating and interested. With a stated creator earning of 5%, the project seems to have established a revenue model that benefits its creators from secondary sales.

By visiting their website, you find detailed information about the games available, the role of NFTs avatar within those games, and how players can use the DEGENs. There are available player vs. player battles, collaborative missions, and unique quests tied to the individual characteristics of the NFTs. 

Nifty League NFT character series, pixel-stylized NFT characters Nifty League


Described as an open-world RPG, monster collector, and auto battler game, it can attract a lot of fans of multiple genres. The game seems to be built on the Ethereum blockchain, given the creator’s earnings are in ETH, which also includes a play-to-earn aspect where players can potentially earn crypto through gameplay.

Illuvium has a collection on OpenSea, with a significant amount of ETH being traded, indicating a lively market for its NFTs. These NFTs represent in-game creatures, lands, and other assets that players can collect, train, and battle within the Illuvium universe. The fact that there are unique items within this collection hints at rare and potentially valuable NFTs for collectors and gamers.

The game titles listed under the Illuvium umbrella — such as Illuvium Arena, Illuvium Overworld, Illuvium Zero, and Illuvium Beyond — mean a multi-faceted platform with various game modes. Each of these games has different interactions with NFTs, allowing players to use their collected creatures in battles in the Arena, explore vast landscapes in the Overworld, engage in community-driven gameplay in Zero, and look forward to new expansions or game modes in Beyond.

The website for Illuvium has detailed information about each game, how to get started, and how the NFTs function within the gaming ecosystem. It is a place where the community can learn about the lore, the different game characters, and how to maximize their engagement through strategic play.

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9Cat Saga

This collection is active on OpenSea, with a total trading volume of 6 ETH. The floor price for these NFTs is set at 0.05 ETH, showing the entry-level cost for participating collectors or players. A notable aspect is the creator earnings percentage, which is high at 9%, signifying a significant return to the creators from the secondary market sales.

9Cat collection features quirky and colorful cat characters, each with its unique character design that corresponds to different traits or abilities within the game. The total number of items in the collection is 927, and with 343 unique owners, there appears to be a decent spread of ownership, which indicates a healthy level of engagement within the community.

The site details the mechanics of how these NFTs are used within the game. It has a backstory to the 9Cat universe, instructions on how to begin playing, information on any rewards system, and guidance on how the play-to-earn aspect operates.

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NFT Characters Across Industries

NFT characters have been making a splash across various industries. Their original NFT character art and collectible space has value in entertainment, education, and branding. NFT success stories highlight the potential for artists to find financial success and recognition in the digital art world.


In the entertainment industry, NFT characters can be found in collections like the Anime Legendary NFT Heroes. Characters from popular animations are turned into unique digital assets, each with its provenance and ownership recorded on the blockchain. These characters are often used not only for collection purposes but also can be integrated into games, virtual reality experiences, and online communities, creating a new layer of interaction for fans.

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Education has also been exploring the use of NFTs with collections like TinyCourses. These NFTs can represent digital ownership of educational content or access to learning platforms. By tokenizing course materials or educational experiences, learners can collect, trade, or sell their educational NFTs, which could lead to a more dynamic and engaged learning environment. The rarity and uniqueness of certain educational content might make it more desirable and could also provide a sense of accomplishment beyond traditional certificates.

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Branding and Marketing

In branding, collections like Desperate Ape Wives showcase companies using NFTs to represent their identity and engage audiences. By owning a branded NFT, customers can feel a closer connection to the brand, and these NFTs can even confer special benefits or access to owners, such as exclusive events, promotions, or input into brand decisions.

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NFT Character Communities

Anime Legendary Heroes
A community for fans and collectors of Anime Legendary NFT Heroes. Discussions, fan art sharing, and market trading
Educational platform has NFT-based courses. Enables trading and sharing of educational content among learners
The community focused on the Rebel Bots universe, discussing strategy, trading bots, and updates
Nifty League
Players and fans of Nifty League engage in discussions about game updates, NFT trades, and strategies
Illuvium's community for discussing the open-world adventure, creature collection, and game strategies
9Cat Saga
9Cat Saga enthusiasts discuss gameplay, trade NFT cats, and share community events