What Does NFT Artist Mean?

Who is an NFT Artist on Blockchain

Imagine spending tens of millions of dollars on a single jpg image. Seems unreal? Then imagine that this happens daily with the work of NFT artists on the blockchain.

Modern art has long been more than just paintings in museums, the meaning of which is not so easy to understand. These are artistic manifestations in digital form that conquer new universes. That is why today we will talk about NFT art creation services. We also want to invite you into the world of this type of art because we have extensive experience working with it.

What is non fungible token

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token. It is data that is appended to a file to produce a unique signature. It can be a picture file on a website, a physical thing, or one of several other digital formats. This means that someone can own a file that is coded to distinguish it from any digital duplicates.

Explore the meaning of NFTs in video games and open up a whole new realm of gaming possibilities!

However, those of us who are not too deep into the world of tokens and cryptocurrencies are used to think of NFT as one of the art forms, a 2D or 3D image that unites a group of individuals who own those images.

Profile of NFT Creator

Who is an NFT Artist?

This area is open to both complete beginners in the field of art and established artists who want to expose their work to the entire world. Many innovators and artists are advancing their skills by utilizing their talent in NFT art. This is a place where you can do whatever you want and be creative, even if that means going against the grain.

Based on our experience with different projects, NFT artists can focus on 3D modeling for games or create pixel art. The most important thing in this business is to find your own special and unique style that will capture the audience.

Crypto NFT Marketplace OpenSea

How Do I Become a NFT Artist?

Building a “Crypto Wallet” is the first step for designers on their way to creating a good NFT. This will be used to hold the Ethereum, which will be used to pay the minting fees. Then you must link your Crypto Wallet to one of the NFT marketplaces.

NFT marketplaces enable designers and artists to upload digital artwork and sell it as an NFT online. These are not difficult steps, but if you need help, you can have a look at our article about NFT examples sold with the help of our nft art services.

The most popular NFT marketplaces include:

  • Rarible
  • OpenSea
  • Mintable
  • KnownOrigin
  • SuperRare

Another thing to consider while uploading your artwork to them is how many you’ll supply. You can set it to 1 of 1, which means that just one artwork will exist and be sold, or you can upload a collection of the artwork with several copies. This is a significant decision to make since, like with conventional art forms, the number of original editions and the rarity of a piece will directly affect its price.

Ready to make your own NFT art and delve into the process of creating and selling? Our guidance and support are at your service.

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Examples of NFT Artists

Some Examples of NFT Artists

You may have heard about digital artist Beeple’s $69.3 million sale of Everydays: The First 5000 Days NFT. Perhaps you’ve heard of Benyahim Ahmed, a 12-year-old developer who made a six-figure fortune selling his “Weird Whales” NFTs. These are fascinating stories for digital artists and designers. They suggest that NFT initiatives may be able to earn a respectable income.

And though NFTs have been around for a few years. The first was produced and minted in 2014 by Kevin McCoy, and only in 2021 did they really take off.

Experience With NFT Ethernet Peeps on Ethereum Blockchain Common Very Rare

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Experience of our NFT Artists

Everything started with the fact that Yarik, who also happens to be the art director of RetroStyle Games, had sold some 3D models on blockchain. And it has blown our minds. We rushed to create an NFT collection, knowing basically nothing about them but the fact that it was the future.

Though we at RetroStyle Games had 10+ years of experience in game development and a passion for exploring new horizons, What else do we need? Half a year later, we have well-established creative processes. The magic of Yarik’s talent and experience with RetroStyle Games is what makes our collection valuable and trustworthy. Having his own quite successful NFT collection, he led us to the light and showed us the horizon of possibilities. We got Yarik to establish processes and add some magic to the pipelines.

Workflow with Ethernet Peeps Non Fungible Token on Blockchain

Workflow with Ethernet Peeps

Our main goal was to try to jump on the speeding train of NFT projects. Therefore, it was necessary to act quickly and creatively in order for our project to be noticed among others.

  • Work on the project began with sketches, moodboards, and planning. This process took a lot of time and effort.
  • Later, Yarik, our art director, who already had successful experience in creating NFTs, joined the team of our specialists.
  • The next step: the birth of an idea, the initial work with Peeps, and the creation of a separate Twitter account for this project.
  • Having enlisted the support of the RSG team, active work on the project began, namely the generation of all elements and work on the site.
  • After a month of active work, we decided to hold the first Giveaway so that members of the NFT community would know about us. It was a great success, and many other successful projects liked our work (like @GEVOLsNFT, @coolcatsnft, @DeadHeadsNFT, @MekaVerse, @CleverGirlsNFT).
  • No successful NFT project is complete without a Discord account. At the same time, work was being done to populate OpenSea and the Road Map.
  • We have more than 30 winners in giveaways, and we are actively rewarding new and early participants.
  • Next step: Our Ethernet Peers will be in the Next NFT Drop on Rarity as well as OpenSea.
  • In the final stage, we managed to create a real community in Discord where NFT users and owners discuss, show off, and comment on images.
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The Benefits of Using a NFT Artist for Your Next Art Project

Let’s take a look at the most significant benefits of NFTs for your future projects.

Time-saving. Most of the NFT artists also have all the technical knowledge necessary to easily not only create their creative work but also upload it to the platform for further promotion. Therefore, you do not need to spend precious time studying this part of the work.

A platform for user-generated games. NFTs are purchased in a highly safe and clear manner.

Significance in contemporary art. If you and your project want to fulfill not only a business goal but also leave a mark on the meta-universe, you should consider creating your own NFT characters.

Ethernet Peeps NFT Collection Randomly Assembled

Final Thoughts

We, at RSG, may compare NFTs to everything new that comes into our world: what was formerly exclusive is progressively becoming popularized thanks to new services and software. Such NFT projects that benefit communities and the environment may be the best way to introduce everyone to the world of NFT.

Ethernet Peeps NFT Crypto Art on Ethereum Blockchain

As a result, we believe that this new sort of technology will have a more positive impact, and we have enough experience to create successful NFT projects over and over again.