ASO Soft Launch Services

With a soft launch strategy, you can release your game to a smaller audience to check if it works well. We understand app store algorithms and how to use them for your benefit.

Test your mobile or PC project in a large-scale controlled environment before launching.

ASO soft launch services, mobile game app interface, mobile app marketing agency
ASO soft launch services, mobile game app interface, mobile app marketing agency

Our ASO Services for Your Soft Launch

Selecting the Best Category for Your App

Our company specializes in guiding developers through the process of iOS soft launch, but we also work with Android apps.

First, check out categories’ growth, competition, and top apps to set expectations.

Once you’ve got your category, peek at your rivals.
We can assist you with app store listing optimization. 

Creating a Winning App Store Presence

Tweak your app’s look and info. For example, if you’re launching in different languages, make sure your app page speaks the user’s language.

Aggressive app monetization can drive away potential players.

It’s advisable not to make in-app purchase prices too high, and we steer clear of creating a pay-to-win game.

Identifying and Targeting Ideal Markets for Launch

We’re proficient in app analytics and can conduct analysis for you.

We have a variety of ASO tools, so specialists usually try your app in countries that match your target market.

Pick places with a similar language and culture. It helps you see how people react before the official launch.

Building Pre-Launch Hype: Our Exclusive Marketing Tactics

Use social media, influencers, and your app’s website to reach more people before and after you launch. 
We have a specialized approach to soft launch iOS games or Android apps, helping you achieve organic installs – installations by real users rather than using bots.

We can also optimize your conversion rate.

We can help your app to be pre-ordered on the App Store and pre-register on Google Play. This builds excitement, and on launch day, there’s a boost in downloads.

Even before the app is available, users visit your store listing. To make it appealing, we use good pictures, include relevant app store keywords, and translate it into different languages.

On launch day, those who pre-ordered get a notification to download.
On Apple, it might even auto-download; on Google Play, eligible devices can auto-install.

It’s a great idea to reward everyone who registers in advance, and you can also implement a system where the more pre-registrations there are, the more rewards everyone will receive.

For example, at 100k registrations, there’s one reward, at 200k, there are two rewards, and so on.

We can devise a soft launch strategy for you. Before your app launches, our team can also give people rewards, like in-app stuff, to get them to pre-order/register. This boosts downloads, conversions and keeps users around.

We create exclusive iOS soft launch games, where our company collaborates with developers to introduce their groundbreaking creations to a select audience, generating buzz and anticipation.

Our Advanced ASO Techniques and Best Practices

It’s not enough to simply create a great app. You also need to make sure that your app is visible and discoverable to potential users.

That’s where our advanced ASO techniques and best practices come in handy. If your average user acquisition rate is low, we can work on increasing it.
We can create attractive and insightful A/B tests or surveys to identify issues bothering your users.

Whether you have a new game or app in the pipeline, our soft launch game services are designed to pave the way for success, allowing you to address issues and refine your product before the full launch.

User-friendly app settings interface showcasing ASO soft launch service's attention to user experience, UI Mobile App Design

Ensuring a Superior User Experience (UX)

A great UX is essential for app success. We’ll work with you to identify and address any UX issues that could be impacting your app’s conversion rate.

We’ll also help you to create a user-friendly app that keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

Social Media Expansion

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching new users and building brand awareness.

We’ll help you to develop and implement a social media strategy that targets your ideal audience and drives app installs.

Dynamic ASO soft launch and social media expansion, SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION FOR MOBILE GAMES
Make a game website using professional services, A fantasy character in the background of a tablet and IOS smartphone

Professional Website Development Services

A well-designed website can be a valuable asset for your app.

We’ll create a game website that shows your app’s features and benefits, and drives traffic to your app store listing.

Influencer Marketing

Partnering with influencers can be a great way to reach a wider audience and generate buzz around your app.

We’ll help you to identify and connect with relevant and trusted influencers with good rep in your industry.

Find and Collaborate with Top Influencers with the help of our studio

Detailed Analytics to Optimize Conversions

We’ll track your app’s performance using detailed analytics to identify areas for improvement, then use these insights to make data-driven decisions that optimize your app for conversions.

We’ll use funnel tracking to identify any drop-off points in your conversion funnel and make recommendations for improvement.

Why Choose Us for Your ASO Soft Launch

Selecting us for your ASO soft launch means choosing a partner with a proven track record. Our experience in optimizing apps across diverse categories speaks for itself, ensuring your app receives a strategy designed for success.

With our services, your app’s soft launch on iOS or Android will be meticulously planned, incorporating strategic ASO techniques to boost its visibility and download rates in the competitive app market.

Expert ASO in Your App’s Soft Launch

We’ve optimized apps in various categories, giving us the expertise to create a customized strategy for your app.

We know the challenges and opportunities in each category, ensuring your app gets the attention it needs.
Developers often opt for a mobile game soft launch to fine-tune gameplay mechanics and address any potential issues with a smaller audience.

Maximum Visibility and Impact out of ASO Soft Launch

We focus on App Store Optimization (ASO) to improve your app’s visibility.

We’ll fine-tune your app’s metadata, like title, description, and screenshots, so it appears more in app store searches.
By conducting keyword research, we can improve your app store rankings. Our aim is to get your app noticed and downloaded by the right audience. 

Unique Approach to User Acquisition and Retention

Getting users is a thing, but keeping them is just as important.

We use effective strategies to attract the right audience and proven techniques to keep them engaged, aiming for a loyal user base that ensures long-term success.

We can optimize your store for maximum CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), representing the potential revenue a company can generate from a customer throughout their entire “relationship.”

Custom ASO Strategy for your Soft Launch

Every app is unique.

We create ASO soft launch strategies based on your app’s goals, target market, and competition.
We’ll understand your needs and develop a plan to maximize your app’s potential.

Marketing Assets Creation

First impressions count.

We’ll create compelling mobile app marketing assets – descriptions, screenshots, videos – to grab users’ attention and show your app’s features.
Our creative team knows how to make content that resonates with your audience and boosts installs.

Explore the potential of your iOS beta games by partnering with us for a soft launch strategy, fine-tuning elements like metadata and user acquisition to set the stage for a successful official release.

How We Measure ASO Success

App Store Optimization (ASO) success is important for ensuring your app’s growth and long-term viability.

We employ a comprehensive approach to tracking and analyzing key metrics to drive continuous improvement and optimize your app’s performance.

  1. Tracking and Enhancing User Retention
  2. Calculating and Maximizing User Lifetime Value (CLV)
  3. Other Key Metrics We Focus On for Continuous Improvement

Developers partnering with us benefit from a specialized approach to soft launch iOS games, leveraging our experience to create customized strategies that align with your app’s goals and target audience.

Success Stories: Our ASO Soft Launch Achievements

Having successfully soft-launched numerous apps, our team understands the nuances involved in ensuring an experience for users when their favorite apps are officially soft-launched.

Last Pirate

We’re the team responsible for the art and design of Last Pirate: Island Survival.

In this game of wilderness survival, stranded on a mysterious island, you’ll face everything from spooky creatures to massive sea monsters like the Kraken and Godzilla.

We provided an ASO Pre-Launch strategy, and Last Pirate has gained over 10 million downloads on both Android and iOS.

Pirate-themed game art showcasing a captain at the helm during a stormy sea battle, Make Games On Your iPhone or Android With RetroStyle Games
Stylized cartoon zombies and heroes in a zombie run setting, illustrating a fun and engaging iOS game environment, How to make an app for iPhone or Android

Zombie Run 2

One of our games, Zombie Run 2, is a sequel to a popular endless survival runner developed by RetroStyle Games.


Our previous endless runner games, Zombie Run HD and Spirit Run!, were enjoyed by over 20 million players.


Zombie Run 2 has been downloaded over 1 million times on both Android and iOS. We used ASO launch strategies to make sure more people could find and enjoy the game.

Partner with Us for the Best ASO Expertise

Choosing us means partnering with a proven track record and a commitment to your app’s success. We’ll work closely with you, providing updates, insights, and recommendations to ensure your app reaches its full potential. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our ASO services can help you achieve your app’s full potential.

ASO Marketing Reviews

Diana Esteves, Art Outsourcing Manager in Romero Games
Diana Esteves, Art Outsourcing Manager in Romero GamesSource: RetroStyle Games Upwork reviews
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It was a very straight forward work and Pavel completed it with efficiency and quality. A really good example of an aso case.
Would rehire again for some other aso service work. Thank you!


ASO soft launch refers to the process of gradually releasing and testing an app in a limited market before its full-scale launch.

App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies are employed during this phase to refine the app’s visibility and performance.

Soft Launch: This is a preliminary release of the app to a small, specific audience or market. It allows developers to gather feedback, identify issues, and make improvements before the full launch.

Hard Launch: This is the official, widespread release of the app to the public or a larger target audience after the soft launch phase.
It marks the point where the app is available to a broader user base.

A soft launch can impact App Store rankings.

By fine-tuning App Store Optimization (ASO) elements during the soft launch, such as metadata and user engagement strategies, an app can enhance its visibility and potentially improve its ranking in search results.

The duration of a soft launch can vary based on various factors, including the complexity of the app, the size of the target market, and the feedback received.

Generally, a soft launch can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The goal is to gather sufficient data, address issues, and ensure the app is ready for a successful hard launch.

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