Game Prototyping Services

RetroStyleGames are the experts in making video game prototypes. We’ve got plenty of experience, and our team can quickly create prototypes that match what you’re looking for.

Our experts will test ideas and see how the game might work, figuring out what’s good and what needs improvement before they create the final, balanced game.

3D animated characters from game prototyping services interacting with interface, GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR VIDEO GAME PROTOTYPE
3D animated characters, game prototyping services interacting with interface, GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR VIDEO GAME PROTOTYPE

Our Game Prototyping Services

What’s good about video game design prototyping is that we can test your concepts, gameplay mechanics, overall design and determine what’s fun and what’s not before the game’s development.

What services can we offer you?

Game Art Prototyping

We create prototype art and are successful in rapid game prototyping that gives you a sneak peek into the visual style of your game.

Our team uses a mix of artistic expertise and, at times, AI-generated game assets to quickly understand what the game will be about. Think of it as a preview of the direction your game can take.

Without art prototyping, you will experience uncertainty in the artistic direction and it will be harder to validate if the visuals match the game’s theme efficiently. 

Character design concept art with annotations for a game prototype, sketches of different emotions, accessories, hats and glasses, Game Prototyping Services

Greybox Prototyping

We offer Greyboxing, also known as whiteboxing. It is a game sketching process that involves sketching out a basic level of video game concepts to test ideas before making more details.

With our tool in the EZ editor, we can create geometric shapes like boxes, stairs, ramps, and columns. Without greyboxing, it would be harder to fix problems early on, leading to potential issues with gameplay, wasting time and resources.

The greybox prototyping will make sure that the game is on the right track before adding the final touches.

Creating a Game Based on your Prototype

Maybe you already have a prototype and just want to make a game and are looking for someone to release it. No problem! We will make sure that it’s working properly.

Our team of developers will help you to create a game based on your concepts, scripts, test and release the project on the platform: PC, mobile, console, AR/VR.

Any format of cooperation is acceptable: we can work as a team together with your developers or use our specialists only.

Why are we the Best at Video Game Prototyping?

Why should you choose us?

We have a dedication, love games, and have some great examples of successful projects and companies we’ve worked with.

What else?

You want to make sure that each stage of the project is highlighted enough?
We want that too.

We document everything about your project, including the game prototype, mechanics, features, art and design elements.

So, we make sure that we have fruitful and trustworthy cooperation. 

We only hire seasoned professionals who have already made several or dozens of projects, so you’ll always be sure that the game’s release won’t be delayed because of inexperience.

All of our game developers, designers, programmers, artists, etc. will produce only high-quality minimum viable products and games. 

Our experienced professionals make smart use of time and resources by using effective methods.
The cheapest way to make a game prototype is to make sure that everything is delivered on time.

This is how we can make sure that your game project is delivered on time without compromising on high quality. No project will be delayed because of us.

We take a personal approach for every client, changing our strategies depending on what you need.

These adaptable methods will help to see changes and incorporate feedback, making sure that the game-making process is customized and everyone will be happy with the result.

Our Game Prototyping Tools

Discover the beauty of our diverse toolkit, featuring industry-leading software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Outsourcing company with 3DS Max software
Logo Unreal Engine
Outsourcing game studio with Unity software
Game Outsourcing studio with expertise in Adobe Photoshop

With the power of Unreal Engine and Unity, coupled with the capabilities of 3DS Max, we shape game wireframes and make full prototypes with precision and creativity.

Game Prototyping Process

Workflow process of Game Prototyping by Outsourcing Studio


The time it takes to prototype a new game varies based on complexity and scope.

Simple prototypes might take a few weeks, while more complex can extend to several months.

Game prototyping involves outlining the core gameplay mechanics and visual elements on a basic level. This often includes creating a simplified version of the game using tools like game engines, sketching, or even using prototyping software.

The key is to test and iterate quickly.

The purpose of creating a game prototype is to test and validate gameplay ideas, mechanics, and design concepts early in the development process.

It helps identify potential issues, gather feedback, and refine the game before investing significant resources in full-scale production.

Playtesting is important in game development because it provides real-world feedback from players.

It helps identify aspects of the game that work well, uncover potential issues, and understand player preferences. 

For example, a strategy game may focus on prototyping mechanics related to resource management and decision-making, while a platformer may emphasize character movement and level design.

Our team utilizes diverse tools and techniques to adapt to the unique demands of each genre and style during the prototyping phase.

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