Game Testing Services

Our Game testing services allow you to try out ideas without spending too much time or money before making the whole thing.

You can check the game’s mechanics, correct mistakes so the next parts of the game development will go more smoothly. Our team is good at quickly making prototypes based on what you want, with no delays and it won’t cost you a lot. 

VR headset and game controller, cross-platform game testing services, QA Gaming Solutions
VR headset and game controller, cross-platform game testing services, QA Gaming Solutions

We offer game testing on any platform

We test games on any platform to make sure they work perfectly. That’s why game developers hire game testing companies. 

Mobile Game Testing Services

Our experts can perform mobile game testing for iOS or Android, ensuring reliability, flawless and engaging gameplay, and a user-friendly interface.

PC Game Testing Services

We study the requirements, game rules, and architecture to craft a precise test plan, ensuring perfection for Windows or macOS games.

Console Game Testing Services

Adjusting to console manufacturers’ requirements, we perform QA testing to address any issues before the planned launch date.

AR/VR Testing Services

We guarantee your AR/VR game won’t only be looking good but also player-friendly, avoiding motion sickness, eye strain, headaches, or disorientation. 

If your in-house team lacks the specific skills or resources needed for gaming QA, outsourcing ensures access to a specialized and experienced testing team, enhancing the overall quality of your game.

When time is of the essence, outsourcing video game testing can be a strategic move. External testing teams are often equipped to handle tight deadlines efficiently, helping you meet project milestones and launch dates without compromising quality.

For short-term projects where the demand for testing resources is temporary, outsourcing provides a flexible solution.
You can scale testing efforts as needed, optimizing costs while maintaining the quality of your game.

Outsourcing game testing under these circumstances can streamline your development process, leading to a successful and timely game release.

OUR Testing Ecosystem for Delivering YOUR Games

At RetroStyle Games, a game testing company, we know that every part of a game adds to the overall player experience.

That’s why we provide a complete set of testing services to make sure your game is not only working well but also fun, balanced, and prepared for the market.

Game Functionality Testing for 3D Models, Asset Integrity in Gaming Environments

Core Game Testing Solutions

We provide essential testing solutions for better gaming:

Video Game Testing Company for Enhanced Gaming Experience, Fantasy Character Navigating the Tech and Gaming World for Optimal Performance

Game Functionality Testing

We make sure your game runs smoothly by fixing issues like crashes and errors, ensuring users have a trouble-free gaming experience. 

Testing how well the game works is better with functionality testing. It checks if the game meets the requirements, looks and sounds good, and also checks installation and network stuff.

Game Performance Testing

We optimize your game’s speed, reducing loading times and making gameplay smoother. Performance testing gives important info on how the game responds, stays stable, and refreshes under different situations.

Without good performance testing, the app could have lots of problems like bugs, security issues, and speed problems when it’s released. 

Gaming elements with a steampunk character, game testing services and Mobile Application Security Testing
Elf character with gaming accessories, game functionality testing services, Outsource Game Testing Services

Game Compatibility Testing

Game testers check if every user action works as it should, reporting any differences between what’s there and what’s supposed to be.

Making sure all players have a consistent and expected experience is super important for a game to do well. That’s why having a strong team for compatibility testing matters.

Improvement of the gaming experience

Is like checking if a video game follows the rules.

Just like how games have to be fair and follow certain guidelines, Game Compliance Testing makes sure that the game meets all the necessary standards and requirements set by the gaming industry and specific platforms.

It needs to be done so your game follows the rules and standards set by the industry and specific platforms.

It’s like making sure a video game is fair and fun. It checks that all players have a fair chance to win, the game isn’t too easy or too hard, and the rewards players get are just right.

It’s about keeping the game exciting and enjoyable for everyone. We make sure your game is fair, challenging, and rewarding for players.

We check that each level is fun and every sound enhances the overall gaming experience.

Advanced Aspects of Our Testing

Game Animations and AI Behavior Testing: we make sure your game comes alive with smooth animations and smart AI interactions.

Game HUD Testing: our team creates easy-to-use and informative in-game interfaces for your players.

Support for the game development lifecycle

Regression Testing & Documentation: maintaining consistency and clarity throughout the game development process is our focus.

From Development to Delivery: we’re with you every step of the way – from design and stabilization to production – ensuring a polished and successful game release.


We offer a range of game-testing services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Let’s explore each service to see how we can enhance your game development journey.

Acceptance Testing. Make sure your game meets user expectations by rigorously testing its functionality, usability, and overall satisfaction against predefined criteria.

Automated Testing. Speed up the testing process and improve efficiency with automated tools that thoroughly evaluate various aspects of your game.

Exploratory Testing. Identify unforeseen issues and improve user experience by simulating real-world scenarios and dynamically interacting with the game.

Integration Testing. Ensure seamless interaction between different components of your game, validating their collaboration for a cohesive and error-free experience.

Load Testing. Prepare your game for heavy user traffic by evaluating its performance under peak usage, ensuring stability and responsiveness.

Manual Testing. Get the human touch in testing as skilled testers explore your game, identifying issues that automated tools may miss, and providing valuable insights.

Performance Testing. Optimize your game’s speed and responsiveness by scrutinizing loading times and overall efficiency for a seamless gameplay experience.

Regression Testing. Maintain stability by ensuring that new changes or features do not negatively impact existing functionalities.

Reliability Testing. Enhance your game’s dependability by assessing its consistency, ensuring a stable and glitch-free gaming experience.

Stress Testing. Evaluate your game’s resilience under extreme conditions, identifying potential weaknesses and ensuring robust performance.

System Testing. Assess the overall functionality of your game by validating that all elements work together seamlessly.

Unit Testing. Ensure individual components function correctly by assessing each unit in isolation, verifying its reliability within the larger system.

In game development, the Quality Assurance (QA) team plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth gaming experience. Let’s break down the roles of each professional in the QA team.

QA lead – oversees the testing strategy, collaborating with others to align QA with the development process.

QA specialists – conduct detailed testing, identifying and resolving issues across various aspects.

Game developers – work closely with QA to understand the game intricacies, ensuring it meets both creative and technical standards.

Artists – contribute by assessing visual elements, ensuring graphics and animations meet the intended standards.

Project managers – facilitate coordination, ensuring QA integrates seamlessly into the overall project plan.

  1. Software bug tracking system enabling users to generate bug reports and monitor ongoing progress.

  2. Text recognition editor for extracting text from images, with features for uploading screenshots to cloud storage and exporting to external applications.

  3. Open beta testing tool for iOS apps, empowering users to streamline the collection of device codes for testing purposes.

  4. Integrated software development platform supporting macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

  5. Universal mobile application development tool designed for the Android operating system.

  6. Cloud-based web service featuring collaborative tools for the development of IT projects.

  7. Internal wiki system for organizations, fostering the creation of a cohesive knowledge base.

  8. Tool for gathering insights into the behavior of mobile and desktop apps during beta testing.

  9. Application enabling the use of iPhone or iPad as a flash drive, with navigation through saved files and folders.

  10. File manager for i-devices, facilitating file transfers between devices and computers (compatible with Windows and macOS).

  11. Media player for downloading, storing, listening to, and organizing music and video files.

  12. Tool for organizing requirements and test case management, tailored for agile software development.
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