IOS Game Development services

While working on the games, many developers think about creating an iPhone game and try to find an experienced iOS game development company.

Our services imply modern development technologies for unforgettable games, and a high level of creativity and professionalism to develop games in various genres, including arcade, puzzle, strategy, and many others.

Animated iOS game characters with vibrant colors featuring a female character, pets, and match-3 elements, Developing an iPhone or iPad Game
Animated iOS game characters with vibrant colors featuring a female character, pets, and match-3 elements, Developing an iPhone or iPad Game

Why Companies Work with Our IOS Game Development Team

Many developers choose our iOS game development services for some unique reasons. One of them is iOS full-cycle game development. What does it mean? We handle every aspect of game creation step-by-step, from concept to design, from testing to deployment. Our clients always get a one-stop-shop approach that ensures integrated game development processes.

Another reason is our professional game assets creation team with a lot of experience and a strong artistic background. Due to them, our company can effectively bridge the gap between development and artistic design. As a studio with excellent 3D and 2D game art outsourcing services, we know how important is to synchronize both elements altogether. And for our clients, this translates to a “turnkey” solution. This is a very responsible approach: while one cohesive team of iOS game developers handles both development and art, there’s no need to coordinate deadlines between multiple small teams.

We cannot fail to mention our prototyping services and A/B testing. These services help clients assess the market and fine-tune their game concepts. Also, our ASO team assists game companies in optimizing their games for the App Store. We are supporters of deep research, including App Metadata (keywords), and other strategies to enhance the game’s presence in the app marketplace.

Why We Build Our Own IOS Games?

There is no better chance to prove our expertise in providing 3D and 2D game development services than to create an iOS game. Due to our successful projects, now we have a deep understanding of what factors contribute to a project’s success.

Moreover, developing our own iOS games allows us to be aware of the latest industry trends and technologies.
So, let’s take a closer look at our iOS game development company’s releases.

Last Pirate

Have you ever dreamed about being a pirate?
With this game, you can turn into a treasure hunter.

For the Last Pirate, our team developed outstanding designs of weapons, buildings (such as shelters), animals, and monsters (dead zombies and skeletons).

Pirate-themed game art showcasing a captain at the helm during a stormy sea battle, Make Games On Your iPhone or Android With RetroStyle Games
Stylized cartoon zombies and heroes in a zombie run setting, illustrating a fun and engaging iOS game environment, How to make an app for iPhone or Android

Zombie Run 2

Runners always will stay popular, and our team knows that. With this knowledge, we decided to develop a fun survival endless runner with bright designs of all characters, monsters, and objects.

Our iOS developers developed the game from scratch, which has gathered more than 10 million downloads in total. Yes, we like to prove in practice that we don’t just do game development, but that we do it well.

At the same time let’s not forget about the first part of Zombie Run HD, which was also famous in its time. Making sequels to already successful games is quite difficult because you already have a high bar to overcome.

So, let’s enjoy fascinating mechanics and gameplay that will boost your gaming experience.

All our IOS Games

2 games is not even half of our iOS game development studio’s potential. From 2D pixel characters for platformers to cyberpunk 3D characters for RPGs, we know how to make all genres of iOS games outstanding and memorable. And our successful games are the best proof of our words.

Why Choose Our IOS Game Development Studio?

  • Experience and Expertise


Our iOS game development company has a team of seasoned professionals with a lot of experience in this field. We have successfully created a wide range of games across various genres. Among them are Bubble Panda Legend, Celtic Tribes, and others. All our projects are proof that the team knows all aspects of game creation, from concept design to coding and testing.

  • Development Process and Methodology


Our studio follows a special efficient development process. While creating the iPhone game, we prioritize clear communication, regular updates, and client involvement throughout the development cycle. Due to this approach, we can deliver high-quality games on time and within budget. The primary goal for us, as an iOS game development company, is to exceed our client’s expectations and help make their games outstanding and unique.

  • Game Engines and Tools


Our team wouldn’t be so professional without the latest game engines and development tools. Whether we use Unity for excellent 2D game art, Unreal Engine for providing outstanding 3D art services, or any other platform, our team has the expertise to leverage these tools effectively. As a result, games will meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Cost and Pricing Models

Our iOS game development studio works with a fixed-price model, where the project cost is predetermined and agreed upon before development begins. Due to this approach, we offer detailed solutions and budget predictability for clients.

This model involves paying for the actual time and materials used in iOS game development. It is very convenient for big projects because it offers flexibility to accommodate changes during development. However, the final cost may not be known until the project’s completion.

We, as an iOS game development company, need to ensure that all processes are outsourced to specialized teams. The end-to-end approach should be the only solution for our clients. As a pleasant bonus, this method provides flexible pricing too, based on project requirements.

All IOS Game Development Services

iOS Match-Three Game Development: We specialize in creating fascinating iOS match-three games that challenge players’ puzzle-solving skills and boost their gaming experience. Our team can do everything from designing intricate levels to implementing intricate mechanics.

iOS Survival Game Development: Our team always tries to give players unique experiences. Because of this, we craft realistic environments and challenging mechanics, providing gamers with a memorable survival gaming adventure.

iOS City-builder Game Development: Also, we excel in iOS city-builder games, enabling players to construct and manage their cities. Our services include designing complex urban landscapes and implementing strategic gameplay for a rewarding gaming experience.

But it’s not all! We worked our way up for a lot of years and have experience in many gaming genres. Among them are:

  • IOS Action-Adventure Game Development
  • IOS Fighting Game Development
  • IOS Simulation Game Development
  • IOS Strategy Game Development
  • IOS Arcade Puzzle Game Development
  • IOS Runner Game Development

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The cost of iOS game development can vary widely depending on such factors as the complexity of the game, the features and graphics involved, the team’s experience, and the location of the development team.

On average, a simple 2D iOS game may cost between $20,000 to $80,000, while a more complex 3D game can range from $100,000 to several million dollars.

It may be difficult to find an excellent iOS game development company, so we prepared some advice for you:

  1. Define your requirements.
  2. Check portfolios.
  3. Check client reviews.
  4. Assess technical expertise.
  5. Discuss the budget and pricing models.
  6. Clarify ownership of intellectual property.
  7. Learn about the company’s experience.
  8. Inquire about post-launch support.
  9. Assess their ability to scale the project.
  10. Ask questions about their approach and project management.

It is cost-efficient. 

Outsourcing allows access to a global talent pool where labor costs may be lower. You can also avoid expenses related to hiring and maintaining an in-house team.

It is professional.

Outsourcing companies are specialists in their field, with extensive experience and expertise in iOS game development. This means you gain access to a highly skilled team.

It is fast.

Outsourcing expedites the development process since experienced teams are well-versed in efficient development practices.

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