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Game Dev Outsourcing Services

Game dev outsourcing services allow game creators to hire external teams to handle specific tasks like coding, art, design, and testing.
This can save time, reduce costs, and bring in specialized skills, making game development more efficient and letting creators focus on their core ideas.

What is Game Development in Numbers?


About 70% of developers say they get some help from outside video game development companies. 


There are about 25 coding languages used in game creation and development.


For game developers looking to share their startups, there are more than 6 platforms to consider. 

Our Game Development Services

We provide a wide range of services, each requiring different levels of expertise: basic game design, advanced coding, or specialized graphics and animation, we’ve got skilled professionals ready to help.

Our outsource services span from concept art creation to full-scale development. As a game app development outsourcing company, we match the complexity of your project with the perfect team, guaranteeing quality at every stage of your game’s creation.

Gaming Androis icons and characters, a red-haired woman, a muscular man in patriotic gear, a cartoon octopus, cat, Hire Android Game Developers

Android Game Development

Android game development lets you create games for millions of users. With its huge market, we can release interactive products to a wide audience. Our main goals are:

  1. Accessible design: games will be adjusted to every device and screen size.
  2. Touchscreen gameplay: controls will be responsive for touch-based interaction.
  3. Resource: will efficiently use system resources for the best hardware performance.
  4. Privacy: we will protect user information.
  5. Play Store: will make the game to align with Google Play’s guidelines.

The more points you will consider, the better communication will be with your main audience. 

IOS Game Development

iOS game development opens doors to a market of dedicated users known for high engagement. It’s a space where quality and polish are paramount. What can we do:

  1. Provide high-quality graphics: iOS users expect stunning games.
  2. Create intuitive controls: games will be easy to navigate and play.
  3. Optimize performance: games will run smoothly on various devices.
  4. Security: will ensure user data protection.
  5. Game app store compliance: games will meet Apple’s strict submission guidelines.
Animated iOS game characters with vibrant colors featuring a female character, pets, and match-3 elements, Developing an iPhone or iPad Game
3D Characters Collage made in Unreal Engine, Boy and Robot game characters

Unreal Game Dev

Unreal Game Dev uses Unreal Engine with a suite of tools.
From the first concept to the final product, Unreal provides graphics and a perfect development environment. Here’s what we can do with Unreal Game Dev:

  1. Full-cycle game development: manage all phases, from pre-production design to launch.
  2. NFT game development: integrate blockchain for unique digital collectibles.
  3. Metaverse game dev: build expansive, interconnected virtual spaces.
  4. VFX for your game: add breathtaking visual effects to captivate players.

Unity Game Dev

Unity is the game engine important for the development process, including both 2D and 3D game development needs with high efficiency and flexibility. Here’s a breakdown of the game development pipeline using Unity:

  1. Requirements Analysis.
  2. Research and Game Design.
  3. Art and Design Production.
  4. Game Development.
  5. Release and Maintenance.
  6. Live Operations.
Advanced Unity game development with armored vehicle and green robot character, How Unity3D Became a GameDev Beast
ASO soft launch services, mobile game app interface, mobile app marketing agency

ASO Soft Launch

An ASO soft launch involves releasing the app to a limited audience to gather data and make improvements. What can we do to make ASO soft launch a successful one:

  1. Refine the app through feedback.
  2. Analyze competition.
  3. Optimize metadata for visibility
  4. Test app store elements.
  5. Track engagement for improved ASO efforts.

Game testing

Game testing is important in game development, ensuring that players get a smooth, bug-free product. Here are five key points to focus on:

  1. Functionality testing: making sure all game features work as intended.
  2. Usability testing: checking if the game is user-friendly and intuitive.
  3. Compatibility testing: ensuring the game runs on various devices and systems.
  4. Performance testing: checking how the game handles different stress levels.
  5. Bug reporting: documenting any issues for developers to fix before launch.
VR headset and game controller, cross-platform game testing services, QA Gaming Solutions
3D animated characters, game prototyping services interacting with interface, GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR VIDEO GAME PROTOTYPE

Game Prototyping

Prototyping is a transformative stage in game development, from concept to launch, shaped by iteration and innovation. Here’s our prototyping pipeline:

  1. Preliminary Consultation: initial discussions to align the game project’s vision and goals.
  2. Concept Development: crafting the core game idea, setting, and mechanics.
  3. Game asset creation: making the visual and audio elements required for the game.
  4. Programming & assembly: coding the game’s engine and integrating assets.
  5. Gameplay evaluation: testing the prototype to assess playability and engagement.
  6. Launch: releasing the finished prototype, ready for user feedback or further development.

Game Porting

Game porting is the process of adapting a game to different platforms or systems while ensuring it maintains its core experience. It requires attention to detail and an understanding of the nuances of each platform. Here’s our production pipeline in game porting:

  1. Adapting the source code.
  2. Adapting the visual assets.
  3. Optimizing the CPU and GPU performance.
  4. Adapting the gameplay elements.
  5. Creating the appropriate UI and control scheme.
  6. Game testing.
  7. Applying platform-specific requirements: including features required by the platform, like achievements, project scope or platform-specific functionality.
  8. Localization.
Game Porting Services by Outsorcing Studio Fox Pad

2D/3D Game Art Design

3d game art outsourcing characters in different styles
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Mobile game

Mobile game development is connected to game design. It operationalizes design principles to create engaging and user-centric mobile game solutions.

The success of a mobile game depends on choosing the right tech stack, which includes the programming languages, frameworks, and tools.


Promotions are strategic decisions that exist to attract attention.

Promotions are close to game design, even though the technical implementation involves elements of game development.


Game economy is a game design concern.

Economics includes decisions about resource distribution, balance, and player progression, with game development service playing a role in the realization of these design choices.


Further improvements in games can include both game design and game development.

Depending on the nature of the enhancements, we work with both of these directions in our team.



Player retention is closely tied to game design, as it involves the mechanic behind keeping players engaged and motivated to continue playing the game.

Games development is important for realization of the design features.

How does our game development agency work?

The Video Game Production Pipeline
  • 1

    Requirement Analysis

    Our game design company commences with a thorough analysis to align game creation with client visions, ensuring quality from the outset.

  • 2

    Research and Game Design

    We conduct extensive research and design sprints to craft innovative features that set our games apart.

  • 3

    Art and design production

    Our team of professionals produces art and design elements that support your game's story and attract users.

  • 4

    Game development

    Our video game development company developers use methodologies to ensure efficient delivery and a robust development process.

  • 5

    Release and maintenance

    In post-launch, we focus on live operations, maintaining quality, and introducing new features.

We Cover Development of any Genre

Whether you’re looking to create an epic adventure, get competitive with sports, or lose yourself in a strategic puzzle, we’ve got the skills and passion to provide you with mobile game development services. Our team is ready to create a unique game, no matter the playground.

Favorite Video Game Genres, Most Popular Video Game Genre

Our gaming development approach brings together eye-catching graphics and addictive match gameplay mechanics to keep players engaged.

We develop challenging scripts that require strategy and quick thinking, ensuring every level offers a fresh, fun swapping and connections experience.

Building cities isn’t just about stacking bricks. We build custom game engines where each developer creates city-building mechanics and features.

Our city-building development pipelines are deep, allowing the team to build games that provide a canvas for future players to create their urban masterpieces.

We emphasize technical excellence, including importing high-quality artwork, implementing scalable camera views, and maintaining clean, efficient code.

We include auto-generation scripts that play an important role in creating dynamic, engaging gameplay environments.

Our survival games blend advanced terrain generation with strategic resource lifecycle management, optimizing immersion with top-down camera adjustments and distant block hiding.

We leverage visual and audio feedback to clearly communicate mechanics, engaging players in the challenge of gathering, crafting, and combat. These elements test players’ resourcefulness and determination, offering a thrilling mix of tension and excitement in mastering survival in hostile environments.

Jump, run, and dodge through masterfully crafted levels with our platformers. We blend classic mechanics with innovative twists, ensuring each jump is as thrilling as the last.

Our platform games are a balance of rhythm, physics, and level progression, perfect for those with a love for jumping games.

Our tower defense games feature strategic map details, building placement, and pathfinding to challenge players. With a variety of sprites for projectiles, enemies, buildings, and explosions, gameplay is visually engaging.

Players manage resources for upgrades, monitor health bars, and adapt to intensifying enemy waves. From project setup to launch, every element is designed for depth and adaptability.

Our RPGs engages players in vast worlds rich in lore, featuring deep customization through an inventory system and player HP management. With carefully designed maps and dynamic control mechanisms, players encounter diverse enemies, making each gameplay unique. 

Our Blog: Game Development with Examples


AA/AAA game developers are typically larger, well-funded studios.

They often have larger teams that handle various aspects of game development, from art and design to coding and sound production.

To find a game development company, you can start by searching online for studios with experience in your desired game genre. Check their portfolios, read client testimonials, and look for any of their previous work.

Yes, game companies often outsource game development to access specialized skills, manage costs, and scale up production as needed. Outsourcing can include various aspects of game creation, from art and sound design to full game development.

Game companies outsource game development to use expertise from around the globe, reduce operational costs, increase production capacity, and to shorten development times.

Outsourcing of game development means hiring external studios or professionals to work on certain aspects of game creation.
This can range from specific tasks, like creating assets, to developing entire sections of a game, or even building a full game based on provided specifications.

Developing cross-platform games can be challenging due to the need to accommodate different hardware capabilities, operating systems, and user interfaces.

However, modern game development tools and engines have made it more accessible by simplifying the process of adapting games for multiple platforms.

The best platform for game development depends on your target audience, project scope, and the type of game you’re creating.
Popular platforms include Unity and Unreal Engine, which are both known for their versatility and cross-platform capabilities.

An outsource Android game development will help you to solve a lot of issues related to the project, including:

  1. User-friendly design: does the interface understandable for users? Can they play without a tutorial?
  2. Diverse genres: an android market allows video game studios to make games in lots of genres, mix them up and experiment a bit. For example, you can turn platformers to RPGs and the other way around. Within one or several genres, players can switch from the puzzles of match-3 games to the realms of RPGs.
  3. Monetization strategies: what kind of budget the company has for the game launch? How will the game become profitable (through ads, subscriptions, etc.)? 
  4. To enhance profitability and engagement, many mobile games include IAPs (In-App Purchases), allowing players to buy virtual goods or benefits within the game.
  5. Cross-platform compatibility
  6. Regular updates: a lot of game businesses tend to update design, interface and some loot for the games so the players won’t get bored.
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