Kids Theater: Cars Show


Educate your kid!

Cars Show consists of different types of transport, learn the names and sounds of cars, reward yourself with deserved moment of rest.

Kids Theater: Cars Show is an interactive educational scene where your child can find hilarious delivering beeps: horn, siren, motor sounds. After the beginning of the concert, the child alternately presses on the scenery behind which the cars are hidden. The scenery opens and falls, which is a surprise and fun for the child, because it is not always known who hid there.
Cars hide behind various objects, scenery of the theater, playing hide and seek with your child. The game can help parents throughout the day, putting children to bed, instead of a lullaby or when you need 5 minutes of free time.

More than 16 animated, beautifully drawn characters of transpor.

2 Mini-games designed for toddlers.

The name of the transport in Russian, English, as well as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish.

Just run the game and it will come to life itself after 5 seconds of waiting.

Recommended for children of preschool age and under. Inspire and educate your kid!

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