Mars Miner

Have you ever dreamed to play Bomberman-like game with modern graphics and sound? Now you have a chance to do it with Mars Miner! A game that has all qualities of a classic time proved gameplay on a completely new level!

The hero finds himself on Mars. Now his primary objective is to stay alive and find his way back to Earth through an abandoned Martian mine and a laboratory. A variety of hideous and crafty monsters are lurking on the way. Each of them is extremely dangerous, but when they hunt together, they are a real hazard, owing to the unique AI.

Players who like dynamic games will enjoy playing Mars Miner. The game will be interesting to all categories of players, from beginners to experienced arcade players. Superior graphics together with excellent music background create a fascinating atmosphere. You will want to get immersed in this world again and again.

An excellent Story mode and an almost unlimited Survival will not let you get bored!

Game Features

  • Cute pre-rendered and fully-animated graphics
  • Recreation of classic Bomberman’s gameplay
  • More than 40 detailed Levels
  • 16 unique Monsters with high intellectual AI
  • 12 various Bonuses
  • Online High-score board
  • Nice atmospherical Music and 3D Sound
  • Three game modes: Story, Survival and Hotseat
  • Interesting story-line with a couple of mini-games


Mars Miner is at heart a loving remake of a well known classic and once you get into it you may find it hard to stop. Challenging, beautiful to look at, and a fun way to spend any spare time you might have while remembering the joy of being able to fire up a game and just play without the need for any 600-page guide from Prima, Mars Miner has bombed its way onto my laptop, permanently.

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