Blast as much jumping popcorn as you can. But don’t touch the coals! And keep the screen from overfilling.

If you love fast tapping and action-packed coordination games then you’ll certainly want to check out PopCorn Blast!

Game Features

  • State of the art popcorn physics simulation
  • Family safe infinite action (suitable even for kids)
  • Eye candy visuals and changeable themes: PopCorn Blast, Pirate Ship, Green Forest, Candy Crush, Soccer and Balloons action
  • Pop in Portrait and blast in Landscape screen modes


Omg this is so much fun!!!!! Best game ever, I am addicted! This dev rocks! Can you add the level chooser like angry birds has? (instead of ‘replay’ and ‘play’ only, have numbered levels in a menu and quests we can choose to go back to if we want – to get higher scores or whatever). GooglePlay review

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