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Services for Game Genres

The amount of services for various genres of games is huge! From providing high-quality artwork and animation across the gaming world to translating and adapting different types of game genres to various markets and languages, our services ensure endless entertainment and excitement.


What are game genres in numbers?


Action, platform, shooter, fighting, or puzzle video games… There are more than 85 game genres in the world!

5,8 M

5.8 Million people play the most popular genre of games – First-Person Shooter(FPS) – every day.


Do you think this is the general amount of video games? Nope! More than 10,000 of various games are made each year.

Our Services for the Main Gaming Genres

How easy it would be to make PC, console, and mobile games if there were only one template for all the titles? However, it doesn’t work like that so our outsourcing art studio created several unique approaches to the work with TOP game genres. From concept art and animation services for action games to environment game assets for haunting settings in horror games, we are professional in everything that is about video games.

One of the best match 3 games android featuring adorable characters and box match 3-filled boards.

Match 3

There is no better way to spend time on your smartphone than playing Match-3 mobile games. By combining engaging educational levels with complicated challenges, players won’t just connect identical elements but enjoy colorful designs and engaging gameplay.

Candy Crush Saga and Homescapes are perfect examples of successful Match-3 mobile games. But with our professional artists who create unforgettable enticing art and graphic styles, we’ll make something even better for you ;)

  • Cartoony/Animated
  • Jewels/Candy/Sweets Theme
  • Fantasy/Magical/Adventure
  • Seasonal/Holidays/Cooking
  • Minimalistic

City-building games

Can you imagine playing a city-builder game without the futuristic design of a metropolis or the retro-inspired design of a village? Because we can’t. For our team, every city is a perfect field for creativity. This is the reason why every world, created by our talented artists, looks real.

From developing systems of city growth to designing a variety of buildings for the city, we can create something unique for everyone.

  • Realistic
  • Cartoony/Animated
  • Futuristic/Sci-Fi
  • Historical
  • Pixel Art
  • Isometric/Top-Down/2D
different buildings in a city builder simulator similar to SimCity 4 building styles
screenshot from survival city building RTS game, a small village with a lot of houses

RTS Strategy

Real-time strategy games are titles where players control units or armies in real life. Our art outsourcing studio controls how the artwork for RTS projects is going.

We know what gameplay mechanics are the best for this genre of games. Also, we’re aware of how to implement AI systems for challenging single-player experiences. However, we’re the best in developing lifelike graphics with realistic textures and lighting.

  • Realistic
  • Stylized
  • Pre-rendered
  • Cartoony
  • Unique

Survival Games

At least one time but every gamer has played survival games. They are the best if you want to boost your adrenaline and enjoy a sense of challenge. Gaming mechanics here such as crafting and base building often are the main reasons for engagement.

But you know what’s even better? Created by our professional team visually captivating game assets including characters and intuitive interfaces for managing inventory etc.

  • Realistic
  • Stylized/Cartoony
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Low-Poly
  • Pseudo-Realism
Post Apocalyptic Rescuer
Detailed illustration of a 2D platformer game environment, different platformer design elements and assets

Platformer Games

Have you heard about Mario or Sonic? Of course, you did! These are legendary platformer games but not the only ones where you can enjoy jumping between platforms, climbing, or encountering obstacles.

For us, crafting diverse and challenging platformer levels with varied obstacles, platforms, and puzzles is nothing more than fun. However, especially we enjoy working with 2D and 3D graphic styles to create unforgettable platforming experiences.

  • 2D/3D Platformers
  • Retro/8 bit
  • Vector Graphics
  • Pixel Art
  • Mixed/Unique

Tower Defense Games

Do you want to challenge yourself and check how strong your towers are and what enemies are coming? You can easily do that with our tower defense games! Or, if you want to use our tower defense services, we can make something outstanding for you ;)

How can we do that? Of course, by designing the tower, enemy wave, defense mechanics, artwork, and animating.

  • Fantasy/Medieval
  • Cartoony/Cell-Shaded
  • Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Steampunk
  • Minimalistic
  • Pixel Art
  • Military/Modern Warfare/Apocalyptic
  • Unique
King Character and Tower Defense Game Elements, stylized assets for Tower Defense Levels
Fantasy RPG game art, diverse characters and mythical creatures, 3D RPG Game Art

RPG Game Art Services

One of the most popular 3D game genres, RPG is also one of the most difficult to work with. However, our team isn’t scared of any challenges, and we’re ready to create diverse worlds and memorable characters for your RPG title.

With our detailed and lifelike graphic styles, set in any world you want, we can make 100% sure your game will be on TOP of the genre.

  • Realistic
  • Fantasy/Anime/Manga
  • Pixel Art
  • Steampunk/Cyberpunk
  • Gothic/Horror/Futuristic
  • Historical

Game art for Hybrid and Hyper Casual Games

Hybrid casual games combine elements from multiple genres including casual game genres. As a result, these games have diverse art styles that include realistic, cartoony, pixel art, or minimalist aesthetics. In return, hyper-casual games are well-known for their simple yet eye-catching visuals with bright colors, bold shapes, and minimalist designs.

However, the key difference between them is the addition of a metagame. The metagame in hybrid casual games often involves strategic decision-making, progression systems, and resource management. In contrast, the metagame in hyper-casual games revolves around social elements, competition, and achievement.

Hybridcasual Mobile Games Market Overview, By different genres, App store and Google Play
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RetroStyle Games Studio - Design & Art Solutions in One Place

Do you need comprehensive design and creative art solutions? Our team of professionals is ready to give you all under one roof. Whether you’re looking for nostalgic retro aesthetics or modern progressive ideas, our art outsourcing studio is here to bring your vision to life.

Experience in Various
Game Genres

For our art studio, working with the best video game genres is a professional and creative process. From classic platformers to hyperrealistic RPGs, our team of artists, designers, and developers has tackled a wide range of projects, each with its own unique challenges and creative opportunities.

Best AI-Created Game Art
in the Industry

We are confident in pride ourselves on offering the best AI game art in the gaming industry. With our unique technologies, we generate graphics that rival traditional handcrafted artwork. Of course, AI isn’t the final stage. In the end, game art is finalized by our specialists. So, if you want to set your project apart, we are ready to deliver top-notch AI game art to you.


Custom Tools and

Do you want a unique approach? We specialize in developing custom tools and technologies tailored to the unique needs of each project. From working with custom content creation pipelines to creating our own unique technologies (such as NFT art render farm), we empower developers with the tools they need to bring creative visions to life.

Special Offers
for Indie Game Genres

We can’t just forget about indie game genres! We’re always excited to offer special deals for indie game developers. Our art studio understands the unique challenges faced by indies, so we provide cost-effective services that help them elevate their game projects to new heights.


Trusted & Scalable Outsourcing

Our art outsourcing studio offerings are tailored to meet the needs of everyone. This includes services across different video game genres. As an experienced company, we also specialize in providing outsourcing services for mobile game genres (such as casual or role-playing) and other types of game genres (online, multiplayer, and single-player).


How we Work with Different Types of Game Genres

Unity Game Development Stages
A step-by-step process in a unity game development studio, professionals working on game optimization, graphics improvement, and quality assurance
  • 1

    Requirement Analysis

    We begin by thoroughly analyzing the requirements and objectives of the project. This involves understanding the target audience, desired gameplay mechanics, technical specifications, and budget constraints. We prioritize clear communication and alignment of goals to ensure a solid foundation for the project.

  • 2

    Research and Game Design

    Once the requirements are defined, we begin extensive research into the chosen game genre. This includes studying successful titles within the genre, identifying key gameplay mechanics, and analyzing market trends. Based on our research findings, our experienced specialists formulate a game design document outlining the core mechanics and other key elements.

  • 3

    Art and Design Production/Game Development

    With the game design finalized, our art studio sprung into action to bring the vision to life. In this stage, we create concept art, character designs, level layouts, and other game assets. Simultaneously, our developers begin coding the game mechanics, and testing functionality to ensure smooth gameplay.

  • 4

    Release and Maintenance

    We assist clients in preparing for the release phase. This includes optimizing the game for different platforms, conducting rigorous testing, and preparing marketing materials for promotion. Also, we guide our clients through the release process, helping them navigate launch strategies and promotional activities.

  • 5

    Live Operations

    After the game is launched, our team continues to monitor its performance and player feedback. We analyze gameplay data, track metrics, and gather insights to inform ongoing updates and improvements. Also, our art outsourcing studio engages in live operations to keep the game fresh offering regular content updates and community-driven initiatives.

Why Outsource Different Video Game Genres?

For various game developers and studios, outsourcing main video game genres offers several advantages such as expertise, cost-efficiency, flexibility, faster time-to-market, focus on core competencies, and access to the global talent pool.

It helps to overcome resource constraints, accelerate development timelines, and deliver high-quality games that resonate with players across a wide range of genres.

Talent available in outsourcing companies

Game companies often struggle with transitioning between different graphic styles, such as from realistic to stylized, or from 2D game art services to 3D game art services. We understand that each game genre often requires a specific aesthetic to effectively convey its themes and mechanics.

Our specialists know how to adapt your project to diverse art styles to match different game genres. We offer a professional team of artists skilled in multiple graphic styles and techniques. Whether your project calls for detailed realism, vibrant cartoonish graphics, or pixel-perfect retro art, our team has the expertise to bring your vision to life with outstanding creativity.

As you know, every trending game genre comes with its own set of technical demands, ranging from high-detail environments in first-person shooters to the need for optimized game assets in mobile games. Navigating these technical requirements is daunting for game companies, particularly if they lack the necessary expertise or resources.

In general, our studio specializes in providing comprehensive game development services, offering clients access to a wealth of technical expertise. As our team consists of professionals with extensive experience, we can easily handle diverse technical requirements across various game genres.

For a lot of game companies, grasping the visual preferences and expectations of diverse player bases for each genre sounds scary. It’s pretty understandable: different genres attract distinct audiences, making it very important to tailor the games accordingly to ensure maximum engagement.

As we recognize how important is to understand player audiences for creating successful games, we leverage detailed market research and ASO soft launch services. Due to these instruments, we can analyze player feedback to gain insights into the visual preferences and expectations of different target audiences for each genre.

One of the biggest challenges for game companies is developing genre-specific animation poses. Different game genres require different types of animation, from dynamic action sequences in first-person shooters to subtle simulation movements in simulation games.

Our studio specializes in providing unique animation services tailored to the needs of each game genre. With our experienced animators, we can provide you with excellent genre-specific game animation services.

Each game genre has its unique gameplay mechanics, visual style, and user interaction patterns, making it difficult for game companies to design UI elements on their own.

Our art outsourcing studio offers a professional team of UI/UX experts skilled in interface design. Whether it’s creating streamlined HUD elements for action-packed shooters or minimalist interfaces for casual puzzle games, our team has the expertise to deliver bright UI/UX game designs and provide quality services that easily dive players into the gaming experience.

Game Art Outsourcing Service - All Genres Styles Available

We understand that game graphic styles are very important. Our game art outsourcing services were specifically created to meet the unique visual requirements of different game genres and styles. Whether you’re developing a retro-inspired platformer, a futuristic sci-fi shooter, or a whimsical puzzle adventure, we can bring your ideas and concepts to life with stunning artwork that perfectly showcases the essence of your game’s style.

  • Game Animation
  • Environment Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • 2D Game Art
  • 3D Game Art
  • 3D Modeling
  • Game Characters
  • Isometric
  • Slots & Casino Art

Our Work: Game Genres with Examples


The genre of video games that is most dependent on art in production varies depending on the specific aesthetic and design choices of each game. One such genre is the “action-adventure” with stunning landscapes, detailed character models, and smooth animations. Games like “The Legend of Zelda” or “Uncharted” are excellent examples where art plays a crucial role in creating unforgettable worlds and pleasant experiences.

Similarly, the “role-playing game” emphasizes rich storytelling, expansive worlds, and diverse character customization. Games such as “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” or “Final Fantasy” showcase the importance of art in creating outstanding RPG experiences.

Other big game genres like platformers, puzzle games, and strategy games also require significant artistic input, albeit in slightly different ways. Platformers often rely on interesting level design and character animations, puzzle games focus on intricate visual clues and environmental details, while strategy games require detailed unit designs.

Character design is a very important aspect of game development across the biggest game genres. Here are some tips and techniques tailored to some of them:


  • Focus on creating characters with distinct personalities and traits that resonate with the game’s narrative and setting.
  • Pay attention to the character’s silhouette to ensure they are easily recognizable, especially in fast-paced action sequences.



  • Emphasize responsiveness and agility in character design to ensure smooth and precise controls for players.
  • Experiment with different shapes and proportions to create characters that stand out amidst complex level designs.


Puzzle Games:

  • Create characters with subtle visual cues that hint at their abilities or role in solving puzzles.
  • Use color psychology to evoke emotions and guide players’ attention to important elements within the game.

Yes, as an art outsourcing studio, we specialize in providing high-quality game assets for various 2D game genres. Whether you need character designs, background art, animation sprites, or UI elements, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

We excel in providing top-tier art assets for a wide range of 3D game genres. From concept art design to polished final game assets, we work closely with developers to ensure that our artwork aligns seamlessly with the aesthetic and gameplay experience of the project.

The most profitable game genre is action-adventure. Popularized by franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, and Red Dead Redemption, action-adventure games feature interesting storytelling, open-world exploration, and a blend of action-packed gameplay elements. Their ability to offer engaging narratives and diverse gameplay experiences has contributed to their huge profitability.

Shooter games, including first-person shooters like Call of Duty and third-person shooters like Gears of War, have a massive global audience. Their competitive multiplayer modes, extensive customization options, and frequent content updates lead to high player retention rates and ongoing revenue streams through microtransactions and DLC.

RPGs, such as The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher, are known for their deep storytelling and character progression. Many RPGs offer expansive universes with countless hours of gameplay, making them appealing to a dedicated fan base willing to invest in expansions, DLC, and in-game purchases.

MMO games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV have built large player communities over the years, leading to consistent revenue streams from subscription fees, expansions, in-game purchases, and merchandise sales. Their persistent worlds, social features, and ongoing content updates encourage long-term player engagement and high profitability.

Here are some easiest game genres to make for solo developers:

  • Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have straightforward mechanics and relatively simple art requirements compared to other genres. Solo developers can focus on designing engaging puzzles and levels without the need for extensive narrative or complex gameplay systems.

  • Platformers

Platformer games offer a good balance between simplicity and creativity. While they may require some level of programming skill for character movement and level design, they often don’t necessitate large teams or extensive resources for development.

  • Roguelikes

Roguelike and roguelite games feature procedurally generated levels and permadeath mechanics, which can reduce the need for handcrafted content. Solo developers can focus on creating robust procedural generation algorithms and gameplay mechanics that encourage replayability.

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