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Looking for art and designs for city-planner games?

We understand the unique demands of city-building games. Our artists are experts in creating Sci-Fi metropolises, fantasy towns, or medieval villages.

We believe in making worlds that players can get lost in. Our designs are crafted to provide a sense of place, so your gaming experience will be truly memorable no matter the chosen platform.

Different Architectural Marvels in City Builder Simulator
Different Architectural Marvels in City Builder Simulator

Key elements of city building game art

What is the backbone of city building art? And what elements should such kind of art include?

  1. Picture-perfect places: our team can create the environment art – think hills, trees, rivers – to make your city-building game world look natural and beautiful.
  2. Cool buildings: we design all kinds of structures design – homes, shops, factories – each with its own style and look. You decide how your city grows!
  3. Different styles: artists can make architectural styles from different times and places. From super modern to old-timey, it’s all up to you!
  4. Special stuff: some buildings can have unique building features. They might make resources, provide services, or have unique features that make your city more interesting.

Our city-building game art team makes sure your game looks amazing, with pretty scenery, awesome buildings, and fun extras!

Detailed isometric view of a grand mansion or palace with Gothic architectural details, complete with adjacent garden, pond, and archways

Medieval/Ancient city building games Art

In games where you build a medieval city, the challenge is to make everything look like it truly was placed at some point in history. From towering castles to ancient streets, every detail matters.

It’s not just about buildings. It’s about crafting a whole city, complete with people and places. You get to experience what life was like in those ancient times.

A good medieval city-building games are a blend of art and history. They let you build and live in a world that once was, giving a whole new meaning to time travel in gaming.

小ity building war game Art

City-building war games are a unique blend of strategy and creativity, where players construct thriving urban centers amidst the chaos of battle. These games often introduce mechanics related to wars, enemies, and more.

In such games, it’s crucial to strike a balance between city development and wartime challenges. Players must not only design efficient and flourishing cities but also strategize for defense and conquest.

A key aspect of this art is to depict the visual aftermath of sieges and battles.
It’s important to include visuals of destruction and efforts towards reconstruction. This adds a dynamic layer to the gaming.

Isometric illustration of a medieval castle surrounded by a moat, with modern elements such as a flying airplane and a tank on the grounds
isometric art, a cartoon fairy land with a tower and a tree

Fantasy city building game Art

Fantasy city-building games open the door to a realm of mythical beings and races. Within these imaginative landscapes, dragons, elves, and dwarves forge magnificent structures. Each entity brings its own unique architectural flavor.

A good fantasy city creator understands the difference in architectural structures depending on the race and culture.

Elven spires touch the sky with ethereal grace, while dwarven halls delve deep into the earth. Each mythical race has a distinct cultural identity.
From mystical ceremonies held in elven sanctuaries to the dwarven mines, every corner of the city breathes life into these fantastical cultures.

Future city building game Art

In future city games, artists imagine cities that are far beyond what we have today. These games take you to amazing places – from cities in space to ones deep under the sea.

If you want to make space city-building games, you get to build cities among the stars. Imagine massive structures floating in space, with incredible views of the galaxy.聽

Future isn鈥檛 only about space – you can make an underwater city-building game where tall buildings touch the water surface, and at the bottom, there is a city of mermaids filled with advanced technology.聽

In Sci-Fi city art imagination is one of the most important features.

Advanced space station with rockets, launch pads, and storage facilities against a starry backdrop

Achieve specific game art and design for:

Mobile city building games

You can create a perfect mobile city-building game with high-quality graphics even for mobile devices.

Create game art for mobile city-building games, ensuring intuitive interfaces, vibrant visuals, and optimal performance on small screens, improving player engagement.

PC city building games

For PC, a city-building game can be even more exciting than for the other devices, considering more capacities in terms of graphics.

Make game art for PC city-building games, capitalizing on advanced graphics capabilities for detailed environments.

Console city building games

Consoles are one of the most popular types of gaming platforms. So, why shouldn鈥檛 you optimize your game for it?

Design dynamic game art for console city-building games, using powerful hardware to deliver high-quality graphics, and creating gameplay on large screens.

Online city building games

Who said that city-building games can only be played alone? Develop game art for city-building browser games.

Make sure that your players can construct vibrant cities regardless of their chosen platform.

SuperCity game art design

Most city builders pretend to be 3D city-building games, but they actually use isometric views. The artists’ important task is to make sure the player doesn’t notice this difference. The world should feel “alive”, otherwise, it’s hard for the player to understand why they’re building without seeing how it fits into a living city.
We borrowed this approach to our city building art project.聽

Playkot, the creator of this game, wanted to make SuperCity game art design different from other city-building games. We made a mix of old and new buildings, even adding a touch of magic!

Collection of intricate architectural buildings surrounded by roads and lush greenery, SuperCity game

What we did:聽 at RetroStyle Games, we joined Playkot in this adventure. Our job was to make over twenty special 3D buildings for SuperCity.

Our idea: we decided to make buildings inspired by old European styles. Each one tells its own story. Some look like grand castles, while others have a magical touch.

Making it real: our team paid extra attention to make sure our buildings fit perfectly into SuperCity. We used lots of colors and details to make them look just right.

Watching buildings grow: artists made animations showing how the buildings get built. It’s like seeing magic happen in just a few seconds!

The result: our buildings turned SuperCity into a lively and exciting place to play. Players could explore and create a world full of history and wonder.

At RetroStyle Games, we love making game art that brings joy to players. Our team works hard to turn our client’s ideas into reality. Whether it’s designing cool buildings or creating characters, we’re here to make games awesome.

For more cool stuff we’ve done, take a peek at our portfolio.



Making a city building game involves several steps.

First, outline your game’s concept and mechanics. Next, choose a development platform and acquire the necessary software. Design the city layout, create buildings, and implement game logic. Test extensively, refine gameplay, and optimize performance. Finally, polish the game art and prepare for launch.

A good city building game offers engaging gameplay, intuitive controls, and a well-balanced progression system.

It should have a diverse range of buildings, realistic city management mechanics, and visually appealing graphics. Additionally, a good city building game provides players with a sense of accomplishment as they grow and manage their virtual city.

Designing a city building game involves conceptualizing the game world, defining gameplay mechanics, and creating the user interface.

Consider factors like resource management, building placement, and population dynamics. Balance challenge and accessibility for players.
Pay attention to visual design, ensuring buildings, landscapes, and UI elements are cohesive and engaging.

Yes, we can create game art for post apocalyptic city building game.

Our team of artists can design buildings, environments, characters, and other assets made for聽 theme and mechanics of the game. Feel free to provide specific details about your project, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

There are several RPG (Role-Playing Game) titles that include city building elements. Here are a few examples:

  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – While primarily an action RPG, it features the ability to buy and upgrade houses in various cities, which involves some city-building elements.
  2. Fallout 4 – This post-apocalyptic RPG includes a settlement-building mechanic where you can construct and upgrade various structures within settlements to create your own communities.
  3. Civilization Series – These are turn-based strategy games with strong RPG elements, where you lead a civilization from ancient times to the modern era, including building cities, managing resources, and engaging in diplomacy and warfare.
  4. SimCity Series – While not a traditional RPG, it’s a city-building simulation game where you manage a city’s development, infrastructure, and economy. Some players incorporate role-playing elements into their gameplay.
  5. RimWorld – This is a sci-fi colony simulation game with strong RPG and survival elements. You build and manage a colony on an alien planet, dealing with various challenges.
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