Match 3 Game Art Services

Match-3 games are popular because they are fun, educational, and challenging. They help players learn to think logically and solve problems.

Game art is important for Match-3 games because it makes them more visually appealing and engaging. 

In the case of Match-3 games, outsourcing can allow you to get access to the best game artists and developers in the world. This can help you create art for the game that is visually appealing, engaging, and fun to play.

Dynamic Gameplay in Best Match-3 Games Android
Dynamic Gameplay in Best Match-3 Games Android


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Logo Bigger Games
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Achieve specific game art and design for:

There are different types of Match-3 games, so, it’s important to understand what kind of game you’re going to create because they all have different structures.

Depending on the style and game story, whether you’re developing a Bubble Shooter, Match 3, Bejeweled, Collapse, Zuma, or Merge game, we have to make art and Match 3 game design that is suitable for your game type.

Whimsical characters and buildings in jewel match three setting
One of the best match 3 games android featuring adorable characters and box match 3-filled boards.

Match 3 & Connect games

Match-3 games are like puzzles, where you have to connect three or more identical elements, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The objective is to clear these connected groups from the playing field, allowing new elements to fall into place.

These games often challenge players to strategize and plan their moves to create larger matches or chain reactions. People really like Candy Crush Saga or Homescapes because they are easy to learn but hard to be good at.

Bubble shooter games

Match 3 bubble games are a popular genre of puzzle games where players aim and shoot bubbles toward a cluster of similarly colored bubbles. The objective is to create matches of three or more bubbles of the same color, causing them to pop and disappear. 

The goal is usually to clear the entire playing field of bubbles within a limited number of shots. Our team has also been involved in the creation of artwork for Bubble Panda Shooter, a charming bubble shooter game featuring a panda character.

Panda character guiding a colorful bubble shooter gameplay in free match 3 games
World of free match 3 games online with colorful tiles and challenging levels.

Collapse games

Collapsing or click-and-match games are a genre of puzzle games where players clear groups of connected colored gems or tiles from the board by clicking or tapping on them.

The goal is to remove clusters of identical pieces, causing the remaining pieces to fall or collapse into the cleared spaces. If you collect too many identical pieces – you lose. The challenge often lies in planning moves to create chain reactions and maximize points.

Collapse games like Super Collapse!, Match Masters ‎- PvP, or Twisty Hollow are known for their addictive and strategic gameplay, often providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment when players successfully clear large groups of pieces.

Bejeweled games

Bejeweled games are a specific subgenre within the broader category of match-3 or collapse games. They are characterized by the gameplay mechanic of matching three or more gems of the same color by swapping adjacent pieces.

The objective is to create chains of matches, which leads to the clearing of gems from the board and the accumulation of points. Examples of popular Bejeweled games include Bejeweled Classic, Bejeweled Blitz, Bejeweled Stars, and so on.

Glistening gems ready to be matched in top match 3 games set against an ancient temple backdrop
Colorful spiral of matching balls with a mystical temple staircase backdrop, surrounded by lush greenery, representing Zuma match 3 game art
Colorful spiral of matching balls with a mystical temple staircase backdrop, surrounded by lush greenery, representing Zuma match 3 game art

Zuma games

Zuma games are a distinctive genre of puzzle games that combine elements of match-3 and arcade gameplay. In Zuma-style games, players control a central shooter that launches colored balls or orbs toward a moving chain of similarly colored balls. The challenge lies in preventing the chain from reaching the end of the path, which signifies the player’s defeat.

Zuma and zuma-like games including Zuma Deluxe are known for their fast-paced, addictive gameplay, requiring quick thinking and precise aiming to succeed. The combination of strategic planning and reflex-based action makes these games battle-like for players seeking a puzzle challenge.

Interactive merging games online inventory screen with various game items, power-ups, and user interface elements

Merge games

Merging games are quickly gaining popularity as a subsection of puzzle games, notable for being among the most profitable within the mobile game sphere.
The idea behind these games is to drag similar elements to each other and combine them to create improved items.

For example, you can combine three green plants to make a flower or combine three small statues to make a large statue. For this simple but satisfying action, players often receive coins, treasure, or unique in-game characters.

Interactive merging games online inventory screen with various game items, power-ups, and user interface elements

Meta for Match 3

Match-3 games can differ from each other. For example, Gardenscape focuses more on garden renovation rather than Match-3 elements, while Empires & Puzzles: RPG places greater emphasis on the battle component. A game like Jewels of Egypt is geared towards construction, and in Travel Match, travel is an important part of the gameplay (surprising, isn’t it?).

For fans of online battles, in Match Masters, you can find PvP matches. If you’re looking for adventure, choose Tropicmania, and for an engaging story, we recommend selecting Ticket to Earth.

In Zookeeper World you can collect coins, animals, facilities, and a lot more. Decor Match is a great relaxing game for future designers, where you can decorate or do a makeover of the apartment and lay in the traditional Match 3 style. 

Many of the top Match-3 games don’t have a clear meta, which means there is no one best way to play.
Surprisingly, nearly half (46%) of the top Match-3 games in the US market currently don’t have a defined strategy.

This is a missed opportunity because a well-designed meta can make Match-3 games more strategic and competitive.

There are many ways to add a meta to a Match 3 game app. For example, developers could add new mechanics that reward players for making certain types of combos or using power-ups in specific ways. They could also create leaderboards and tournaments that encourage players to compete against each other using different strategies.

A good meta can make Match-3 games more fun and engaging for players of all skill levels. It can also help to extend the lifespan of games and create a more dedicated player base.

We’re dedicated to taking Match-3 gaming to the next level. By crafting a strong strategy, and creating match 3 level design, characters and items, we aim to redefine how players engage with the genre.

We already worked with Toy Tap Fever, Bonbons Crush Legend, and Manor Cafe, succeeding in providing the best game art services

Game Art Services from Mobile to Console

We make beautiful art for Match 3 games on all devices, from phones to consoles to VR headsets. Our artists are experts at creating art that looks great on any device, and they can adapt their style to match your game’s unique look.

We can also create immersive environments that blend the real world with the digital world, and we’ll make sure that your game’s art looks consistent across all platforms.

We can create art in both match 3 games for iPad or mobile, as well as PC.

If you want your game to look its best, contact us today!

Mobile Match 3 games

Our art services will help you to create a user interface that is easy to use and looks great on any mobile device.

Our team will create a match 3 game design and animate your game’s match elements to be visually appealing and satisfying. 

Online Match 3 games

Your online Match 3 game needs to look and feel great to keep players engaged.

Our art services are specialized in creating dynamic, immersive, and visually stunning art assets made specifically for this genre.

PC Match 3 games

We can help you make your PC Match 3 game look and feel amazing! Our team can design and create beautiful game elements, a user-friendly interface, and lively characters and environments.

We can also optimize your game assets for PC play and create a distinctive branding and logo design.

The best match-three games

Match-3 building games are fun and engaging games where you match three or more identical objects to score points. There are many different types of match-3 games, with different themes, graphics, and gameplay mechanics. Match-3 games are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. They are also a great way to challenge your mind and improve your problem-solving skills. If you are looking for a fun and engaging game to play or be inspired by, we made a list of match 3 games. There are many great options available, so you are sure to find one that you enjoy.

Main Features
Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells
Stylized, wizarding, magical, creatures, characters
Candy Crush Saga
Stylized, puzzle, saga, blast, rewards
Candy Route - Match 3 Puzzle
Puzzle, stylized, classic, row, collect, sweets, levels.
Jewel Match 3 Legends 2023
Puzzle, stylized, gems, swap, adventure, levels, strategy
Royal Match
Fun, coins, boosters, castle, levels


The task sounded simple – he needed some art for his new Easter-themed game which was based on his Holiday Bonus engine.

It’s probably worth checking the game itself, especially taking into account that it was already released on the Grey Alien Games website and is soon to be released on most of the casual games portals

a game with a bunch of animals and a farm, match 3 elements

List of Assets for Match-3

Original list of assets looked like that:
– Game Logo
– Loading Screen bar/text
– Map Screen dot and bottom panel
– Options screen: Checkbox/mark, slider bar/knob
– Various button sizes
– Various dialog sizes (inc. in-game menu, level complete screen + more)
– 7 game pieces + a golden egg (special piece)
– 9 bonus pieces and 3 special particles
– 3 grid tiles, ice cube, and related particles
– 12 border pieces + special border overlays
– In-game Gui (left side, score area, time area, bonus gauge area, goal area, menu button)
– Mouse cursor

But as with any development – list of final items was slightly updated and reworked during art and game production.
And while originally it looked like relatively simple job it was ended as pretty complex task, especially taking into account really short deadline.

GUI for Match-3

As usually, we started with some rough concepts for the game-field and game’s interface elements.
We tried to fit our first tries with backgrounds created by other artist and spring atmosphere we were feeling, but in final art direction was changed to something more generic, less stylized but still nice and cool looking. Partially GUI was inspired by Season Match.

level design and UI UX interface for mobile game

Originally it was planned to use pre-rendered 3D elements for all the game-field chips, bonuses and probably tiles. Jake wanted something similar in terms of game style to his previous Holiday Bonus game.

2D hand-drawn for Match-3

We like 3D and do it nicely, but for consistency and a cuter look prefer to use hand-drawn 2D art for casual games we are working on. And while 3D can save some time if you need cute animations (Jake planned to have them) it requires a bit more time to create the 3D model itself and balance final visuals with 2D environment.

Because of that and also because of the tight deadline we suggested Jake to go with fully hand-drawn graphics and leave misc animations as optional work for a later stage.

a match 3 game UI with different items and animals

Pay attention to the really cute frog concept :)

Icon for Match-3

Tiles were based on the idea of melting snow/ice and it was planned to use the same idea for backgrounds originally. They should be changing their state from frozen winter images to warm spring scenery, but in final there was not enough time to implement that idea both in code and art.

different match 3 elements that are on a white surface

3D match 3 game elements, animals cartoon stylized game icons, Easter egg, flowers

Final set of match-3 chips, tiles and bonus icons created by our team.

match 3 stylized game elements and icons

After Spring Bonus main GUI elements were chosen and polished we proceeded to create of universal constructor for windows, buttons and other interface elements.

game menu ui ux screen

Game Logo for Match-3

Simultaneously we were working on probably most important game’s thing – Logo. From a couple of ideas Jake chosen the one of blue color, which reads and stands out well.

a cartoon picture of a bunny and a chicken, loading screen design for cartoon game

Additionally, we created a sand clock animation, rainbow power-up indicator animation and a couple of other misc animations.

a set of different time and weather icons

Currently Jake is finishing porting Spring Bonus to other platforms (such as Windows Mobile and iPhone/iPad) and we are helping with some miscellaneous work needed for that.
You can read Jake Birkett’s testimonial about the cooperation with RetroStyle Games team below:

Well I’d like to thank you for a job well done.  Everything you’ve done looks top quality and everyone loves the look and feel of them game.  I believe it’s going to do very well.

Be sure to check other testimonials here


A match-3 game is a type of puzzle game where players aim to align three or more identical elements, often represented as tiles, gems, or objects, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The objective is to clear these matched groups from the playing field, allowing new elements to fall into their place.

Creating a match-3 game involves several key steps.

First, design the game mechanics and rules.

Then, develop the game using a suitable game engine or programming language.

Next, create game assets including tiles, boosters, blockers, and other elements.

Finally, test and optimize the game for the intended platform.

To create art for a match-3 game, focus on designing elements like tiles, boosters, and blockers. Utilize techniques and create something like pixel art match 3 game for a classic look. Pay attention to the Match 3 game interface design, ensuring its intuitive and visually appealing. Consider game assets art for match 3 games like icons and backgrounds to enhance the overall aesthetics.

Developing a match-3 game for Android requires proficiency in a programming language like Java or Kotlin, along with knowledge of Android SDK.

In addition to coding, creating visually appealing game art is crucial for user engagement. This involves designing elements like tiles, boosters, and interface components that are optimized for Android screens.

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