Platformer Game Art & Design

Talking about gameplay, jumping between platforms, climbing, or encountering obstacles is fun.

Even for simple platform games, visually awesome 2D platformer assets change everything and make the game unique.

So, bright and professional platformer game design sets the atmosphere and guarantees success. 

Detailed illustration of a 2D platformer game environment, different platformer design elements and assets
Detailed illustration of a 2D platformer game environment, different platformer design elements and assets


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A pixel art cowboy character designed for a 3D platformer game, Character Animation Update

Platformer Characters

Usually, there are 3 types of platformer characters: protagonists, sidekicks, and antagonists. Any platformer game wouldn’t be so memorable without them.

There are only professionals in our team who know how to make all these characters unforgettable. For protagonists in your platformer game, we will create catchy appearances and special abilities. For sidekicks’ design, we will come up with unique skills and comic relief. And because of our creative designers, your antagonists become outstanding characters.

We won’t forget about NPCs for an additional engaging gaming experience.

Platform Game Backgrounds

Our team’s main role is to set the visually appealing game environments and establish your game’s atmosphere.

While working on your platformer, we will stick to significant rules.
Firstly, your game’s theme will align with the background. For instance, we will create characters with futuristic designs in the huge city of the future.

Secondly, the visual styles of all backgrounds of your game will match. If our designers make a pixel art platformer, only appropriate details will complement the overall aesthetic of the game.

Layered 2D platformer game backgrounds, variety of environments from forests to volcanic landscapes, a set of backgrounds for 2D platformers
Fantasy platform game background with a magical tower, vibrant foliage, and flowing waterfalls, RPG and adventure games, 2D Platformer Assets

Platformer Game Assets

We shouldn’t forget about various interactive elements too.
Assets, created by our team, will improve your simple game environment, boost the gaming experience, and impact the gameplay. 

Perfect examples of the game assets are 2D platformer sprites. Our team can create various character animations like walking, jumping, running, and interactions for your characters.

While making a platformer, we will also add the background art with additional visual elements, detailed illustrations, and graphics.

Game Art for any Platformer Subgenre

Whether it’s a traditional platformer, a Metroidvania, or a puzzle platformer, the art style should always be different and outstanding. It should align with the game’s mechanics and narrative.

Platformer game art should take into account character and environment design, obstacles and interactive elements, and also level design, and UI elements. 

Fantasy forest scene, background platformer games, 2D Game Art Styles
Game art, classical architecture tower with Grecian columns and a red tile roof, set in isometric platformer environment
Game art, classical architecture tower with Grecian columns and a red tile roof, set in isometric platformer environment

Action-platformer games

Action-platformer games showcase dynamic gameplay and combine platforming challenges with combat mechanics. Typically, these games consist of protagonists who can jump, climb, and run while engaging in battles with enemies.
In such games, the gamer’s main focus is on agility and precision.

Our team had the opportunity to work with one of the best subgenres of action-platformer games: platform fighters. We were responsible for the creation of character art, game assets, environment, Spine animation, UI, and promo assets for The Dangerous Life of Fred game.

Game UI, endless runner, running zombie character

Endless runners

Non-stop gameplay where the player-controlled character continuously runs forward is a very popular subgenre of platformer games. The main character’s objective is to avoid obstacles, collect items, and achieve the highest possible score.
Endless runners are the perfect examples of a
simple platform games. 

Our team had experience in the creation of such games while working on Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle. In this game with cool visual assets and graphic elements, players can compete with other gamers and win real-time duels.

Game UI, endless runner, running zombie character
Award ceremony for the best players in the arcade platformer game, use of Python and the Arcade library to create a 2D platformer game

Arcade platformers

Thinking about the era of classic arcade games, arcade platformers are the main representation of that time with nostalgic elements from the 1980s and 1990s. These games always have challenging gameplay with a focus on quick reflexes and skill-based challenges. So, players should be ready to sweat while playing arcade platformers.

As our studio pays tribute to old games, our professional designers put their hands into the creation of the arcade platformer Pirate Beat’em Up and developed bright assets with dazzling details for the game.

Roguelike platformers

Roguelike platformers are the most intricate subgenre of platformer games because levels and environments are procedurally generated.
So, every new playthrough is unique for the player.

These games are characterized by a focus on strategy and exploration. Also, roguelike platformers often have developed resource management (health, ammunition, etc.) to increase the gamer’s survival chances.

Platformer Game Art for any Device

The first-pixel platformer games were available only for consoles. But, over time, PCs were developed, various smartphones were created, and platform games went beyond the Nintendo or Sega Genesis. 

Our team of professionals can create platformer game art for any device. Our outstanding visual asset designs are compatible with a wide range of platforms, including consoles, PCs, mobile devices, and more.

We understand that only this approach leads to an adaptable, performance-efficient, and accessible gaming experience. And we’re ready to create such an experience with unique details for your game!

Mobile Platformers

Our designers can create both iOS platformer games and Android platformers.

While working on our projects, we always catch inspiration from notable mobile platformers and due to this, our team can create an unforgettable mobile gaming experience with engaging platforming challenges.

PC Platformers

Our team can create special 2D platformer assets for PCs and dazzling gaming experiences with special options for both desktops and laptops.

Also, our designers are always ready to feature high-quality graphics with visually stunning environments for your game.

Console Platformers

As console platformers are one of the most popular platformer games, our team can create awesome games for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

So, our team’s art designs are ready to provide unique experiences for your audience that can only be enjoyed on the console platform.

Multiplayer Platformer Games

Your online Match 3 game needs to look and feel great to keep players engaged.

Our art services are specialized in creating dynamic, immersive, and visually stunning art assets made specifically for this genre.

platformer character sprites

Looking for cool platformer characters for your 2D or 3D platform game?

Our team creates memorable main protagonists, friends, and enemies with special skills and looks.
From walking to jumping, we bring your characters to life with dynamic animations. 

Make your game unique with our platformer character designs!

Examples of Platform Games

From mobile to console games, from solving puzzles to defeating enemies, there are hundreds of outstanding simple platform games.
Thinking about classic and popular
pixel art platformers, people remember Super Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog series. But in modernity, there are some new pearls in the gaming world that should have more recognition from gamers.

These platformer games showcase a range of art styles, from pixel art to 2D and 3D designs. The art in each game is closely aligned with its unique theme and gameplay, contributing to the overall gaming experience.

Main Features
Apple Knight Action Platformer
Endless random levels, character customization
Fireball Wizard
Mix of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving
Unique, retro & futuristic pixel world, characters
Magic Rampage
Magical, bosses, fight, character customization
Dan the Man: Action Platformer
Endless survival, multiplayer


There are hundreds of great platform games available across different gaming platforms. So, the best platform game for the player may depend on their gaming preferences.

But all amazing platform games have challenging gameplay, emotional narratives, and creative-level design. In our team’s opinion, the best 3D platformers are Super Mario Odyssey, Hollow Knight, and Celeste.

A good 2D platformer always has several key elements. Among them are:

  • precise and responsive controls.
  • balanced difficulty.
  • engaging level design.
  • fluid animation and art style.
  • variety of gameplay mechanics.

Based on our team’s experience, we can define 6 steps.

Firstly, determine the setting, characters, story, and core gameplay mechanics. 

Secondly, select a game engine that supports 3D game development. We recommend Unity, Unreal Engine, and Godot.

Thirdly, create 3D models for characters, enemies, objects, and environments. You can use software like Blender, Maya, or 3ds Max.

Fourth, plan and design the game levels, including platforms, obstacles, and collectibles. 

Fifth, implement the core gameplay mechanics, such as jumping, double jumping, and other platforming actions. 

Sixth, last but not least, don’t forget to prepare your game for distribution on platforms like Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, or others, depending on your target audience and platform.

Platformer and RPG are two distinct video game genres, each with its unique characteristics. For instance, platformers are focused on movement and environmental challenges while RPGs emphasize storytelling, character development, and player choices. 

Also, platformers feature linear level design with a defined start and end point. In return, RPGs feature open-ended, nonlinear gameplay with expansive worlds or environments. 

Talking about characters, RPGs place a strong emphasis on their development, and platformers prioritize fast-paced, real-time action without deepening.

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