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Real-time strategies (RTS) are video games where players control units or armies in real time.
RetroStyle Games is a team of artists who make art for RTS games.

We are good at making art that is both high-quality and visually attractive. RTS games can be profitable, but only if they have good gameplay, story, and art.

RetroStyle Games can help developers make successful RTS games by providing them with the best art assets.

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Why Outsource RTS Game Art Design?

Outsourcing RTS game art design has many benefits for game developers. Art studios like RetroStyle Games have artists who are experts in RTS game art.

They know the unique requirements and style of the genre.
We both can succeed in making the art for the
best RTS mobile games and developing sketches and 3D models for PC RTS games.

Outsourcing lets developers focus on other parts of game development, such as coding and gameplay. This can save time and money. Game art studios often have a wide range of artists with different skills. This means developers can get the best possible art for their game.

External artists can bring new ideas to the project. This can lead to more innovative and unique visual art for new strategy games. Outsourcing also saves developers from having to manage an in-house art team.
By outsourcing RTS game art
artwork, developers can focus on what they do best: creating engaging gameplay experiences.

screenshot from survival city building RTS game, a small village with a lot of houses
a picture of an air balloon, 3D gaming background for RTS Game

RTS Game Art Design for Endzone

Endzone is an intriguing post-apocalyptic survival strategy game. Players must navigate the challenges of a devastated world to ensure humanity’s survival.

This setting offers a unique canvas for RTS Game Art Design, where artists can realize the desolate landscapes, resource management elements, and the resilient spirit of the survivors.

The visual representation of this harsh environment will play a crucial role in engaging players in the game’s story and challenges.

Our Experience with RTS City Building Games

How to make a strategy game?

First, you’ll need some art. Our rich history of creating art for RTS city-building games shows our proficiency in full-cycle art production.

One notable project involved collaborating with Hexagon Game Labs for the development of “Steampower 1830,” a game set in an industrial age backdrop. Through 3D modeling, we contributed significantly to the immersive city building game.

In another case, our 3D modeling outsourcing team took on the challenge of crafting twenty intricate 3D buildings for the upcoming building game, “SuperCity.” The city builder game art for this project was created with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that each structure fits into the game’s environment. This innovative RTS city builder is now available for download.

Our RTS/RPG Games Art Design Experience

Our team has experience in creating art for RTS/RPG games.

Even in a project like The Ranchers, which is not a typical RTS, we successfully integrated elements of the RTS game genre.
The game features construction elements that allow players to develop their ranch. Crafting machines and objects add a strategic aspect to the game, while resource optimization and ranch management give players the opportunity to make important decisions.

Top RTS Games

We will show you the table that presents the most outstanding examples of real-time strategy games.

This table will include top RTS games such as StarCraft II, Wings of Liberty, Age of Empires II, Company of Heroes 2, and others.
Each of these
new RTS games has brought its own unique experience to the world of gaming of media and has been remembered by players for its strategic complexity and captivating gameplay. Let’s start!

Best RTS GamesGamesRadar+JeuxVideoMultiplayer.itCGMagazine
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty5/518/209.6/1010/10
Age of Empires II5/514.8/209.3/108/10
Company of Heroes 25/517/208.8/108/10
Company of Heroes5/518/209.3/108/10
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak5/511.9/208.8/108/10
Age of Empires IV5/516/209.0/1010/10
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos5/518/206.0/10-
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition5/514.8/208.5/108/10

Recently we were contacted by Alex Kutsenok of Dreamspike Studios with information that “Bronze” was released!

Moreover – it was reviewed in one of the biggest USA games magazines – PC Gamer #210 (check out page 74) and currently it’s gaining a lot of positive reviews from strategy lovers from all over the world.

Natural Tiles

While “Bronze” can look somehow outdated and simplified nowadays – it really delivers on the strategy side of things and has this nice retro-felling of old good games.

We have created a large amount of seamless game tiles for Bronze to have enough assets to build a game map. There are more than 10-20 variants in each category: sea tiles, rivers, deserts, deposits, buildings, bridges, and misc environment objects.

Bronze strategy RTS game sprites example


The hardest thing was to keep everything seamlessly tileable and to build enough variations to natural tiles and their combination. Also, we have created more than 10 different buildings and other structures for players to choose from. In final “Bronze” game seems to have enough personality to stand out!

Bronze turn-based RTS strategy 2D game map & isometric tiles

In “Bronze”, from Dreamspike Studios, gamers have a chance to rewrite history. As supreme ruler of one of twelve historically based civilizations, the player is charged with expanding their civilization’s territory by creating Farms, Towns, Embassies, Ziggurats, and even Armies. Construction is as easy as a click, and in no time at all your empire can stretch from map edge to map edge.

You can read more about the “Bronze” game and try the Demo on the site of their published


A Real-time Strategy (RTS) game is a genre of video game where players construct and manage resources, build bases, and deploy units to explore and conquer territories, all in real-time. Unlike turn-based games, RTS games require players to make decisions and actions on the fly, often under the pressure of an actively advancing opponent.
Art in RTS games is critical to creating an impressive and easily navigable environment. These games usually employ a top-down or isometric perspective, providing players with a broad view of the battlefield and the strategic landscape. This perspective aids in planning tactics, managing units, and understanding terrain advantages.
RTS game art styles range from highly detailed and realistic to more abstract and stylized designs. Regardless of style, clarity in unit and building design is paramount, allowing players to quickly identify and differentiate between various types of units and structures at a glance. This includes making distinct visual distinctions between different factions, unit types (such as infantry, vehicles, and aircraft), and resource nodes.
The environments in RTS games are more than just a backdrop; they play an integral role in gameplay. Terrain types can affect unit movement, line of sight, and battle outcomes. Thus, art design involves crafting varied landscapes—such as plains, mountains, water bodies, and urban ruins—that not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also influence strategic decisions.
Moreover, RTS games often incorporate dynamic elements such as weather effects, day-night cycles, and destructible environments, enhancing realism and tactical depth. These elements require careful art and animation work to seamlessly integrate into the game’s world without detracting from the player’s strategic focus.
The goal of art in a real-time strategy game is to create an engaging, strategy-focused experience through clear, functional, and visually impacting design. This includes not only the visual presentation of assets and environments, but also the practical application of art to enhance gameplay, strategy, and the overall player experience.

Polytopia is a turn-based strategy game with minimalist but charming art style.

The game features a variety of different tribes, each with their own unique units and abilities.
Bad North is a real-time strategy game where you defend your island kingdom from Viking invaders.
The game has a unique hand-drawn art style that is both beautiful and atmospheric.
Total War Battles: Kingdom is a real-time strategy game where you build and manage your own kingdom. The game features detailed 3D graphics and a variety of different units to command.
Age of Empires: Castle Siege is a real-time strategy game where you build your own castle and army to conquer your enemies. The game features classic Age of Empires gameplay and high-quality graphics.

PC RTS games are complex games to make, and they require a lot of art assets, such as characters, buildings, environments, and units. It is often more cost-effective for PC RTS game developers to outsource their art to other companies.

WARNO, Iron Harvest, Company of Heroes 3 and Total War: Warhammer III are all real-time strategy games with impressive graphics. They have realistic and stylized art styles that are very well-rendered and detailed.

Modern city-builder games often require more realistic art than medieval city-builder games. This is because modern cities are more complex and have a wider variety of buildings and structures. Medieval city-builder games can often get away with more cartoon or minimalistic art.

The art style of RTS games is important because it helps to create the atmosphere of the game. A realistic art style can help to create a more immersive experience for the player, while a cartoonish or stylised art style can help to create a more fun experience.

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