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Game design is important for survival games because it will engage players. A well-designed survival game will have a variety of gaming components that work together to create a sense of challenge. The core mechanics of a survival game, such as crafting, building, and resource management, must be fun and rewarding. 

If players don’t enjoy the core mechanics, they will be less likely to stick with the game.

That’s why you’ll need to create visually pleasant art and design for your survival game, either way if its elements will be poorly drawn or the game will look like an artistic copycat – there is no way for you to gain an audience.

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Game Art Elements in Survival Games

In a survival game, players are placed in a harsh and unforgiving world. The game art is what can help to build a sense of realism, create the game’s atmosphere and tone. What art elements should you include?

The character art should be memorable, unique, and expressive enough to show their emotions and motivations. In a survival game, players often need to form a connection with their character, and the character art can help to set that connection.

The environment art should be detailed and realistic, and it should also be varied enough to keep the game world feeling fresh and interesting. This art can help to create a sense of scale and scope, and it can also help to set the game’s tone.

The items and equipment, as well as weapons and gear art, should be detailed to make players feel like they are interacting with the real world. It’s better to look up what kind of weapons, equipment (and everything else) people use in different environments and weather conditions if you want to add realism to your game. There is a significant advantage to putting a machine gun in a medieval setting, but will it be realistic?

You should also think about the process of crafting materials. It may not be as detailed as in Minecraft or Terraria, but if you want to build a good surviving game, it should have at least a basic crafting system. The options like “pick up the wood – find a lighter – build a bonfire” are a great way to create a somewhat realistic environment. Of course, all those little details should be designed to fit into this world. It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? To sketch and draw everything alone.
That’s why a lot of game developers use the services of game art outsourcing companies.

Case studies of our survival game art

We already developed art for some survival games – concepts, 2D and 3D art, assets, characters, and so on.
We’re really proud of making art for any kind of project, so we will share with you some cool examples of our art in survival games.

Last Pirate: Island Survival

We’re the creative minds behind the art and design of Last Pirate: Island Survival.
In this
wilderness survival game, left on a mysterious island, you’ll encounter everything from menacing creatures of the afterlife to colossal sea monsters like the Kraken and Godzilla.

Your crew’s fate hangs in the balance. The game has a day and night feature. During the day, if you avoid fighting zombies and bears, you’re safe, so you can use this time to make things and gather stuff. At night, you need to be careful because skeletons and the undead come out.

Your shelter is super important in the game because it keeps you safe from enemies at night.

A stormy seascape depicting pirates on a ship, with a bearded pirate captain in the foreground holding a cutlass, amidst raging waves and battling shipmates, epic survival game art

Realism in survival game art

Realism is an important element in survival interactive games. One way to achieve realism in survival game art is to use high-quality textures and models. Another way to achieve realism is to use accurate physics and lighting. 

For example, we have a collection of realistic 3D assets – Last Guns. These assets include weapons, vehicles, and environments. They are designed to help developers create realistic survival games. These assets are suitable for various subgenres of survival games, such as tactical survival, wilderness survival, or post-apocalyptic zombie survival games.

Most Common Application Areas

Art for survival games can be used to create a realistic and engaging world. Why should you do so?
Because without a pretty picture, people won’t be interested in gameplay. We can do a survival game in any genre and theme.

For winter survival games, art can be used to create a realistic and hazardous world. This may include snowy landscapes, winter animals like wolves, bears, and deer, and snow structures like shelters and igloos.

Wild West survival game can be made by creating an atmospheric and nostalgic world by crafting desert landscapes and railroad tracks to guide players.

Underwater survival games may include fish and other marine life to create a sense of life and movement, incorporating corals for a colorful and diverse underwater world, and incorporating ruins to evoke a sense of history and mystery.

For the vampire survival game, art can be used to create a dark and dangerous world. This may involve creating night landscapes to evoke a sense of fear and danger, featuring old castles to add a historical and mysterious touch, and introducing vampires as the primary threat.

Viking survival game art can be used to create Scandinavian landscapes, showing Viking buildings like longhouses and warships.

For survival games with dinosaurs, design may involve adding dinosaurs as the main threat (of friends, everything depends on your imagination!), adding landscapes of ancient Earth or imaginary planets to give a sense of time and space.

These examples show plenty of options available to create an interesting survival game. The various uses of art in different subgenres of survival games.
But the list of ideas may go on, and we can make art for any of them.

Survival Game Art Services for any Platform

RetroStyleGames is a leading game art design company that specializes in making art for survival games.
We offer a wide range of
game design solutions, including character, environment, prop, vehicle, and animation design.  

We have a team of talented artists who are passionate about building survival game art. Our team are experts in all aspects of game art production, from concept art to 3D modeling and animation.

We offer our services for all platforms, including PC, console, and mobile. RetroStyleGames have worked on a wide range of survival games, from small indie titles to big-budget AAA games.

Mobile survival games

Our services can help you to create a mobile survival game that is engaging and fun to play. We can help you design a unique game world, create realistic environments, optimize your game art for mobile devices, and so on.

PC survival games

We can help you create awesome environments for your PC survival game. We can also design unique characters, props, and vehicles. Additionally, we can design and create marketing materials for your game, such as trailers, screenshots, and concept art.

Console survival games

We are committed to helping our clients create the best possible console survival games. Our team works with you to ensure that your game meets the specific requirements of the console platform you are targeting.

Online survival games

Online survival games can be played on various devices, like computers, game consoles, or smartphones. We at RetroStyleGames can create designs that suit whichever platform you’re making your game for. We understand how online games work and will work closely with you to make sure the art we create is loved by your online gaming community.


To create a survival game, you’ll need to start with a unique concept and then proceed with game design, development, thorough testing, art and sound creation, balancing, and finally, release and community engagement.

A great survival game offers challenging gameplay, engaging environments, resource management, freedom for exploration, varied threats, progression, and replayability. These elements combine to create an engaging and memorable gaming experience.

A successful survival horror game combines atmospheric settings, limited resources, terrifying enemies, compelling storytelling, puzzles, player vulnerability, suspense-building, player choices that affect the story, and survival mechanics.

These factors contribute to a game that keeps players on edge and immersed in fear and tension.

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