2D Character Design Services

Our 2D character design services represent the art of creativity. We bring concepts to life through polished 2D drawings. Our company provides the art of a 2D game world where characters come to life in our clients’ custom-designed games.

2D game characters with good design
2D game characters with good design


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fantasy 2d wizard with mage cool staff for game

2D Cartoon Character Design

Cartoon style will continue to be one of the most popular styles for game characters for a long time. There’s no place for realism here; instead, all characters should be cute, charming, and vibrant to audiences of all ages. Adding a 2D cartoon character design to creative projects enhances their overall appeal and emotional connection.

In the competitive game industry, our 2D cartoon character design service is your gateway to unforgettable player experiences.

Simple 2D Character Design

Simple character drawing and concept art intertwine to bring forth characters that are both relatable and memorable. In their simplicity, they resonate deeply with audiences, making them a vital asset across our projects.聽

Through our simple 2D character design, we harness the power of less to create more meaningful connections.

werewolf 2d game character
2d cartoon knight fighting machine with sword and armor

Stylized 2D Character Design

The style of your character directly depends on the style within your game, whether it’s medieval, pirate-themed, or cyberpunk. The images crafted by character designers must align with the designated style and game setting.

We design unique stylized 2D characters for projects with distinct appearance and style to catch players’ attention.

Vector Character Design

At RSG, we redefine visual storytelling through our exceptional vector 2D characters design services.聽

The advantage of vector design is its ability to adapt seamlessly to different media and scales, including patterns and textures, creatures, and character illustrations, without sacrificing quality. The excellence of vector designs across platforms is ensured by their crisp lines, vibrant colors, and scalability.

crusader knight in yellow armour, vector character


2D 小haracters Pipeline
2D 小haracters Workflow
werewolf 2d game character
modeling characters workflow
2d character design pipeline



Low Poly

UV \ Maps



2D Character Design Software

In our company, professionals harness the power of cutting-edge 2D character design software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to bring their creative visions to life.

services with Adobe Photoshop
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Whether it’s shaping expressions, perfecting proportions, or experimenting with colors, our experts utilize professional software to transform ideas into compelling characters that transcend the boundaries of imagination. It’s a vital instrument in our quest to create characters that captivate, inspire, and leave an indelible mark.

2D Game Character Art Portfolio

Our 2D game art portfolio is more than just a collection of completed projects; it’s a journey our team of artists has taken, accumulating experience and bringing our clients’ ideas to life in game art.

Creating and executing projects of such significance is crucial to us, as they become the jewels in our portfolio’s crown, narrating even more about the expertise and skills of each artist.

Custom 2D Design Solutions

2D Character Design Sketch

Our skilled artists translate ideas into initial character concepts, capturing essence and personality in each stroke. These sketches serve as the foundation for captivating characters that become the heart of your projects.

Character Sheets

We create detailed reference sheets, encompassing various angles, poses, and expressions. These sheets streamline collaboration and ensure consistent character depiction across different contexts and media.

2d panda bear character sheet
2d girl with purple hair character game character design sprites
fantasy rigged 2D game characters animation sheet

2D Game Character Sprites

Seamlessly integrating art and functionality, we provide meticulously designed character animations that enhance gameplay experiences. From idle stances to action-packed moves, our 2D sprites breathe life into your gaming world.

2D Animations

Whether for cutscenes, UI elements, or in-game actions, our animations amplify the narrative and interaction within your project.



Our 2D character design team operates collaboratively to conceptualize and create characters for our games. They start by brainstorming ideas and sketching initial concepts. Once a concept is chosen, they refine the design, paying attention to details like appearance, attire, and personality traits. The team then translates these designs into digital illustrations, adding color, shading, and texture. Throughout the process, they iterate based on feedback from creative leads and playtesting to ensure the characters align with the game’s vision.

Our company’s 2D character artists possess a blend of artistic and technical skills. They are proficient in digital illustration software such as Adobe Photoshop (Main Design instrument) or Adobe Illustrator (Vector). Depending on the required style, they use Gigapixel AI, AI Midjourney, and AI Stable Diffusion with different models. Additionally, they understand color theory, shading, and lighting to give depth to their creations. Communication skills are also crucial as they collaborate with the design team and incorporate feedback effectively.

Once the 2D character design process is finished, the characters move on to the animation phase. The animation team takes the static designs and brings them to life by creating a series of movements and actions that fit the character’s personality and role in the game. These animations include walking, running, attacking, and interacting with the game environment. After the animations are finalized, they are integrated into the game engine, where they become an integral part of the gameplay experience.

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