3D Character Design Services

One of our main focuses is creating 3D character designs. As a character design studio, we strive to deliver exceptional, high-quality results to every client we work with.

Our 3D character designers are fully engaged in a detailed process.

One of our main focuses is creating 3D character designs. As a character design studio, we strive to deliver exceptional, high-quality results to every client we work with.

Our 3D character designers are fully engaged in a detailed process.

3d game character dwarf
3d game character dwarf

Our 3D Characters

3D game character with topology


Professional 3D game character design involves the creation of visually appealing and detailed characters design for video games. It requires a combination of artistic skill, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of game design principles.

We use all popular 3D tools for modeling and rigging to bring our characters to life. And, of course, we pay careful attention to factors such as anatomy, proportions, textures, and materials to create believable and captivating designs.


CG characters offer numerous advantages in various scenarios. Their versatility and flexibility make them ideal for film, video, and animation projects. With each CG character, you can achieve highly detailed and realistic visuals, thanks to their high polygon counts that surpass what is possible in games. Additionally, CG characters allow for advanced simulations, such as realistic hair and cloth dynamics, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your creations. 

Moreover, CG characters offer the convenience of easy customization, saving time and effort in production.

CG character featured in a video production


modeling characters workflow



Low Poly

UV \ Maps



modeling characters workflow


Elevate your project with our stylized 3D character designs. Our team specializes in creating captivating and unique 3D stylized characters that add a touch of artistry and creativity to your visuals. With a keen eye for stylization, we bring characters to life with distinctive shapes, exaggerated features, and vibrant colors. 

Whether you’re developing a game or animation, our stylized 3D characters will inject personality and charm into your project. Experience the power of stylization and make a lasting impression with our exceptional 3D stylized character designs.

stylized fantasy game cartoon creatures, monsters, creepy skeleton on colorful background


Regardless of the genre of your game, photo-realistic male and female character designs are essential features of various games. These can include sci-fi character designs, modern, or even medieval ones.

Our broad experience in realistic game art design will benefit in creating a unique and perfectly-crafted hero for your project.

realistic character design for games


Major companies utilize realism in game art creation for various game genres such as:

  • First-Person Shooters (FPS)
  • Simulation Games
  • Sports Games
  • RPGs
  • Adventure Games

Our company possesses a vast collection of realistic 3D models of characters in various game settings and genres, allowing us to create unique and distinct designs tailored to your project.


We use cutting-edge technologies in our work and have sufficient expertise in them. For instance, we use a CRM system to work with our clients. Our 3D character artists and animators have experience working with various programs, such as ZBrush, 3ds Max, Maya, and others.


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Artificial intelligence is increasingly penetrating into all spheres of our life. And our specialists at RSG are eager to use AI capabilities to improve our work processes. For example, we use artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and variability of our work in the concept stage for characters and gameplay elements.

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RetroStyle Games team has extensive experience in developing and creating isometric interiors, sprites, environments, and, of course, isometric characters design. Our isometric characters are often designed with clear silhouettes and bold, exaggerated features to ensure visibility and readability in the isometric games.

3D characters for isometric games, sculpt, draft, 3d model


Are you planning to introduce a character creation system in your game? Such a feature is quite popular in modern games, and users appreciate the ability to customize characters according to their preferences. However, it is essential to consider the aspect of character customization.

Our 3D artists always take into account the desires and ideas of clients and game developers, creating not only characters but also variations in facial expressions, clothing, and even hairstyles.


Blendshapes are a vital component in game character creation, particularly when it comes to animating facial expressions. These versatile tools allow for the seamless manipulation of a character’s facial features, enabling the portrayal of a wide range of emotions and character face expressions.

By blending and morphing various predefined shapes, such as smiles, frowns, or raised eyebrows, animators can breathe life into the character’s face, adding depth and realism to their interactions within the game world.

emotions blendshapes facial rig, body type blendshapes, character face


The variety of hairstyles makes game characters unique and distinctive. Whether it’s a character with big hair or short haircuts, the artist’s main task is to ensure that each strand looks realistic, just like the process of hair dying.

If you want to create a hairstyle in a game, consider the style that would suit your character. Special attention should be given to female characters with long hair in games, as well as if your game is based on the mechanics of making your own hairstyle in games.

3d hairstyles, hair dying, hairstyles for "make your own hairstyles games"


Of course, all game characters require 3D outfits. Every ​​3D character designer in our team knows how to ensure that the character’s appearance and attire align with the game’s atmosphere. Whether it’s a cruise on a liner or a mysterious crime in the depths of a forest, the characters’ clothing must correspond to the overall style and genre of the game.

We are not fashion designers, but our artists also strive to create an optimal number of diverse clothing sets for all characters, which can be mixed and matched to create unique outfits.

fantasy clothing outfits, stylized character ninja assassin outfit


Our game animation studio specializes in the development of 3D characters across a wide range of styles, catering to both photo-realistic video game protagonists and whimsical cartoon creatures. We offer a comprehensive suite of animation 3D character design services, including animating existing assets provided by clients and crafting characters from the ground up. 

The process of creating a 3D character design is intricate, involving the construction of virtual skeletons, skins, and textures, but it ultimately results in seamless and fluid animations. We also offer the capability for our clients to transfer animated game characters into game engines such as Unity or Unreal.

3D animated character render, warrior outfit


Unity 3D Characters for Video Games

We create various stylized and realistic 3D characters as well as environment assets of different complexity, doing rendering in Unity with Materials, Shaders and Textures.

Our 3D artists created a mass of unique exemplary 3D assets and characters for different game projects

pirate 3d characters sheet

3d modeling pirates charaters realtime models addon captain


3D Animal Characters

Our 3D modeling services include creating a great number of Real-time 3D animal characters, such as stylized dogs – bulldog, retriever, shepherd, beagle; wild animals – bear, polar bear, wild boar, fox, etc. All animal 3D models are rigged, skinned and idly animated.
dogs 3d models sheet
3d modeling character animals cartoon dogs basset sheltie
3d modeling realtime animals bear rabbit hog fox wolf

3D Character Models

The full cycle of 3D character modeling involves 2D concept creation, sculpting in Zbrush, further retopology of 3D model, texturing (using stylized or PBR textures) and final assembly in Unity or other game engine, including skinning, rigging and 3d animation.

We turn a sketch into a meticulously crafted and lifelike 3D character.

3d modeling boxer charater soccer players

3d modeling boxer charater soccer players

3d modeling boxer charater soldier

3d modeling boxer charater woman lowpoly

3d modeling boxer charater worker

3d modeling boxer charater realtime model

kimahri final fantasy low poly

3d modeling boxer charater worker

3d modeling boxer charater worker cartoon

horserider 3d model example


We create 3D characters with love and passion.
To learn more about our experience, please contact us


Certainly! When your character is fully prepared and adorned with a vibrant appearance, clothing, and accessories, it’s time to bring them to life. This is where our characters animation specialists step in. Body movements, facial expressions, flowing fabrics, and hair—after all these stages, the character is ready to become part of the game.

As a character’s foundation and bone structure, we use character concept art. Attention to detail at this stage helps our artists to create models that closely align with the client’s requirements.

You can confidently bring your ideas to us! Our character artists are capable of fulfilling any specific requirements, such as creating various themed skins, developing outfits that match the game’s atmosphere, and designing diverse customization elements. So, just tell us about your desires, and we will bring them to life!

It is important to us that you, as a client, receive as much information as possible about the progress of 3D character development. We always respond promptly to feedback and strive to incorporate any changes, keeping you updated on the progress that affects production. Our team has extensive experience in managing diverse projects, so we always aim to find an approach and establish an optimal mode of communication with our clients.

Our team of designers consists of over 10 skilled 3d character artists, and we are a tight-knit and friendly group. It is crucial for us to create a conducive environment for creativity and growth, ensuring that each artist feels valued in their contributions to projects and has opportunities to enhance their skills.

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