3D Environment Design Services

Creating innovative game 3d environmental design requires specialized skills and a creative approach.

Our team of artists offers 3D environment design services for various platforms: mobile devices, PCs, and gaming consoles.

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stylized 3d cyberpunk game environment
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Stylized 3D environment of a vibrant and whimsical room with colorful furniture, toys, and decorative elements, unreal engine 3d environment

Stylized 3d environment

Our team offers creative services for designing stylized 3D environments for your games. We provide a visual style, engaging scenarios, and meticulous attention to detail. Our environments integrate with game engines, ensuring smooth gameplay.

With us, you gain professional experience and access to modern technologies. Choose our services to give your game an unparalleled look and unforgettable character.

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Low poly game environment

For games on phones, we use a style called Low Poly that makes things look cool without overloading the device. If your target audience primarily uses mobile devices, the optimal choice is to utilize the Low Poly technique.

This style allows for the creation of detailed objects with a minimal number of polygons, making the game easily manageable for the mobile device’s processor while maintaining high-quality graphics. 

Our Low Poly game design service allows the creation of an engaging 3d game environment using objects with reduced polygon count.

This ensures optimal performance for mobile devices while providing your game with a stylish look, taking into account reduced computational loads.

"Stylized 3D environment depicting a vibrant pixelated coastal town with palm trees, buildings, cars, environment for 3ds max download
Realistic 3D environment depicting a subway station interior with digital displays, trains, and signage, subway assets

Realistic 3D environment

For games on computers and consoles, we use Realism which makes everything super detailed. We use advanced technology and creativity to make your game feel like a real, living world

Any 3d environment artist aims to create a hyperrealistic environment. Why?

A realistic 3d environment modeling is super important for your game! It makes players feel like they’re really inside the game.

Realism keeps them interested and having fun. It also helps tell the game’s story and makes players care about what happens. So, it’s a big part of making your game awesome.

Creating Environments: A Look at Our 3D Workflow

3D game environment design workflow
3D game environment design workflow

Our 3D Environment software

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Examples of 3D Environment

What sets our 3D environment portfolio apart is that we don’t just show finished works, but also provide a detailed description of the process behind the creation.

This gives our clients much more context than other outsourcing companies.
We go deeper into the internal working aspects and project intricacies, allowing you to better grasp our expertise and dedication to each task. Take a look at the
images yourself.

In our 3D Environment, details play an incredibly important role. We pay special attention to every component of a project, considering even the tiniest aspects.

This enables us to craft environments that impress with their incredible level of detail and authenticity. We believe that this attention to detail sets our projects apart, making them exceptional in quality.

3D Game Environment Projects

Promotional game art, two characters from MMO survival game, a fantasy landscape background

Fantasy 3D Environment, Characters & Sword Models | Coreborn

Explore MMO game art for Coreborn:

  • fantasy 3D environment,
  • character design,
  • 3D models,
  • RPG art,
  • NPC animation

Experience the 3D game environment of the future with our services.

Metro 3D Model Subway Platform, Subway Interior 3d station

Subway Environment and 3D Models

Discover versatile 3D assets for subway scenes:

  • From trains to stations
  • Game-Ready 3D game environment
  • High-Quality PBR textures and materials

Elevate your rendering with our premium services.

Cyberpunk Skater Girl Real-Time 3D

Futuristic Cyberpunk Game Environment

RetroStyle Games crafts Cyberpunk Skater Girl, a vibrant 3D character & environment, showcasing artistry & creativity for global clients.

Gaming Environment Design for 3D Room

Experience a vibrant blend of nostalgia, creativity and immersive design in the ultimate gaming environment created by RetroStyle Games.

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