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Outsourcing 3D game art is the process of making digital art for your mobile or PC game by collaborating with external contractors rather than maintaining an in-house team.

Many game development studios collaborate with 3d art outsourcing companies to make sure that their games look attractive to modern audiences.

3d game art outsourcing characters in different styles
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3d game art outsourcing characters in different styles
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3D game art︎ services

3D Modeling Art

Many businesses today rely on 3D outsourcing companies to turn their ideas into real products.

In order to create the best product for your project, our 3D modelers are prepared to do almost anything for your game’s success.
From characters and landscapes to weapons and vehicles, we handle it all. You may want to think about custom 3d modeling services if you want to get the best results.

3D Character Art

Our 3d game art modeling studio and skilled artists create 3d characters no matter what kind of idea you have.

From creepy dragons to glamorous ladies, we make sure that you’ll receive a high-quality 3D character design.

Our experience in 3D character game art shines through in every project. Our dedicated artists thrive on working with 3D game character models, carefully planning each stage of the process. 

3D Environment Art

At RetroStyle Games, our 3d art outsourcing environment design process begins with sketches and ideas to bring envisioned atmospheres to life.

We craft cinematic-quality textures for intricately designed backgrounds, so the game can narrate more clearly for better player interaction.

You can see our work by looking at our already-made outsourced 3D models, we always turn your ideas into something that will definitely get attention.

3D Animation Art

Looking for 3D game artists to bring your game’s visuals to life?

Our team specializes in game art & 3d animation services.

We produce everything in the field of design: from concept art to full-cycle game development.

We prioritize professional communication and efficient project management to make sure that your game storytelling is adequately put together. 

Our 3D Software

Our 3d game art studio is a place where talented artists create incredible virtual worlds. At RetroStyle Games, we’re committed to translating our clients’ visions into 3D game models. Our game development process is well-structured, including key steps to ensure excellence.

We use various software programs, like 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, and more, to deliver the best results.

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Game character design with 3DS MAX
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3d character design with Blender
3d and 2d character design services in Marvelous Designer
2d and 3d Character design services with Marmoset Toolbag
2d and 3d character design services with UVLayout 3D
3d character design services with program Topgun 3D
2d and 3d character design artwork created using Substance Designer
character designer company using Substance Painter
game character design agency with 3D Coat
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game 2d and 3d character branding agency powered by Unreal Engine

3D Game Art Portfolio

Our 3D artist portfolio shows the depth of our expertise, offering potential clients an insight into our work process. We believe that understanding the context and appreciating the nuances of each project is key to delivering outstanding game art.

When you hire RetroStyle Games, you’re not just receiving game art 3d assets, you’re gaining access to an experience.

We pay attention to the details of projects, making sure that every aspect of your project is carefully considered and executed to perfection. 

Our 3D Game Art Custom Solutions

If you think about finding a 3D art studio, you should know that it’s important to determine your game’s style, requirements, timeline, and budget.

Why are our outsourced 3D modeling skills the best way for you to succeed in the gaming industry?

RetroStyle Games, a trusted 3d outsourcing partner, guides you from concept to integration. Our artists excel in art game 3d Animation, Concept Art, 3D Game Characters, Game Environments, 3D Hard Surface Design, and much more.

Our core tools: Unity and Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), two industry-preferred, multiplatform game engines, both freely accessible. 

Unity & UE4 Game Engine Assembly

Creating games requires being a master in blending different elements into a composition using various software. This is a process in which every detail plays its role, bringing amazing worlds and stories to life.

Unity Game Development

For most RetroStyle Games projects, Unity is what we usually work with. We can confirm that Unity is a game developer’s dream, especially for indies, adventure games, simulations, and puzzles across various platforms.

Unity offers an intuitive development experience. Its user-friendly interface allows visual, code-free alterations, and you can see changes instantly. The asset store enriches your prototypes and games with advanced functionalities and shaders.

Our approach involves design in Unity and code written in C#. Unity is free across all platforms, and approved by 50% of developers, making it a fantastic choice for almost any type of game development.

Unreal Engine 4 Game Development

Our versatile toolkit enables us to develop anything, be it a shooter, strategy, or any other genre. With these engines, the possibilities are boundless, and we are equipped to create games that cater to various tastes and preferences. While we have less experience with Unreal Engine compared to Unity, our knowledge is substantial. We’ve developed Cyberpunk Skater Girl using UE4, and here’s what you should know.

Unreal Engine can be used with various platforms, offering creative freedom and market recognition. UE4’s photorealistic graphics find applications in films, advertising, architecture, and simulations. You can work in C++ or use Blueprint, a visual scripting system, or blend both.

If you aspire to create remarkable, successful games, UE4 should top your list. Its beginner-friendly features, like Blueprint, make game logic accessible without coding.


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