3D Modeling for Games: Character Modeling Services

RetroStyle Games specialize in everything from isometric 3D modeling and rendering to real-time 3D character design, CG animation, and level design. We’ve got you covered with all your 3D game model needs – props, vehicles, weapons, and more.

And don’t forget that we also have strong skills with Unity 3D and Unreal assembly, and our testing services are second to none.

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Our team develops 3D artwork for any game project.

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Small to medium-sized Indie and top Game Developers.

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3D Isometric: Modeling and Rendering

RetroStyle Games is experienced in the area of isometric 3D game art creation, and our team is prepared to execute full scope projects starting with initial concept/modeling and ending with final assembly of an isometric sprite by layers.

Isometric Room 3D Modeling Rendering How to Make Mobile

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3D Character Modeling for Games

RetroStyle Games excels at making 3D Characters in Zbrush. Our 3D artists can sculpt detailed 3D Characters and render them in real-time while using Physically Based Rendering (PBR).

We also offer animation services and can Rig, Skin and Animate 3D models of animals, humans, and monsters. See examples of our 3D Characters and Real-time 3D sprites below:

Real Time 3D Modeling Characters Portfolio Archer Face Mobile

CG Animation and Rendering

RetroStyle Games also makes exceptional CG cinematic characters and shorts. Our customers are welcome to choose between realistic 3D character designs and cartoon stylization. These characters can be used in CG trailers, shorts, cinematic trailers, promo, creative works, ads, etc.

See examples of our CG Cinematic 3D modeling work below:

CG Animation 3D Modeling Rigging Skinning Rendering Mobile

Our team uses clever 3D pipeline with in-house render farm setup. We use custom scripts to speed-up and automate processes. Which allows to reach best balance between price, quality and speed.

Environment 3D Modeling Level Design Low Poly Props Top Mobile

3D Game Environment Art and Level Design

RetroStyle Games is known for outstanding environment and level design. We can bring your environment concept art to life by focusing on perspective, lighting, and storytelling. Own 3D and 2D games done with Unity (40+ million downloads) gave us huge real experience that we can use in our clients’ projects.

See examples of our level design and Environment 3D modeling for games below:

3D Game Models - Props, Vehicles, Weapons

RetroStyle Games creates a variety of 3D assets and game props for large game developers and small studios. Our team is ready to make 3D weapons, vehicles, ships, and other high-quality 3D assets for your projects.

See examples of our 3d Assets and Game props below:

3D Assets Game Models Props Weapons Vehicles Ships Mobile

Game FX and Simulation / Rigging and Skinning

RetroStyle Games also offers FX, Rigging, and Animation services. Our artists are ready to animate and rig stylized models, cartoon characters, animals, and monsters. Our high-quality FX, rigging, and animation services will help to make your projects and games go viral.

See examples of our 3D Stylized Characters and Rigging Animation below:

Game FX Effects Rigging Skinning Animation Ragdoll Simulation 3D

Unity 3D / Unreal Assembly and Testing

First-hand experience in video game development allows RetroStyle Games to excel at Unity/Unreal Assembly and testing. Our clients can rely on our technical expertise in asset compilation within the game engine.

Game Engines Unity 3D Unreal Assembly Quality Assurance Mobile

Last Pirate: Island Survival

Last Pirate Survival Pistole Skeleton Bear Axe

Last Pirate: Island Survival – our free pirate adventure simulator! Your pirate ship was wrecked. Crew members fall out and get lost. Your love is in danger and starving. Set fire. Clean your sword from rust. Build a shelter and craft barricades. Protect yourself from dead zombies and skeletons. Hunt for animals. Evolve as a pirate and search for hidden treasures on a survival game.

Create Your 3D Models for games with RetroStyle Games

We are the team behind RetroStyle Games, and we’ve got your next 3D game art project covered. Our 3d game modeling services guarantee:

  • Outstanding Custom Design
  • Expert Team of 3D Designers
  • Transparent Communication
  • Smooth Animation
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • End to End Support

Our 3d game modeling services are designed to meet your needs from start to finish. We guarantee our work will be done on time and within budget so you can focus on what’s important – creating great games!

Frequently Asked Question

FAQ 3D Modeling for Games

What type of 3D Game Assets do you create?

Our team of experienced artists is talented in creating game assets including graphics (3D characters models, environments, logos), backgrounds, and special effects. Many tools and resources are available to create your own three dimensions game assets or use assets already developed by professionals.

How Long Does it Take to Model a 3D Character?

For professional 3D modelers, the modeling process normally takes from 32 to 160 hours. Shaping and texturing of 3D models might take up to 15 hours. One character model can last approximately 100 working hours before being completed. However, depending on whether the model will have more polygons, this time can vary. 

Can I See Examples of 3D Game Assets You Have Created?

Of course! You can dive into our site, especially the portfolio section, where you can find detailed descriptions of our case studies on 3D models and various game assets.