Game Outsourcing Animation Services

There are many reasons to consider using RetroStyle Games for your animation projects. We provide animation services to help breathe new life into characters, environments, and 2d/3d objects. We show the movements of characters. Our animators add identity, realism, and emotion to mobile games.

Animation projects combine many types of movements. RetroStyle Games is a company that designs animations for mobile gaming and interactivity.

3D Game Animation

We are specialists in 3D animation of objects and characters in mobile games. Our 3D animation studio artists know all about animation principles. 3D animation company RetroStyle Games makes the warrior punch or the monster moves on all paws. We prepare the characters for animation and then animated them. Our 3D animation services are engaged in animation not only for characters but also for anything.

Our 3D animation studio creates game-ready animation assets. We have many well-balanced artists with art assets knowledge and idea. RetroStyle Games uses all the latest trends, industry standards and basic technical concepts such as character customization, rendering, lighting, compositing and rigging.

CG Game Animation

RetroStyle Games outsource animation services to bring your project to life with animated videos and models. We have a lot of experience in creating characters, props, environments. Our animated 3D models are suitable for games in different genres.

You will save much time and resources thanks to our animated models developed by one of the best 3D animation studios. We animate props, objects and characters using motion graphical technique. Our 3D animation has been used to create many video games.

2D Animation Services

In this era dominated by 3D games, quality sprite-based 2D games are rare. RetroStyle Games sprite artists create 2D character animation pixel-by-pixel, building grand patterns. Our 2D animation studio packs details and personalities into each frame. Results of character animation are interesting poses and unforgettable animations.

Spine Animation

RetroStyle games create and deploy super cool animated characters for mobile games. 2D spine animation character goes through the specific steps required to transition from a raw source image to a fully walking character with vivid secondary motion effects. Our 2D animation services work with character spine animation.

The Choice Between 2D and 3D Game Animation

We release animated videos and animated objects based on our game art. Our animation services are proficient in 2D and 3D animation at a high level. Professional game animation artists know the technical aspects of both three dimensional space and two dimensional space.

There are many differences between the two animation techniques such as visual style and many others. Some of the main factors are budget, audience, and time. Regardless of the preferred style, a project may require one method over another. Sometimes, 3D capabilities are more useful than 2D possibilities. We are a high-qualified animation outsourcing team in the game art business and video game industry. RetroStyle Games is focused to its clients.

We create 3D animations with love and passion.
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