Character Animation Services

Character animation is important in various media, including games and animations, impacting many industries.

Our skilled animators can give characters unique expressions, gestures, and movements.
Partner with us, a
character animation studio, to animate your games professionally.

Character animation is important in various media, including games and animations, impacting many industries.

Our skilled animators can give characters unique expressions, gestures, and movements. Partner with us, a character animation studio, to animate your games professionally.

Our Character Animations

Facial Animation services for 3D and 2D Characters

Lifelike Facial Expressions Animation

We can make realistic facial expressions for animated characters. Our expert team combines an understanding of facial anatomy with advanced animation techniques, including the use of blendshapes, which allow for precise control over facial movements.

Our animations also capture subtle eye movements and blinks that convey thought and emotion, while secondary actions like eyebrow movements and nostril flares add further realism.

Skeletal Animation Creation

Our team excels in skeletal animation, a technique that involves creating a digital skeleton and attaching it to a character’s mesh or skin. Each bone of the skeleton is linked to specific parts of the mesh, allowing for realistic movements and expressions.

Starting with rigging, where we define the bones and their connections within the character, using a combination of forward and inverse kinematics for naturalistic movements, so the characters can be believable. 

2D and 3D Animation for Building Skeletal Animation
Animate Any Character Rig in 3D or 2D with outsourcing studio

Custom Animation for Creatures

At RetroStyleGames, we specialize in custom animation for a variety of quadruped creatures, from mythical beasts to sci-fi entities drawn in different poses.

We use advanced rigging techniques to build complex skeletal structures that can handle the natural movements of quadrupeds, whether it involves running, jumping, or magical transformations.

We focus on ensuring that every quadruped creature we animate has a full range of expressions and motions, allowing them to interact believably within their virtual environments. 


3D and 2D Character Animation Pipeline: A Start-to-Finish Process
Game Character Animation Workflow

3D Game Character Animation

We can provide you with 3D character animation services crafting lifelike characters.

Creating a 3D animated character starts with 3d modeling and rigging so the joints and muscles move naturally.

If you’re redeveloping an existing game or creating a new one, RetroStyleGames helps with 3D animation services for any project

3D Character Animation Services, Character Animation experts

2D Game Character Animation

At our character animation company, our experienced animators specialize in creating detailed 2D characters.

Our team uses state-of-the-art software to create animations that range from simple animated character movements to complex sequences involving multiple elements and interactions.

You will get 2D character animation for your game with outsourcing studio

Our Portfolio: Animated Characters in Any Style

At RetroStyleGames, our portfolio showcases a wide array of animated characters designed to suit any aesthetic preference or project requirement.
Character animation portfolio in producing character animations across various styles including:

  1. Cartoon character design, 
  2. Realistic, 
  3. Anime, 
  4. Low poly.
  5. Pixel, 
  6. Minimalist, 
  7. Roblox, 
  8. Chibi animation.


Discover the versatility that defines our work at RetroStyleGames.

Custom Animation Tools and Technologies

At RetroStyleGames, we use the best tools and technologies. We specialize in both 2D and 3D animations.
We often utilize Spine for 2D animations and Maya for 3D projects.

Hire our experts if you need to complete a unique project.


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Artificial intelligence is increasingly penetrating into all spheres of our life. And our specialists at RSG are eager to use AI capabilities to improve our work processes. For example, we use artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and variability of our work in the concept stage for characters and gameplay elements.

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Game Character Animation for Various Genres

Whether it’s the strategic planning required in RTS games, the environments of RPGs, or the fast-paced action animation of platformers, our animations can fit in everywhere. Each genre demands artistic approaches and animations that we create to match the game’s theme and gameplay dynamics. 


At RetroStyle Games, we offer character animation services designed to create animations for combat, death, or any other. See how we can transform your game’s characters into dynamic, living entities.

Combat animation

At RetroStyleGames, our combat animations infuse thrilling realism into every game.
We specialize in making attack animations that show a variety of fighting styles and weapon impacts.

Our magical casting animations are designed with gestures and visual effects to highlight the power and mystery of each spell.
The death animations provide a dramatic and satisfying conclusion to combat encounters, reflecting the intensity and consequences of battle. 

Advanced Character Animations

At RetroStyleGames, our approach to advanced character animation is rooted in an understanding of both the art and technology of animation tools. From pre-production planning to final output, our process ensures every frame is purposeful and impactful. We use sophisticated techniques such as space switching and manipulation to create transitions and detailed movements within our animations.

Our animators excel in using the camera effectively, enhancing the staging to make sure each scene is set perfectly within its environment.
The integration of body mechanics is pivotal, allowing for realistic and fluid motion that resonates with viewers on a visceral level.

We also focus on baked animation to optimize performance without sacrificing quality, ensuring smooth playback on any platform. Advanced polishing techniques are applied to refine every detail, from the subtle twitch of a muscle to sweeping gestural movements, heightening the realism and emotional impact of our characters. Environment and composition are not just backdrops but are integral to the animation, interacting with the characters to enrich the storytelling. 

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Social media and promotional character animation

Our animation company specializes in creating engaging character animations for social media and promotional campaigns. Our expert animators can create your mascot that speaks directly to your audience. Whether it’s a playful jump, a thoughtful nod, or a dynamic dance, our mascot animations are designed to grab attention and make a memorable impact.

We understand the power of visual storytelling and use our animations to enhance your online presence. These character animations are made to strengthen your brand.

amazon monkeys game character animation



Character animation is creating characters with movement and expression, often using techniques such as keyframing, motion capture, and procedural animations.

Character design in animation involves creating the visual appearance, personality, and behavioral traits of an animated character, ensuring it suits the narrative and style of the project.

The look of video game characters is typically created by a team of character designers and concept artists, who work closely with animators and modelers.

The cost for a high-quality animation character rig can vary widely, typically ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

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