Game Character Concept Art

Our concept artwork outsourcing studio has significant expertise in delivering art services that have contributed to the commercial success of many well-known video games. We have passionate video game concept artists who are also pros. They will help you with any video game artwork that you need.

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Character Illustration Art

A personage helps you to tell the story. Character designers make heroes memorable. Haiku Games is one of our loyal clients – we have collaborated for more than 15 projects. RetroStyle Games team of concept artists and talented game designers met the client’s vision and technical specifications. Our experienced artists created a great collection of characters illustration for Haiku Games. The vast majority of characters are designed in realistic style in line with miscellaneous game genres – adventure escape, hidden object puzzle adventure (HOPA), quests, etc.

Female Character Concept Art

Character design – along with the game idea – is a part of all games. The role of the protagonist designer entails creating the whole concept of the hero, its visual appearance, and style throughout the entire game. Male character concept art is more prevalent in games. Nearly 80% of video game protagonists are male. But female character concept art is becoming more in-demand with developers due to the increasing numbers of games with female protagonists and side heroes. We are highly qualified in female character design. Our projects include an array of stylized and realistic female characters.

Realistic Character Design

In fact, the game character serves as one of the key elements that draw а player into an experience that is more than just a game. If a character in a game does not develop throughout the entire game, it might not be called a good character. For example, if a character in a game starts with an initial status and at the end of the game still remains in the same personality state, the game character is doing a poor job. The main purpose of creating a game character for a video game is to ensure that the players can interact with the character on a complex level through the way it acts or sounds.

Therefore, character design is of utmost importance. There is a variation of character concept design such as sci-fi character concept art, modern character works, evil characters, medieval character concepts. Photo-realistic male and female characters are vital features of various game genres. Realistic Character Design is one of the character concept art styles. Sometimes a game plot (e.g. Game of Sultans, Games of Thrones) is thoroughly built around family affairs and protagonists’ interactions. Our broad experience in realistic game art design will benefit in creating a unique and perfectly-crafted hero for your project.

Fantasy Character Concept Art Hero Academy 2

Fantasy Characters – Gamer Art for Hero Academy 2

Our vast experience of Fantasy Character Concept Art is reflected in the development of more than 100 characters for Hero Academy 2. This enjoyable CCG comprises a great amount of stylized, cartoon characters illustrations. Follow the link to discover the project in depth and fantasy character style. A game character is central to the success of a game and is a core parameter in determining the liking and popularity of a game.

Fantasy 3D Character Concept Art Celtic Tribes

3D Character Design – Celtic Tribes

Along with 2D outsource concept art services, our team makes 3D Character Design. We have successfully brought to life a lot of stylized protagonists like a warrior, princess, wizard, archer, priest, and other members of the Celtic Tribe community. Statistics show that creative art assets of the characters are more noticeable in games than bad/weak design characters. Hence, it’s important to design a good game character, and capture the player’s attention and invite them to play your game. Explore our Behance Gallery of Celtic stylized character works to get more examples on final pose rendering.

Realistic Pirate Concept Art Chinese Captain

Realistic Pirate Concept Art

Our collection of 3D models and 2D Illustrations comprises a great number of Pirate Characters, designed thoroughly in a realistic style. Pirate character outfit concept art is an important thing to show the elegant atmosphere of those times. Character design helps provide a complete game narrative and engagingly connects the story with the audience. Our experience in Pirate Concept Art will enrich your games as well as books and covers with high-quality realistic Pirate illustrations in various settings.

Fantasy Character Illustration – Storm Wars

The guidelines of game characters creation in game design is the importance of design and story. Motivation, good design, and background are important parts of designing and game development. Our game art outsourcing studio got pleasure working 350 Game Character images for Storm Wars CCG. Our concept artists and game designers team experts in character concept art created unique fantasy creatures based upon specific design requirements. Scalability is the distinctive feature of our M.O. We can seriously grow our game art services, increasing the project from 10 illustrations to 350 at light speed.

Collectible Card Character Concept Art Storm Wars

Character Concept Artist For Hire

Working hand-in-hand with us will deliver your client expectations and cost-saving, high-quality visual development, and efficient scaling of your art team. We fully understand customer requirements and use our expertise and skills to make impressive deliverables.