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We at RetroStyle Games specialize in bringing your virtual heroes and heroines to life. With a mastery of concept art character illustration, we breathe life into every pixel, crafting intricate details that transcend the screen.

From the initial spark of character concept art to the dynamic character poses, we create a visual narrative that resonates. Enter a world where imagination meets skill, and where character concept art pose becomes an artful language of storytelling.

game character concept art featuring a versatile dragon creature, cyberpunk girl, fox with glasses, chicken warrior in dynamic poses
game character concept art featuring a versatile dragon creature, cyberpunk girl, fox with glasses, chicken warrior in dynamic poses


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brown-haired female character in heels concept art

Female character concept art

Explore our captivating collection of female character concept art. Our concept artwork celebrates the beauty and strength of female characters, from fierce female warriors to mysterious witches.

Dive into the world of character concept art as we redefine traditional renderings of women. Each piece encapsulates the essence of womanhood through complex detailing and powerful storytelling. Discover a new perspective on female characters and their roles in the realm of game character art.

Male character concept art

Recognizing the significance of male character concept art in gaming ventures, our concept artists wield their creativity to give life to captivating male characters. By sculpting every aspect: from facial features, male anatomy to outfits, those characters become iconic and instantly familiar to players. Male character concept art enriches game universes and captivates a diverse audience.

From brave heroes to enigmatic anti-heroes, these characters add depth and dimension to storytelling. As boys and gamers alike seek out strong male characters to admire, we create visuals that resonate and leave an indelible mark on the gaming world.

character creature concept art illustration of a Tiger MMA fighter, Kung Fu Panda style

Сreature character concept art

With a team of visionary concept artists, we breathe life into extraordinary creatures, each meticulously designed to evoke awe and wonder. From fantastical beasts to otherworldly entities, our creature concept art brings imagination to life.

With years of experience, we’re adept at merging artistic prowess with an in-depth understanding of anatomy and storytelling. Unleash your imagination with our unparalleled creature concept art services.

Stylized character concept art

The intention behind stylized character art design is not to replicate realistic appearances and proportions. Stylization can range from subtle and selective, as seen in this project, to pronounced and exaggerated, as observed in other games. 

Crafting a stylized character involves manipulating shapes and textures, along with incorporating or omitting elements to capture a specific ambiance. This introduces a distinct set of hurdles compared to the process of designing a lifelike character.

cartoon stylized character concept art, medieval black girl with a sword in armour

Fantasy character concept

In today’s gaming world, the importance of fantasy character concept art cannot be overstated, especially in RPGs. Our expert concept art brings complex imagined characters to life.

From powerful fantasy female character concept art to charismatic male fantasy character concept art, we delve into the realms of imagination to create characters that resonate deeply with players. Take your game to new heights by letting our team of character concept artists guide you in creating stunning fantasy characters.

Sci-fi character concept art

Step into the future with our sci-fi character concept art service. Our team of skilled artists specializes in bringing futuristic visions to life. From sleek cybernetic beings to intrepid space explorers, we craft characters that embody the essence of science fiction.

Through intricate detailing and innovative design, we breathe life into characters that inhabit distant galaxies and advanced technologies.

modeling characters workflow




character concept art workflow: Book a call to get the best concept art character illustration

reference collection

ai generations using mj/sd (optional)

Concept art

collage or sketching

The process of working on a game concept art consists of simple steps:
  1. Reference collection
  2. AI generations using MJ/SD (Optional)
  3. Collage or sketching
  4. Concept art

We Use the Best Concept Art Tools for Game Designers

From industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop to specialized vector tools like Adobe Illustrator, we leverage the power of digital artistry. 

services with Adobe Photoshop
illustrator app icon expertise of game art outsourcing studio
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Logo Stability Ai for game art & character creation services

Our artists also use AI toolkits such as Gigapixel AI, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion to speed up character and environment design.

Whether it’s sketching, painting, or sculpting, our toolkit empowers us to translate imagination into stunning visuals, ensuring our concepts stand at the forefront of innovation.

Character Сoncept Art Portfolio

Our portfolio is a testament to the importance of creativity in the art of game-making. This curated collection showcases a range of character concept art examples. Each portfolio page features effective storytelling through design and tools. From intricate character concept art poses that convey emotion and action, to the elegance of simple character concept art that leaves a lasting impression, our portfolio showcases the diversity of characters.

Characters are at the heart of any game’s narrative, and our portfolio demonstrates our commitment to creating characters that bring stories to life and resonate with clients and art directors.

Our concept art characters:

Dive into the captivating world of our concept art characters. Our skilled artists bring imagination to life through every sketch and stroke, crafting characters that span from the realms of the cartoon to the dynamic energy of animated worlds. With a keen understanding of animation, our artists infuse each character with movement and personality.

fire magic cartoon characters sheet, concept art
stylized panda and fox character concept sketch illustration

Explore the boundless creativity of our cartoon characters concept art and discover the magic that our team of dedicated artists brings to the art of storytelling.

Unleash your ideas with our cutting-edge concept art characters. Venture into the realm of futuristic innovation with our robots concept, where intricate machinery and advanced technology collide in stunning visuals. Immerse yourself in the neon-lit world of Cyberpunk characters, where our character concepts capture the gritty allure of a dystopian future.

military small mech combat humanoid robot character concept - drawing
cyberpunk character concept with smart weapons - drawing

Create Stunning Characters with Our Concept Art

Elevate your creative projects to unparalleled heights with our services. Through our character concept sketches, meticulously crafted by the industry’s best character concept artists, we turn ideas into living, breathing characters.

Our expertise in concept art character design ensures that each creation is a testament to innovation and storytelling. Let us be your partner in bringing imagination to life, turning visions into stunning characters that will captivate and resonate with audiences.


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