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We are on a mission to provide the best game concept art outsourcing service in order for our clients and customers be able create any kind of artwork they need. We are the professionals when it comes to game character concepts. We have trained extensively with industry knowledge about how things work nowadays and will bring your vision for a one-of-a kind piece of art alive through our skilled concept artists, who can captivate even novice gamers!

5 Game Projects in Year

Game Character Illustration Art

A personage helps you to tell the story. Character designers make heroes memorable. Haiku Games is one of our loyal clients – we have collaborated for more than 15 projects. RetroStyle Games team of concept artists and talented video game designers met the client’s vision and technical specifications. Our experienced artists created a great collection of characters illustration for Haiku Games. Most characters in games are designed to look realistic and match the style of the game. This includes adventure escape games, hidden object puzzle adventures(HOPA), quests, and other genres.

Female Concept Art Characters

Female concept art character is becoming more in-demand with developers due to the increasing numbers of games with female protagonists and side heroes. At our studio, we are highly qualified in female character design: Get high-quality, custom female character concept art for your next project. Work with a team of experienced artists who will take your vision and bring it to life. Our project manager knows the importance of deadlines and always works to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget. Rest easy knowing that you’re working with a character art studio that takes pride in its game art services and put the customer first.

We understand the dynamics of realistic Female anatomy and we know how to create Characters that are both attractive and fierce. Our projects include an array of stylized female characters that are sure to catch your eye:

Realistic Character Design

What is a game without its characters? Realistic game character is one of the key elements that draw players into an experience more than just playing games. Players want a character to develop throughout the game and be interesting. The purpose of creating a game character is to make sure that players can interact with it in complex ways.

There are different types of character concept art, such as sci-fi, modern, evil, and medieval. Photo-realistic male and female characters are vital features of various game genres. Realistic Character Design is one of the character concept art styles. Sometimes a game plot (e.g. Game of Sultans, Games of Thrones) is thoroughly built around family affairs and protagonists’ interactions. Our broad experience in realistic game art design will benefit in creating a unique and perfectly-crafted hero for your project.

Realistic Pirate Concept Art

Our company has a large collection of Pirate Characters designed in a realistic style. Pirate character outfit concept art is an important thing to show the elegant atmosphere of those times.

Realistic Pirate Concept Art Chinese Captain

Our experience in Pirate Concept Art will enrich your games as well as books and covers with high-quality realistic Pirate illustrations in various settings.

8 Pirate Character Art Designs in a Diverse Range of Styles

Fantasy Concept Art Characters

A game character is central to the success of a game and is a core parameter in determining the game’s liking and popularity. Fantasy character concept art helps to set the tone and style of the game, and it can also give players a taste of what to expect from the game’s cast of characters. Looking for fantasy concept art characters? Our team of talented artists create fantastical characters that would be right at home in a medieval fantasy world.

Fantasy Character Concept Art Hero Academy 2

Fantasy Characters – Game Art for Hero Academy 2

Our vast experience in Fantasy Character Concept Art is reflected in the development of more than 100 characters for Hero Academy 2. This enjoyable CCG comprises a fantasy character style with great amounts of stylized, cartoon characters illustrations.

3D Character Design – Celtic Tribes

Along with 2D outsource concept art services, our team also provides 3D Character Design services. We have successfully brought to life a lot of stylized protagonists like a warrior, princess, wizard, archer, priest, and other members of the Celtic Tribe community.

Statistics show that creative art assets of the characters are more noticeable in games than bad/weak design characters. Hence, it’s important to design a good game character, and capture the player’s attention and invite them to play your game. Explore our Behance Gallery of Celtic stylized character works to get more examples on final pose rendering.

Fantasy Concept Art Male Character Celtic Tribes

Fantasy Character Illustration – Storm Wars

The guidelines of game characters creation in game design is the importance of design and story. Motivation, good design, and background are important parts of designing and game development. Our game art outsourcing studio got pleasure working 350 Game Character images for Storm Wars CCG.

Our concept artists and game designers team experts in character concept art created unique fantasy creatures based upon specific design requirements. Scalability is the distinctive feature of our M.O. We can seriously grow our game art services, increasing the project from 10 illustrations to 350 at light speed.

Collectible Card Character Concept Art Storm Wars

Character Concept Artist For Hire

Working hand-in-hand with us will deliver cost-saving, high-quality visual development, and efficient scaling of your art team. We fully understand customer requirements and use our expertise and skills to make impressive deliverables. In the competitive world of video games, character art is what makes-or-breaks the game. To get quality character art for your projects, you need to hire a concept artist who knows the industry, is a creative powerhouse, and also a pro. Contact us to hire concept artists that will work skillfully and effectively to create art that your project requires for success.

Frequently Asked Question

3d model cost FAQ

What character concepts have you created for mobile games?

We have an extensive portfolio of characters in various styles for various game genres. There are fantasy 2D illustrations for collectible card games like Hero Academy 2 and Storm Wars, 3D racers for Cyberpunk Skater Girl and Night Racer, fantasy 3D characters for Celtic Tribes and Zomby Run 2, cartoon-style 3D for MOBA Magic Arena, realistic 2D illustrations for Allied Spies, The Covenant, and Solve It in the ‘hidden objects’ genre, and many-many more.

Have you ever had to create a character that matched the style of an existing game?

We do it all the time! We either provide full-stack game art services or create characters that match the style and atmosphere of an existing game perfectly.

What is your process for creating character concept art?

We have a smooth and effective process for providing concept art services that we follow. First, we find out the game concept and the client’s vision for the character: the client might have specific requirements and ideas they want to realize or they might fully rely on our take and want us to come up with something unique and fitting for the game — in any case, we’re on it.

Then, our artists search for different ways to envision a character, put together a reference board, and make drafts. After that, we improve the drafts and draw a selection of character variations to present to the client. We discuss the art with the client and make alterations if necessary.
Finally, the concept art is ready to be converted into a full 2D or 3D art the game needs.

Is it worth spending more money on getting better concept art for my mobile game?

This is a basic storytelling rule: characters are everything. Only the games that hook the player with unique and likable characters, stand a chance to do well on the market. With a simple design of casual mobile games, quality video game concept art is what comes to the forefront. Our artists exercise their creativity and passion while employing their strong skills and extensive experience in the industry to create characters that will make the player want to be around them — and play the game.

Do you have a characters portfolio of your works that I can review?

Definitely! You can check out our many projects in the Characters section of our portfolio. You will find 2D and 3D work our artists have done for games in various styles and genres.

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