Game Concept Art Services

Concept art services are the cornerstone of turning your game ideas into reality.
At RetroStyle Games, we specialize in creating the visual concepts that breathe life into your game designs. As a top-tier concept art outsourcing studio, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality services that not only meet, but exceed your expectations. 

Our team of talented artists can transform your game concept into stunning visuals, whether you’re imagining a futuristic world, a fantasy land, or an adventure.

Join us on a journey where concepts become art – discover the benefits of our concept services today.

stylized characters and creatures game concept art
stylized characters and creatures game concept art


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Mobile game concept art

Transform your mobile game visuals with our specialized concept art services.

At our concept art studio, we’re dedicated to creating awesome concept art for games.
Our skilled artists focus on every detail to bring your mobile game concept to life.

PC Video game concept art

Let our expert video game concept art services unlock the potential of your PC video game.

Get different art styles commonly used in PC game concept art.

This can include topics such as realism, stylized art, pixel art, and more.

animal deer female character 2d concept art

Character concept art

Want to create an entire concept, design, and style from scratch for a new game character?

We create compelling characters art that immerses players in your game’s narrative with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of storytelling.

From heroes and heroines to villains and creatures, our gaming concept art brings your character concepts to the forefront. Improve your concept art in games with our expertise.

Game environment concept art

From lush forests to futuristic cityscapes, our artwork breathes life into virtual environments, setting the stage for epic adventures.

With meticulous attention to detail, our environmental concept art transforms ideas into immersive realities, making your game environments come alive.

isometric room like in tycoon game, game environment concept art
isometric video game building concept art, green palace with forest and fence

Prop concept art

Explore the significance of prop concept art in the world of video games. At our concept art studio, we recognize the pivotal role that props concept art plays in enriching gaming experiences. These meticulously crafted visuals bring in-game objects and items to life, enhancing immersion and storytelling. 

This attention to detail not only adds realism but also sparks player curiosity, making props concept art a cornerstone of successful video games concept art.

Concept art portfolio

In the world of game development, concept art portfolios are the lifeblood of creativity and collaboration.

And for us, a concept art portfolio is the place where we create concepts for landscapes, characters, environments, and props. It is our calling card, showcasing the ability to envision and create worlds that resonate with players.

Creating and executing projects of such significance is crucial to us, as they become the jewels in our portfolio’s crown, narrating even more about the expertise and skills of each artist.

Try Our Sketch-to-Render Outsourcing

As one of the leading concept art companies, we strive to pay attention to all stages of creating high-quality concept game art. This is especially true when it comes to characters, where concept art plays a crucial role.

stages of concept art, including sketch, drawing, render. female warrior

Our concept art studios employ various techniques to craft stunning visuals that lay the foundation for storytelling and game design. 

Here are four primary methods we utilize in the creation of concept art:

  • Sketching for Concept Art

Rough, quick sketches to explore ideas, compositions, and general feeling visualization in ProCreate, Krita, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

  • Refining (Drawing)

Refine character designs by working on details, general shapes, and trying different color pallets.

  • Concept Art Painting

Painting is a pivotal phase where artists add color, texture, and depth to their creations, establishing a pre-final art look and feel.

  • Render

Finalization of highly detailed and realistic concept art, offering a clear vision of the product already enough to proceed with 3D character production or use in the promo.

Among the multitude of concept art studios, always choose the one whose experience, professionalism, and talents impress you the most. And we would be delighted to collaborate with you and make your project extraordinary for millions of gamers.


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