Game Icon Design for 2D and 3D

The best game icon designers are at your disposal. If you want high-quality custom game icons we assist you in meeting your project planning goals and deadlines and offer top-notch icon design services.


App Icon

A Game Icon is the first you see. No matter it is App Store, Amazon or Play Market. App Icon is the face of your product. It can either attract customers or play against you. Here is the right piece showing how a proper app icon design can fire up your game:

zr screen app icon ASO effect500k downloads per day mostly due to App Icon optimization!

Our scope of expertise includes app icon design for slots, assets and others, starting from concept to polished image. See more examples of our icon artwork below:

  • App Icon Design Target Archer Shooting
  • Design App Icon Cartoon Zoo Tiger Animal
  • Design App Icon Survival Last Pirate Skull
  • Design App Icon Fantasy Card Character
  • App Icon Design Examples iOs Android

Slot Machine Icons Design

Being fun and straightforward slots are at the forefront in the world of online casino. We design unique slots with stylized or realistic assets and icons. RetroStyleGames team pays much attention to UI-UX and GUI design as well in order to get a gripping and user-facing product.


IAP - In App Purchases Icons

Gaining different items like lootboxes, gems, chests, boxes, bags and resources is part of gameplay. A well-crafted game should be attractive and appealing from A to Z. Our brains find pleasure in shopping. Virtual “shopping” is not an exception. Consequently, In App Purchase Icons should be eye-catchy and enticing user to buy them. Our Team has developed bright and high-flying IAPs icons for huge amount of games, including series of SEGA Sonic runners.

Game IAPs Icon Set Chest Gems Boost

Match-3 Icons

Casual games (solitaire, cards, puzzles, etc) are ranked as ones as the most frequently played and downloaded. They are easy to play and colorful. We develop match-3 icons for games in any requested art style. And using any theme: Halloween, fantasy, pirate adventure, farm, fruit, vegetables and so on. Each 2D tile, chip, card, or puzzle is literally hand-crafted! Also we help with art production for mid-core games, ranging from rogue-like solitaires (Shadowhand) to heavily illustrated CCG games (Stormwars, Hero Academy 2).


Match-3 Stylized Game Icon Animal Drop Blast GUI

Realistic Icons

Every captivating RPG has a well-developed inventory system – tool kits, weapons, compasses, medallions, kerosene lamps, pickaxes, etc. Resources are other game assets, that make it challenging and interactive. Our team can design a unique and high-quality asset 2D icon: a vat of gold, sapphire, water, wood, bottle, elixir, ancient tablets, potion, leather, paper and so on.

Realistic Design Icon Inventory Library GUI
  • Equipment Resources Design Icon TNT Compass Sword Lamp Torch
  • Inventory Icon Design Weapon Tool Gold Potion Axe

Cartoon Stylized Icons

Evidently, comics stylized games evolved in a separate genre. Inventory library as well as the game itself is usually designed in a cartoon and illustrative art style in line with famous comics. Originated from French comics Asterix and Obelix have become popular characters of video games. For us it’s always a pleasure to work on projects of such caliber. Our 2D artists and designers will develop a great set of inventory or slots icons for your cartoon or comics-based game.


  • Stylized Cartoon Game Icon Food Cake Axe Trumpet Bust Horn Stone
  • Stylized Cartoon Game Icon Weapon Food Armor Sword Horn Stone Trumpet

Survival Game Icons

Survival game is a popular subgenre of action games. Player-character is set in an open-world, hostile environment and has to survive. For that purpose a player has to collect different tools, resources, weapons. Survival Inventory Library is usually designed in minimalistic style. For our game Last Pirate we developed a set of survival resources icons stylized according to the scenery – deserted island. So, the inventory system includes bottle, coconut, fish, wooden stick, rope, bone, stone, hook, axe, etc.

Survival Pirate GUI Design Flat Icon Action
  • Survival Game Icon Food Armor Flask Bottle Potion Stone
  • Survival Game Icon Weapon Gun Axe Pistol Knife

Spell and Skill Icons

Fantasy world with integrated magic system is the most popular setting for RPG (e.g. Diablo, Final Fantasy), as well as the source of inspiration for CCG developers. Teleportation, necromancy, kinesis, Eye of Sauron, fireball, tornado – these are the examples of spells and skills that a magic system may include. Our Team created a great amount of spell images and fantasy character concept art illustrations for Storm Wars Collectible Card Game.

Explore more by clicking the link below 350 Character Illustrations for Collectible Card Game

Icon Design Card Boost Spell Skill GUI

Haiku Inventory Library

Game icon design is a solid part of our activities. RetroStyleGames created a multitude of app icons for Haiku Games. Haiku Inventory library embraces a great collection of realistic icons and inventory assets as well as hidden object icons, exclusively designed for Haiku escape and quest games.


Realistic Design Icon Inventory Library Hidden Object GUI

Frequently Asked Question

FAQ Game Icon Design

How can I make sure my game icons are unique?

Of course, all the icons should be unique. By creating a custom icon for each game, we do it by utilising bright colors, abstract designs, negative space, mascot characters, geometric shapes, emblems, textures, silhouettes, meaningful symbols, and contrasting backgrounds for mobile game icons or any kind of app icons.

What is the process for creating custom slot game icons?

Like any other process of developing and creating images for a game, casino game icons our artists begin with the preparation of sketches and concept art. Our team, having extensive experience working on such projects, creates not only icons but also slot game UI, which is important for future players.

What type of game UI services do you provide?

In order to provide our users with an immersive gaming experience, our team provides a range of services for the user interface in games. Among our main game UI services is the creation of mobile game icons for various genres of mobile and PC games. In our portfolio, you will find examples of survival game icons as well as fighting game icons and much more. So don’t waste your time and follow the link.

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