Game Logo Design

Our artists have a profound understanding of the principles of graphic design and designed logos for a variety of video-game related projects. The core objective of logo design is to create a logo that is memorable and fits with the aesthetic and theme of a game.


Game Logo Design Concept Title Main Menu Last Garden

Game Logo Title Creation Process

The logo creation process consists of several stages. First of all, our artists brainstorm ideas and create rough sketches. The second stage of the process consists of coloring, spacing, and other graphic design techniques. Artists put final touches on the logo during the final stage of the process and determine which option is optimal in the context of a game.

Font for Game Logo WIP Dangerous Life of Fred

Our artists always test different combinations of fonts to determine which option is optimal for a specific game. The overall importance of this process should not be underestimated because font selection may make or break the way a game logo is perceived by users.

Gaming Logo Concept Ref Draft Variant WIP My Gym

Logos used in other games may be used as references when creating unique logos. It is always beneficial to learn from the competition to determine what works well and identify which graphic design techniques attract the attention of players. Distinct elements of logo design may also be altered to create logo variants.

Ref Font Style for Game Logo Draft WIP Last Garden

A well-designed title screen may leave a lasting impression. Therefore, our artists always make sure that title backgrounds are memorable and eye-catching. The image below illustrates the transformative work of our artists that used reference logos from other games to identify perfect fonts, created logo variants, and finalized a logo design.

Font Style for Game Logo Draft WIP Variant Testing Paths

A black and white logo is optimal for a game developer interested in a minimalist logo. All of the logo variants for Paths: Desert Island were thoroughly tested in different color combinations. Our team used A/B testing to determine which logo variant is more likely to facilitate clicks and app downloads.

Game Logo Сreatives Variant Screenshots WIP AppStore

Slot Machines Logos

Slot machine logos should always be eye-catching because of the need to attract potential users. Our team tested a variety of logos for a project titled Diana Diamond and settled on a color palette that accentuates the slot machine game’s luxury aesthetics. Please check out the examples of slot machine logos created by our artists for different projects:


Slot Machines Logo Concept Draft WIP Diana Diamond

Cartoon and Stylized Logos

Cartoon and stylized logos have recently gained tremendous popularity, and our artists were provided with opportunities to create various kids game logos. We always make sure that a logo created by our artists is aligned with the game’s overarching theme.

Hidden Object and Quests Logos

The experience of industry-leading developers of hidden object games and quest games illustrates the importance of effective logos. Our artists created impactful title screens, backgrounds, creative, and game logos for a broad range of projects in these genres.


HOG HOPA Game Logo Design Secret Spy Adventure

Adventure Games Logos

Logo design plays a prominent role in the success of every adventure media franchise ever since Indiana Jones. Our artists seek inspiration by conducting research and analyzing the best logos in this genre to create remarkable Adventure Game Logos that should satisfy the needs of clients.

Adventure Game Logo Last Pirate Survival

Casual Games Logos

Proficient logo design is particularly important when it comes to casual games because of the need to appeal to different demographics and grab the attention of users. The central objective is to make sure that a game logo stands and the design style should be selected depending on the type of a game. Our artists designed app logos for casual games, match-3 games, and solitaire games, which contributed to the success of these projects.


Experimental and 3D Logos

The competition in the mobile game market is tough, and the adoption of an experimental or a 3D logo may give a project an edge. Our artists achieve impressive results by blending 2D and 3D art. Promo art based on the mixing of 2D and 3D is likely to leave a lasting impression and attract the interest of potential users. Please check the examples of some of the logos created by our designers.

Game 3D Logo Design Concept Variant Celtic Tribes

RetroStyle Games offers a broad range of graphic design services, and our artists have demonstrated their expertise in the area of logo design. Feel free to contact our team if your project is in need of an outstanding logo.


Frequently Asked Question

FAQ Game Logo Design

How do I create a custom gaming logo?

If you want to create a gaming logo, first of all, you need to brainstorm ideas and create some sketches of your future custom logo. Then comes coloring, spacing, and other graphic design techniques in which our artists have extensive experience. Simply follow these few steps or trust the professionals.

How can I make sure my gaming logo looks perfect?

No one can create the perfect gaming logo the first time. You need to make enough effort and create more than a dozen options, of which perhaps only one will turn out to be perfect. Check that the shapes and designs of the game logo are legible, even in small sizes. On the other hand, your logo should look perfect in bigger sizes.

What are the steps for designing a custom gaming logo?

The design process of creating gaming logos might be easier for you if you follow these steps that our design team has developed:

  • Select a mascot for the game.
  • Choose a perfect font.
  • Add some 3D shadow.
  • Fill in the gaps between design elements.
  • Add some badge shapes.
  • Show up the logo.
  • Organize the logo files.

So now you’re diving into the process of creating a great gaming logo design in a few easy steps that are great for both beginners and professionals.

What type of font should I use for an eye-catching gaming logo?

You should always try and test, like our artists, different combinations of font styles and color schemes to determine which option is optimal for your game and style. Font selection is a very important part in gaming logo designs and you may make or break the way a game logo is perceived by users.

What type of gaming logo should I choose?

It all depends on the style and genre of your game. Our team of artists has extensive experience in creating professional gaming logos for various projects: Slot Machines, Hidden Object, Adventure Games and many others. The logo type you choose will affect the overall mood of the game, as it is the first thing players see when they decide to immerse themselves in your game world.

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