Gaming Backgrounds Art Outsourcing

RetroStyle Games excels at the creation of background and environment illustrations for game projects. We can work on projects of all sizes and difficulty levels. Our artists can create gaming backgrounds and concept art that are either epic and highly detailed or minimalistic.

To help you meet your project planning goals and deadlines, we deliver the highest quality game background services.

Game Background Environment Concept Art Level Design Dragon

The process of art creation consists of several key stages. First and foremost, our artists create sketches and draft versions of backgrounds. Our artists also gradually add additional details to improve the level of detalization.

Making of Game Background Level Design Island

A team of 3-5 artists may work in parallel on a specific project, and the process is guided by a lead artist that assembles art pieces to produce a cohesive result.

Making of Game Background Intro Battle Royale

It is not unusual for our team to cycle through 5-10 ideas before settling on a winning idea that is most likely to satisfy the demands of clients. We always test our backgrounds and illustrations to maximize their impact.

Game Background Realistic Environment Concept Art Interior

Realistic Environment Concept Art

Our artist team is also experienced when it comes to the creation of realistic backgrounds and environments. We created backgrounds for various hidden object and adventure games and brought the vision of game developers to life.

We are ready to create concept art and illustrations for AAA games. You can check out the examples of adventure game backgrounds created by our artists.

Fantasy Adventure 2D Game Background HOG Choose Lost

Fantasy Adventure HOG Backgrounds

Our artists worked on a set of projects in genres like fantasy adventure and quests. Our art portfolio is highly diverse, and you can check out the examples of eye-catching pirate ships and castles created by our artists. Some of the 2D backgrounds were inspired by works like the Game of Thrones, and we make sure that all the illustrations are visually consistent.

Game 2D Background Slot Machine Treasure Fruit

The quality of the art is vital when it comes to slot games because eye-catching backgrounds help to attract the attention of users, and we worked on several projects in this genre.

Game Background Environment Casual Solitaire Match-3

Game Background Casual Environment

One should not underestimate the importance of high-quality 2D backgrounds in casual projects like Match-3 Games, solitaire, and other card games. Users are less likely to be invested in the game if backgrounds and illustrations are stale and lack quality, and our team can be trusted to deliver high-quality backgrounds, level maps, and level design. Our artists also can replicate the art style used in games like Gardenscapes, Toon Blast, and Fairway Solitaire.

2D Game Cartoon Stylized Background Pirate Zoo

Cartoon Stylized Backgrounds

Stylized and cartoon art gained popularity over the last few years and our artists are always ready to create cartoon backgrounds and characters in vector graphics software. Our artists are also skilled in animation and use Spine to create skeletal 2D animation. The style may be used for different types of games and different purposes. Rick and Morty is one of the examples of an Adult Swim show that managed to utilize a cartoon style while focusing on adult topics. Stylized backgrounds and illustrations were also effectively utilized in games like Shank.

Blending 2D 3D Modeling Background Environment Concept Art

Stylized Background Blending 2D 3D Modeling

The video game industry is highly saturated, and game developers must adopt new strategies to stand out from the competition. For instance, game developers may utilize stylized, low poly, or experimental backgrounds in their games. Our artists excel at the low poly technique and use 3D models and sceneries as foundations when painting to ensure that low poly elements are visibly recognizable.

Our team is ready to work on projects of different scale and complexity. We are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding 2D backgrounds and illustrations and already created more than 100 backgrounds in various styles. Feel free to contact RetroStyle Games if you enjoy our works and require art outsourcing services.

Set 2D Game Stylized Background Environment Concept Art