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Specializing in 2D art in various forms, our art team started focusing on breathtaking game backgrounds, and loading screens. As a result, eye-catching content changed the atmosphere of our games for the better and paved the way for improvement.

Also, an indicator of the audience’s attention became much higher due to the desire to gaze at new unique elements. This is the long-term effect your video game can get now after integrating bright and dazzling game backgrounds and loading screens into your game concept.

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Background Concept Art

For us at RetroStyle Games, the concept art for the game backgrounds is an important part of the game art creation process.

Our process starts with research. Then background concept artist creates initial sketches. These early concepts lay the groundwork for the final artwork.

Gaming background 4k of a breathtaking castle amidst mountain vistas

Hidden Object Background Art

The significant place of this genre holds a hidden object art.
Mostly, gamers focus only on the background, trying to find necessary details. In this case, an interesting game experience is impossible without using unique backgrounds.

We have already created several game projects with hidden object backgrounds. Now, we easily develop challenging settings such as merchant shops or gloomy castles. They are very popular, and it’s also easier to hide objects in these settings.

Realistic Game Backgrounds

The crucial element in improving the game experience is the use of realistic video game backgrounds. They don’t just add depth and details to the whole concept but also boost authenticity to virtual worlds making them indescribable.

This significant detail improves player engagement and enriches their gaming adventure. Also, video games with realistic backgrounds let the game art team showcase their excellent artistic skills and hone their craftsmanship.

Adventure Game Backgrounds

Adventure game backgrounds should evoke a feeling of being present within the game’s world. Players can reach this heightened level of immersion only with authentic and captivating backgrounds.
They have the capability of drawing players deeper into the game’s narrative.

Players can explore ancient ruins, traverse sprawling cities, or venture into uncharted wilderness, and the background art always will attract their attention and boost the game experience.

Fantasy Game Backgrounds

Gamers can’t imagine fantasy worlds without special allure which include magic, mythical creatures, and epic quests. Only fantasy background images can bring these fantastical worlds to gaming life.

Fantasy background images are so significant because they can bring new worlds to life and provide clues and hints, hidden secrets, treasures, obstacles, and challenges.

These settings plunge players into the rich tapestry of storytelling and make them want to play the game over and over again.

Cartoon Game Background Art

With our expertise, creating captivating cartoon game background art is a very engaging process. We bring colorful and whimsical worlds to life, catching the audience’s attention and immersing them in delightful experiences.

All people enjoy cartoon games and carefully scrutinize all the details of the game concept. Our art team respects these sincere emotions and creates game backgrounds that capture the charm of traditional cartoon aesthetics.

Gaming Background laptop gaming with idyllic countryside home, tea set, and rolling fields

Game Level Background Art

Players keep an eye on engaging game levels only when they showcase visually stunning and thematically cohesive game-level backgrounds.
These backgrounds serve as the canvas upon which the journey unfolds, setting the stage for challenging gameplay.

The art team crafts a huge variety of game-level backgrounds to establish the atmosphere, provide context, and guide the player through each level even without words.
It’s very important to draw the audience further into the game world using bright colors and captivating background details.

Vertical Game Maps

Vertical game maps were a breakthrough in the game-developing world. Nowadays, they include extraordinary details and captivating bright backgrounds to boost the audience’s attention.

Usually, vertical game maps are used in casual and puzzle games. In this case, realistic game backgrounds act as guides from level to level.
What’s even more important, they push gamers’ attention too far with every moment and become more and more attractive and bright, encouraging the audience to pass challenges without rest.

Animated Game Background

Animated game backgrounds have a unique sense of dynamism and realism within the game world. We know from experience that these animations add depth and get people to pay attention to moving elements.

The overall visual style and animated game backgrounds create one seamless synergy with the audience’s mood and preferences. It requires a combination of artistic talent and technical expertise, but in our team, skilled animators have worked closely with the art for many years and know how to build trusting relationships with gamers through animations.

Quarantine 2D Background Infirmary Stadium Epidemic Plague

Backgrounds for Quarantine

Games about zombies and epidemics are slowly seizing more and more platforms and finding their realization in the gaming industry.
Anyway, video game loading screens and game backgrounds play a crucial role in creating a cohesive style even in stories about apocalypse or post-apocalypse.

Regardless of the chosen art style, our artists work on creating unique backgrounds and loading screens for every project, adhering to the client’s comments, the audience’s preferences, and modern trends to achieve the perfect result.

Casual Game Background

If you want your audience to feel calm and relaxed, casual game backgrounds with vibrant colors, playful designs, and charming details are the best decision.
Whether it’s a cozy café or a bustling city street, these backgrounds capture the essence of casual gameplay due to the visually inviting environment.

A casual background doesn’t require a deep understanding of the trends or techniques.
The target audience appreciates this kind of gameplay for its simplicity and engaging experience.

Video Game Loading and Splash Screens

Video game loading screens should look eye-catching to make the progress of loading not so boring for the player. They act as a preparational stage to connect a gamer with the virtual experience and give him a few seconds to calm down and relax. 

Games that integrate loading screens with different dynamic animations and concept art are much more successful now compared to other video games.
Regardless of the setting, the
loading screen backgrounds create a more connected visual experience for the player.

Casino Background Art Creation Services

Without a careful blend of creativity and understanding of the art of the casino niche, creating the perfect casino background is impossible. 

Our casino game background art services encompass a lot of iconic features such as a wide range of elements and gaming objects.
slots background art is getting more and more attention every year. Not in the last place such progress happens due to our supporting many branches in this genre and creating outstanding visual elements for them. 

We also want to present a few main types of games for which we have experience in creating slot backgrounds:

  • Traditional Slots

They are known for their simplicity and straightforward gameplay, making them a popular choice among both new and seasoned players who enjoy a nostalgic experience.

  • Video Slots

They suggest an extensive range of high-quality themes and engaging animations for slot machine backgrounds, including ancient civilizations, and more. 

  • Fruit Machines

These games typically feature fruit symbols such as cherries, lemons, oranges, and watermelons.

  • Multi-Line Slots

These slot games often come with bright backgrounds such as breathtaking jungles or impregnable deserts that enhance the potential for big wins and create a dynamic and engaging background slot gameplay experience.

  • Progressive Slots

These games feature a jackpot that increases over time as a small percentage of each wager is added to the jackpot pool.


When searching for a background artist for hire, firstly, review their portfolio to assess their style, quality of work, and suitability for your project.

Secondly, take note of their background artist portfolio including experience, versatility, and ability to meet deadlines.

Thirdly, communicate your project requirements, discuss rates, and clarify expectations before finalizing any agreement or contract.

There are several types of backgrounds in 2D games. Based on our experience, we often deal with creating backgrounds for casual genre games.
We also actively work on creating situational backgrounds for various in-game events like Christmas or Halloween. 

Each type of 2D background has its own advantages and can be used to achieve different visual styles and gameplay effects. But it doesn’t matter, whether you are creating a shooter or an adventure platformer, your game needs to have breathtaking backgrounds because they play a pivotal role in players’s interest and engagement.

Every responsible art team should never treat game backgrounds as mere decorations that serve no purpose for the game.
They are always part of the gameplay or even level design that directly impacts the player. It is important to consider the following:

  • Background elements interact with the gameplay mechanics and influence player actions. 
  • They act as reference points or serve as indicators for hidden paths, secrets, or points of interest, encouraging players to explore the gaming world.
  • For platformer games, backgrounds also serve as backdrops for elements, allowing players to jump or climb on various objects or structures within the environment.

Incorporating the UI layout into the background design process ensures a consistent visual style and cohesive aesthetic throughout the game.

Our team try to design background elements to complement and harmonize with the UI elements, creating a seamless and immersive user experience.


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