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Mobile games UI UX development is one of the most important steps in the new game creation by RetroStyle Games team. The standard game design model employs is to establish the plot, characters and art of the game first, but good UI UX design can alleviate many problems of how the user interacts in the game.

The game should have an intuitive design, with informative, visually and technically integrated features into the gameplay. The intuitive interface allows the player to dive deeper into the gameplay and helps users navigate, find information and accomplish goals. UI UX design services consist of many elements, they can be divided into four classes: Diegetic UI, Spatial UI, Meta UI, Non-diegetic UI.

Game User Interface Runefall Match3 GUI

Icons, Slots and Interface Elements

RetroStyle Games team places important games UI elements of the view in the direction of the gaze (on the diagonal from the upper left corner to the lower right corner). Our designers use bright informative images, complemented by text. We divide visual information into groups by tasks. Our UX designer places familiar elements in the interface. We break complex and multifunctional screens into simpler ones with an optimal volume of information that’s a mark of good design UI. Different icons and slots were developed by our graphic design team in many projects.

UI Slot Design Texas Сowboy Western

Game UI UX Design Process

Game designer, interface artist and designer of RetroStyle Games development team participate in UI UX development. Mobile Game designer describes the required functionality. The interface designer creates a draft by the UI and UX description. Interface artist is engaged in drawing small details, game windows, buttons and other elements following developed layouts. Details should be a key consideration in UI UX designing. Our UI/UX services are always detail-oriented.

Non-diegetic UI and Diegetic UI Game Design

Non-diegetic UI is simply superimposed only for the player. For example, a meter that shows life, a level map, a menu that helps to navigate through activities and assets.

A diegetic UI that is in the world of the game and also on the screen. Diegetic UI is a part of video games UI. It is a basic viewable UI design element to opponents and is explained by gameplay and story. Game characters can use it. For example, sometimes a gamer’s HUD is shown as part of a character’s equipment often inside of a hamlet or costume, gadgets of character with physical stats and information. They are part of the game space and plot.

Non diegetic UI Design for Сasino Roulette

Heads-Up Display is visible UI/UX information during gameplay. HUD is an important assistant in the digital environment to expand user experience. HUD gives information to the gamer. HUD is a visual display of the hero parameters:

  • health level
  • amount of ammunition
  • inventory
  • score board
  • mini-map
  • contextual tips

All icons should be simple, understandable and visible. Convenient HUD, non-diegetic and diegetic elements developed by our company.

Meta UI and Spatial UI Game Elements

UX & UI created by Retrostyle Games uses Meta visuals and Spatial elements. Meta – visuals that are still not specific information. For example, screen blood drops indicate that hero is injured, and desaturation indicates that it is time to use a unique ability, color filter that overtakes a player’s field of view and denotes a change in resources. Materials like blood, dirt, cracked glass, scrolling text that is part of the story.

Spatial — all elements that are not anchored to the screen such as highlighted line. That indicates the path a player’s vehicle should follow or text labels that hover next to a video game object. Elements of the UI are presented in the game’s 3D space regardless of whether they are the essence of the real game world.

UI UX Game Design Logic

RetroStyle Games UX designer uses the fundamental logic rules for the UI design: do not cover the screen with a large number of different elements (buttons, pictures, check-boxes). Our UX design mechanics do not negatively affect the structured information in the interface.

All our UX design elements are uniform – this allows the user to reduce the time spent on a game task and avoid mistakes. Our mobile game UX design supports feedback with the player through the interface. Mobile games user interfaces contain a minimum of text fragments. RetroStyle UI designers use icons and pictograms. Our UI presentation of information is attractive to the player. Our team always has better UX design solutions for any project.

UI UX Game Design Logic PIXI Battle

UI UX Game Design Consulting Services

We help clients develop an optimal UX UI game interface so they know what they need to do and why they need to do it. It may involve bringing new-age interfaces to life in their mobile games. Our experts analyze the strengths and opportunities to improve your UI. We use proven methods to gathering insights about both high-level and detailed UX UI design questions.

We can develop the best UI UX design for your game. Explore how we approach the art and science of UX designing game applications that fulfill user needs and satisfy your company goals. With a holistic process, we tailor your game app to users.

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