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RetroStyle Games — is a company of geeks and crazy profy of Game Design. We started as a small crew, providing 2D and 3D outsourced design for big companies and indie teams. Now, we are UI/UX design studio and also game developers with our own games and mind-blowing experiences.

We like AAA-projects, but we still remember small, cozy games from childhood, where there were huge pixels and such a huge atmosphere. You can say “it’s just nostalgia”. But this nostalgia created wonderful products that we still remember. This nostalgia inspires us to create memorable projects, which conquer players’ hearts.


Game User Interface Runefall Match3 GUI

UX to UI what is this and where is the difference?

The first main step in designing a new mobile game — is creating an accessible and unique menu. The UI (User Interface) design combines user experience, main theme, and gameplay. UI — it’s actually a visual interface which helps user to play game. But we cannot talk about UI without mentioning UX (User Experience) — the logical thread inside the game, between the levels, which helps user to navigate from place to place. So UI — is more about aesthetic look users interact with. UX — about journey players through the game. UX and UI are always connected and one cannot be without second.

Our UX UI designers are the guru of creating ideal UI UX Design. And here we want to tell you how this magic works and show some game ui examples.


Mobile Game UI

UX UI development is one of the most important parts in creating mobile games. RetroStyle Games crew don’t stop on the basic set developing ui design for mobile projects, such as establishing the plot, characters and the art of the story. We dive deeper, trying to get inside the user’s head and see the game with his eyes. How does he interact with the product? What issues could prevent him from enjoying playing?

Our game ux designers are trying to prevent any users’ questions. They create a perfect gaming skin with intuitive design, which allows the player to fully immerse into the gameplay, navigate and accomplish goals.

Non diegetic UI for Haiku HOG

Game UX UI Design Process...

How does it actually work? In video game ui design involves game designer, interface artist and designer. Together they form a RetroStyle Games Development team. =)

Firstly, mobile designer describe the required functionality. Then, the interface designer draws the draft, full of small details, windows and buttons. UI/UX services are always detail-oriented, that is why all parts in the game user screen are highly needed.

UI Slot Design Texas Сowboy Western

...and UX Research

Before drawing even one small icon, the crew must do one necessary job — UX research. What is about? We try to find insights of users behavior in such programs. And then, using this information gives us a solution on how to make perfect design for players.


Game Menu Design

The menu is the first thing the user sees. It’s like the first page of the book or the first shot of the film. It’s the most important moment — either the player got into the project, or he left and deleted it. Creating a game menu — it’s a very complicated and responsible task. Here, in RetroStyle Games we spend a huge amount of time discussing and deciding our way in creating menu.

But the result is worth it. All game menus, created in our “UX UI Art Lab” are magnificent!

Gaming Interface Elements and HUD

Games are not movies — they need some set of tools that help user to navigate through designed reality. UX UI designers create gaming interfaces specially for that reason. Player could see the screen, filled by many elements, but all these buttons and icons are not part of the virtual reality. That’s what designers named HUD, or in a human language — “Head-Up Display”.

a screenshot of a survival game UI with a bunch of items and thirst, health, hunger bars

What is included in HUD? For example:

  • health level
  • amount of ammunition
  • inventory
  • score board
  • mini-map
  • contextual tips

HUD is an important part of any project, and it’s a perfect chance for game ux designer to engage his imagination and find the solution, how to create the not-typical and still really simple and convenient display.

Here you can see how RetroStyle Games designers deal with HUD.

UI UX Game Design Logic PIXI Battle

Needs levels made in different colors which subconsciously indicate its meaning: green — is health: red — is starvation: blue — is thirst. The other icons are minimalistic and simple. It’s a great example of a comfortable HUD which helps to enjoy playing.

Icons, panels and buttons...

…and all these details, which made the display alive. In game app design all buttons, panels and icons should be made in one common style and be dependent on the main theme of the project. Every piece of game user interface is part of one system.

RetroStyle Games designers always strive to make authentic style for the whole system and for each element of it. You can see it on these game ui examples:


One of the challenging tasks for RetroStyle Games — creating gambling design, such as slots for online casinos. Game design for gambling has peculiarities that make all work special.


At first sight it seems like nothing hard, but we value our reputation and aim to do our job perfectly. So, all these casino elements should be unique and respond to the general style of the program.

Slot machine design requires imagination and knowledge of how all the system works. UI UX Artist has to create an interesting, intriguing and cozy place, where the player really wants to stay.

UI UX Game Design Logic

The fundamental rule of the UI design: do not cover the screen! The most important is the player’s game. All buttons, pictures and check-boxes should support the playing but not ruin the whole process. Good ux ui designers (they are all in RetroStyle Games =) ) should find the balance between benefit and stealth. He has to establish such an display which is not striking, but helps to play.

2D game UI and 3D game UI

As known, 2D — it’s a flat picture, uses horizontal and vertical dimensions. 3D art created with the third dimension, which helps to rotate and visualize images from different perspectives. Our brain cannot distinguish 3D image from reality, so the 3D view is more successful in approaching immersion player into the game. But 2D structure is more available for low budget projects, more easy to set up and just more simple.

Why work with us?

An eleven-years experience allows the RetroStyle Games produce a successful UI UX game design and provide UI UX Consulting Services. Our experts can analyze UI interfaces of our clients, find the strengths and weaknesses of it. And then, develop it, bringing new-age menus in their mobile games. We use proven methods to gather insights about both high-level and detailed UX UI design questions.

UI UX Design Services for Spirit Run Multiplayer

So why we?

1.  Full portfolio of finished, successful projects;

2. Supporting our clients from the beginning and after the finishing the project;

3. Clear price, clear working process;

4. Excellent results.

If you still don’t have enough arguments to start cooperating with us or if you haven’t found the answer to your question, visit this page. Here you can find even more information about our services.


Frequently Asked Question

FAQ Game UI and UX Design Services

What design elements should I focus on for my game?

For example, our team specializes in creating game icons, logos, buttons, and other mobile game UI design and UI elements that play an important role in the design of the entire project. You need to decide on the tasks for your game. After that, you can focus on working with specific elements.

How can I optimize my game's user experience for different platforms?

Less means better. Stick to this rule, and you will be able to easily manage your design files by moving objects to different platforms and embedding them. Consider whether your mobile game UX design can be applied to a PC project in the future.

How can I ensure a positive user experience for my game?

We all know that the player’s word is law in the world of game design and development. So here are some tips for your better mobile game design:

  • Your content should be original and fulfill a need.
  • The main goal is to be useful.
  • Image, identity, brand, and other design elements are used to evoke emotion and appreciation.
  • Content needs to be navigable and locatable.

What are the latest trends in game UI and UX design?

Personalization, data storytelling, and buttonless UIs are some of the most exciting 3D game UI design trends. Now the trends include minimalistic, but close to reality, game elements for UX in game design. With our team of game designers, we always follow trends and try to implement them in our projects.

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