VFX & Game Real-Time FX Services

Visual  Effects (VFX) in the gaming industry allow the game to look attractive and believable. Special effects add charm to the game, improve the gaming atmosphere, and make the visuals unbelievably beautiful.

VFX controls the atmosphere and the game’s style, however, VFX requires optimization for smooth gameplay effects and minimization of the load on players’ hardware. If you want to create realistic games that draw players into different worlds – use VFX and technical services.

Our team specializes in VFX expertise, including shader development, animations, particle systems, and trails. Trust us with the realization of your best concepts. Our team understands all these requirements and can provide high-quality VFX.

VFX & Game Real Time FX Services
VFX & Game Real Time FX Services


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Game Real-Time FX

The primary focus of our team is the realization of your game FX ideas. Real-time FX enhances the visual perception of the game, adding realism and depth.

It causes an immediate response to player actions and creates an interactive environment. Without it, the gaming world would be less dynamic. Insufficient VFX can reduce the attractiveness of the game, causing disappointment and low rates.
It’s important to invest in
realtime FX to ensure maximum quality.

Game VFX - Environment Effects

VFX in games creates realistic atmospheric conditions, creating a more detailed universe around your narrative. What is a game where there is a character, plot, and goals, but you’re standing around nothing? Sounds quite boring.

Whether it’s a faraway galaxy or an ancient dungeon, our environmental effect artist can create the environment you need. The significance of environment effects lies in their ability to craft a unique gaming world, where each frame is filled with dynamism and emotions.

Dynamic game VFX representation of a shark devouring a police car, creating game environmental effects

VFX Pipeline

VFX for Games Pipeline
pipeline of game VFX studio, all stages of VFX artists' work

VFX Software

Our team uses powerful software for VFX development. We use Blender and Maya for modeling and animation, creating realistic scenes. Unity and Unreal Engine serve as platforms for integrating real-time VFX into the gaming environment. EmberGen allows us to create impressive fire and explosion effects. With the help of Nuke and Premiere, we composite and process visual elements. Houdini is a vital tool for creating complex simulations and visual effects.

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This software selection allows us to give you unmatched quality in the field of video game VFX for our projects.

VFX Portfolio

In our portfolio, we’ve worked on a range of great projects.

Our VFX portfolio examples include titles such as “Bad Boys 3D Superheroes,” “Last Pirate: Island Survival,” “Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore,” “Cyberpunk Skater Girl.”, and much more.

These experiences show our proficiency in creating dynamic visual worlds, bringing out the best in each unique gaming universe.

We have experience in various genres, so you’ll be sure that visual effects are created considering the specific demands of each project.
Explore our portfolio to witness our VFX expertise.

How Our VFX Transforms Game Art

Part of our VFX expertise includes:

  • animations optimized for match-3 gameplay;
  • utilization of UI animations for a better VFX experience.

These elements integrate into the game’s visual design, creating a dynamic and captivating gaming environment.
Our VFX not only enhances aesthetics but also improves gameplay, delivering an unforgettable player experience.

Superhero battles, a shark preying on a man, a tank suffering damage post, explosion, dynamic VFX effects, expertise of the game art studio

VFX Designing & Production Services

We have different VFX experiences, including high-quality VFX game assets, promotional material, CG Cinematics, film props, etc.

We create promotional content that shows what your game will be about in a couple of seconds. Our team also designs cinematic sequences for motion pictures, making viewers not get bored even for a second. The team also worked with the film industry, designing props that blend with the on-screen action.

Our VFX production services also include creating game advertisements and trailers. We integrate visual effects to highlight the game’s key features.
With our VFX, your game’s promotional materials become powerful tools for attracting and engaging a wider audience.

Each project is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled experiences. By entrusting us with your visions, you gain access to a wealth of expertise, advanced tools, and a proven track record in crafting immersive worlds.

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