2D and 3D Objects for a Magical Puzzle Mergerium

Mergerium is our new project, which we are happy to work on. Why? Because the isometric puzzle genre is one of our main specialties, and we have many similar projects in our portfolio. However, in each new work, we bring something unique that distinguishes the game.

Work With References

Competent work with references is the key to the success of the project. We thank our customers for providing detailed references so that our artists can turn their ideas into accurate 2D concepts. It is very important that the finished element is not an exact copy of the reference but contains all the elements that both the customer and future players will like.

3D Modeling UI UX Stone Ovens Porcelain Herbs Grains Merge

3D Modeling

A special magical process is the transformation of concepts and 2D objects into bright and voluminous 3D game models. Our team of artists collaborates to efficiently integrate 2D and 3D and get the desired result: an image with sharpness and detail.

Game Objects

Our artists have put a lot of effort into the game objects. Stone ovens, porcelain vases and clay jugs, bags of herbs and grains, and a cauldron where magic potions are brewed match the atmosphere of the game world.

2D Overpaint Icons Game Clay Jugs Bags of Herbs Grains


In our team, we are able to work with feedback from customers. It is very important to receive feedback and come to decisions through dialogue. This helps to ultimately create a product that will meet and exceed expectations by 100%.

2D Overpaint

At the final stage of working on the project, 3D icons ended up being overpainted in 2D. That is, the PSD/PNG export was made by our artists. This process required special attention and skills, which we have thanks to similar experiences on other projects.

Game Icon Objects Stone Ovens Herbs Grains 2D Overpaint


Our team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the isometric genre. Our projects are distinguished by a brilliant blend of 2D and 3D art, attention to detail for character and game item art, and a well-thought-out game concept. Contact us if you need a full-cycle game development, but first of all check our portfolio here.

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