2D and 3D Room Designs for Merge Hotel

We have been working on locations for Merge Hotel: Makeover Design and wanted to show you some of our results.
The game was developed by 1GRAM and is a typical example of the merge subgenre of puzzle games, similar to Property Brothers Home Design, Merge Mansion, Merge Dragons, Lily’s Garden, and Homescapes.

For this project, we are developing the 3D design of the hotel rooms: the hotel lobby, restaurant, premium rooms, etc., as well as the game objects that the players merge to get new decorations for the rooms.

Merge Hotel Makeover Design 2D and 3D Game Design


The Facade is the main picture of the game. We decided to go all candy-fairytale in for this one, painting the roof violet, planting a Versaille-style garden, and bringing the swans in.

The Lobby is a charming large room that despite its grandeur has a lot of coziness thanks to the warm light and thoughtful touches.

The Restaurant is a large room with red textiles and a white grand piano. Some good old-school luxury for you.

The Hotel Room has more life to it, like when you get into your immaculate room and it immediately gets filled up with your belongings. It sets a perfect scene for hidden objects the players can discover in this game. Details are a key to coziness, and the players need some coziness in their world.

Our Workflow

For each of the locations, we go through the following process. First, we find out the client’s ideas for the room: in this case, the client had quite detailed images that just needed a bit of improvement and realization of course. Then, we draw a concept art using Photoshop, building on those ideas while bringing our own. Oftentimes, we receive feedback from the client and improve the images.

Having established the looks, we want to achieve during the 2D phase, our 3D artists come in and make it all spatial in 3ds Max. Finally, we overpaint the 3D and get the environments that are ready for the game.

The Timeframes

We have four completed locations at the moment and got four new ones. The concept art for each took us three days to develop, the 3D took around 10.5 on average, and overpaint, the final stage, took us around 4-5 days. We have finished four locations, the first part of the project, in a bit more than 10 weeks. For Merge Hotel, we combined 2D and 3D art which is a great way to achieve a nice image for a mobile game. Our 2D and 3D artists have a smooth workflow in place which allows them to work effectively and complete projects on time while delivering quality images.

RetroStyle Games has a large team of 2D and 3D artists ready to create top-notch characters, locations, and game objects. Our skilled team with vast experience in the industry, and effective management allow us to meet deadlines while delivering quality work.

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